Dr. Guardian Angel

This past March I had an emergency appendectomy. I am very lucky that I not only had great doctors, but that I had a guardian angel with me. I have always believed in guardian angels, and I have always sent my angels to be with or guide others when they are in need. But, this time it was my turn, and I didn’t have to ask, he just showed up.

I was so sick and in so much stomach pain. I laid on the couch for two days and by the third morning I just laid on my back looking at the ceiling thinking I was dying. I had come to the conclusion that I really needed help. I then called my doctor and told him what was going on and he said to go immediately to the hospital. I have had severe stomach pains before and had gone to the ER, and they found nothing, but this time I had a bad fever. Definitely the sign of infection.

My husband drove me to the hospital and when I walked in, I could not believe all of the people in there. It was packed. I wanted to turn around and go home, but I needed to see a doctor, I could feel myself getting sicker and the pain getting worse.

After checking in, there were no chairs in the waiting room so my husband and I found two chairs down the hallway. Trying to sit there was miserable. After an hour a nurse took me back to get blood taken and check my blood pressure. I was in so much pain, but they sent me back to my chair in the hallway. Then another hour went by and a nurse came out and asked if I wanted pain medicine. That is when I could hear and feel a male presence with me. He yelled, “NO”, in my ear. I was in shock, so I finally looked up at the nurse and said no thank you. As the nurse walked away I could hear this male presence say to me, “If you take that pill, it will numb the pain, and I know you, you will get up and go home instead of waiting in this miserable hallway.”

Then my husband starts questioning me about not taking any meds. I did not tell him that I had a spirit with me, I told him that the moment I take that pill and the pain lessens, I will leave, and I have a feeling I shouldn’t leave.

I sat there for a few more hours, and the male presence was still with me. He seemed familiar to me, I could sense that I had felt his presence before. I was just to sick to figure it out at that moment. Then a nurse came and got me and took me to get a CT scan. I was in so much pain by this point that when they wheeled me into the scan room, I saw that I was going to have to get up and get on the table that goes into the machine and I started laughing. Laughing like a crazy person, with tears and all. The young man who was there to help me did not know what to do with me. I apologized and I explained that I was in so much pain and can barely stand up, that the thought of getting onto that table made me laugh….and cry.

The young man assured me that he and another young man could help me and hope I wasn’t in too much pain. Well, they did help me and it wasn’t fun. I could sense the male spirit (I am going to call him my guardian angel) with me. He stood next to me the entire time. When I was done, the process of getting back into the wheelchair was not fun either. They then took me right back to my spot in the hallway. By this time I was really getting cranky and I was so uncomfortable, but I could hear my guardian angel telling me to hang in there.

After 5 hours and after my CT scan, I was then rushed to a room. That’s where they told me that my appendix were about to burst at any second. I was going to have to have an emergency appendectomy. It was the weirdest thing….a calm came over me. I wasn’t scared, I was relieved. I then ask if I could have something for my pain. The doctor thought I was joking. He could not believe that I had not taken a thing especially after looking at my scans. I told him that my guardian angel told me that if I took any pain meds and felt a little better, I would of gone home. He had no reply to that, maybe thought I should be in the psych ward.

By this time, my parents were there, my dear friend who is a nurse at the hospital came, and my doctor came to see me. Then the emergency surgeon. I was still calm and had a good feeling about the surgeon. No bad juju vibes.

I was moved right after that to the pre-surgery room so they could get me ready. By this time it was around 11:30 at night. I still was so calm. Even joking with the anesthesiologist. I told him that I was ok with the tube down my throat, but could he not put tape on my eye lashes…they are expensive. He said that was a first for him, but he would figure something out. I like a good sense of humor and in situations that may be stressful I tend to use my sense of humor to get through it.

As they wheeled me into surgery, I wasn’t scared or worried. I could sense my guardian angel with me as I fell asleep.

I woke up in recovery with no problems. Easy and wide awake. The anesthesiologist told me I had the prettiest eye lashes he had ever seen and then he giggled. Loved that! My husband was brought in and was next to me on my right. Then a young nurse was to my left asking me questions. That’s when I could really feel my guardian angel, then I could see him perfect. I knew who he was!!!!! He was my dear friend M’s father that I had channeled before. The post I wrote titled, “An Unexpected Message”, is about him. He was a surgeon when he was alive, so who better to be my guardian angel at that time.

As the nurse closed the binder she was writing in, M’s father was right next to her. And as she walked away he followed her to the nurses station. I saw her put the binder up in a slot in the cabinet, then she turned her back to where I was and the binder was put away. She was talking away with another nurse and I could see M’s father over by the binder. Then all of a sudden I could see the binder come off the shelf, hover, then slam to the floor. The two nurses jumped and yelled, then they tried to analyze how the binder could of possibly came off the shelf??? At the same time, I realized my hubby saw what I saw, and he had a look of holy crap on his face. He then asked me if there was a spirit there. I told him that there was and he has been with me since we got to the hospital.

The two nurses then shoved the binder back into its slot and made sure it was secure. After they were satisfied that the book was secure, they went back to other duties. That’s when I grabbed my husbands hand and told him to watch the binder. We could see it wiggling itself out of the slot. So I yelled to the nurses to turn around and look at the binder. They were in total shock, they could also see it wiggling to fall out again. One of the nurses ran over and grabbed the binder, then slammed on the counter and backed away. They then apologized to me, and said that stuff like that happens all the time in the recovery area.

I told them that it was normal to me. That odd things like that always happens around me. I then explained that I was a medium, and I had a spirit with me, and he was messing with them, or trying to look at what they wrote in the binder. They were so excited that I was a medium, but soon bummed because someone came to take me to a room. They said they wanted me to stay longer so they could ask me questions and hear stories. I told them that they were more than welcome to come visit me.

By the time I got to a room it was around 2:00 am. I told my hubby to go home and get some sleep, and that I really needed some sleep. What a joke…you don’t sleep in a hospital. All night nurses are in and out. I did get a little sleep and every time I looked over to the chair in the corner, I could see M’s dad sitting there, watching over me. I know that some of you are thinking that I was on drugs and was hallucinating. Not the case. I have severe allergies to medications, so I wasn’t on anything heavy and I had to take bags and bags of weaker antibiotics because I am allergic to penicillin. I do however have a high tolerance for pain.

The day after surgery is not fun. It’s not the surgery incisions, its the air they fill you with during the surgery, then sew you up with all that air still in there….that is the awful part. I looked like I was about to have twins. Then they make you get up and walk around carrying all that air.

My surgeon’s assistant came to see me and said I was a lucky lady. I could then sense M’s father standing to the right of my bed, up next to my head. The assistant said that my appendix was one of the most infected and enlarged ones they had seen in a long time, and it was within seconds of bursting. They also said my recovery was going to take a little longer because they had to remove a lot of scar tissue, due to two C-sections, to get to my appendix. I could feel M’s dad squeeze my shoulder, and I couldn’t help but grin. I knew he saved me. I realized the doctors assistant was looking at me weird, so I said, “Wow, when all this air gets out of my stomach, and now that you have removed my huge appendix, not to mention all that scar tissue, I will be looking stealth. Who needs a tummy tuck??”

I wasn’t feeling great and I knew I had to keep walking around the hospital to get the air bubble to subside. So I asked my husband to just let everyone know that I wasn’t up for visitors. I was sharing a room and my enlarged gut was making me cranky. I must have walked miles around that hospital, and I could hear M’s dad saying, “the more you walk around, and the sooner you go to the restroom, the quicker you will get out of here.”

That evening I sent my husband to go get some dinner and a cocktail. I know it isn’t fun being cooped up in a hospital all day and I will admit, I was getting crankier. After he left, I couldn’t believe it… my friend M came walking in. She didn’t call or text, she just showed up. She said that she could hear her dad’s voice telling her to come see me. I started to cry and had the chills. I told her that her father has been with me ever since I walked into the hospital. I told her the whole story. She then said that her father had performed hundreds of appendectomies when he was a surgeon. I told her that he was my guardian angel through the whole experience.

We had an amazing talk. I have such a bond with M. My husband was in shock that she was there. For one, I told him I did not want any visitors, and two because he knew that her fathers spirit had been with me the whole time. M told my hubby that she was drawn there. My hubby was used to these kind of things happening, but this was amazing.

Later that evening after my hubby left, it was hard for me to sleep because I knew I would be going home in the morning. I could not wait to just get home, to my own bed, and SLEEP. I also thought that M’s dad’s spirit was gone. I didn’t feel his presence in my room anymore. Then 2:00 am came….and all went crazy.

A different nurse came into my room that I had not seen before. She changed my antibiotics, took my vitals, then she came around to the right side of the bed and took a syringe with a needle out of her pocket. I asked what she was going to do with that shot. At the same time I could feel my anxiety level rapidly increasing…like pure panic, and then I could feel M’s dad there and he started yelling, “No! No! No! Do not let her give you that.”

I asked her what the shot was for. She looked at me like it was none of my business, so I repeated myself. She then explained that since I had surgery it was something to make sure I don’t get blood clots. So I said where exactly are you going to stick that. “Into your stomach,” was her answer. Then M’s dad really started yelling in my ear. I will try to explain this as clear as I can. All I hear is man yelling no in my ear and the reasons why he says no, while the nurse is arguing with me. She is telling me that she is going to put the leg braces back on to make sure I have blood flowing…..I told her I took 100 laps around the hospital all day. Then she tells me that I can’t make that decision. That’s when I snapped. Lost my cool. I told her to back off and put in my charts that I refused the shot. This is what M’s dad is telling me in my ear…I did not know I could do that. Then she asked why. The voice in my ear told me what I already know, so I said to her: I have horrible reactions to medications. I am stressed enough that you all have been pumping me full of god knows what in an IV. I can’t even take a flu shot, because of how I react to medicines. I almost died after 3 treatments of interferon for internal melanoma. I could go on and on. Remember as I am saying all this I am getting louder and crying, and have a dead man yelling in my ear.

She rolled her eyes, backed off, typed something on the computer, and then stormed out of my room. I was hysterical, so I called and woke my husband up at 2:30 am. I told him what happened and he calmed me down. And that morning when it was time to get discharged, I could not get out of there fast enough. The morning nurse pulled the same shot out to see if she could get me to cooperate. I just put my hand up and said NO.

I slept for two days when I got home. I think about how lucky I am all the time. I truly believe M’s dad, “Dr. Guardian Angel,” saved my life. I now giggle to myself about that confrontation with the nurse with the shot. I wonder what she would of done if I said that I don’t want the shot because my best friends dead father said NO!

A Human Story

This post is not about communicating with spirits. This post is about me. My decision to do this post is base on a couple of stories that I am going to post. I know by posting these stories, many people are going to figure out who I am. And at this point of my life, I am ok with that. I am hoping that I will not be judged or called names because of my gift. I hope people realize that I am helping people, and I would never push my ability on anyone that it made uncomfortable.

I have had different reactions when people I know find out I can communicate with spirits. Some ask a lot of questions and are intrigued, others just give me that look and I know not to mention anything in front of them. I also think my gift confuses people who are religious. I always explain to them that my gift has nothing to do with any religion. In fact I find all religions fascinating and I respect them all.

An example of what I deal with is this: We belong to a country club. We have a close  group of couples that we do dinners with and go out with. The women in the group know that I am a medium. At first they asked a lot of questions because they are intrigued. I like to make sure they know that I am not always sitting there reading them (even though there are a few that would love that). Now it doesn’t come up, unless one of the ladies asks if I had any interesting readings lately.

Some how a couple outside of our group found out that I am a medium, and the husband kept asking my friends if I was a witch. That pissed them off. Thank goodness my friends are awesome. They told this man that I am not a witch, and if he had any questions to just ask me himself. Also they explained to him, that I talk to spirits not do spells or conjure up spirits. Eventually I was at a function and this man and his wife were there. The wife actually struck up a conversation and asked me about my gift. We talked for awhile, and this couple eventually joined our group and any of their pre existing judgments of me were long gone. I am just a regular girl that happens to be able to communicate with spirits.

Now for family, I know my dad and my brother think I am crazy. I don’t care anymore. This gift is a part of me. I have always tried to be respectful around them because I know it makes them uncomfortable. You should be able to be yourself around family. No judging, just love. Easier said than done. I have come to the conclusion, due to my interactions with many friends, that no family is perfect. Always a work in progress.

I love my gift. Is it a lot at times? Yes it is, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I will have to come to the realization that if someone has a problem with my gift when they find out….it is their problem, not mine. I most definitely will have hurt feelings if I am judged entirely on that part of me. I am a lot of other things to the ones who are close to me. Mom, wife, friend, sister, aunt, and a strong woman with a soft heart.




Lost, Evil, & Grumpy: Part 4

Lost Young Man: “J”

The best for last. Let’s go back to the investigation: I communicated with a young male who appeared to me during my walk through of the warehouse at Mrs. V’s office. He was in his twenties, he kept saying the number 8, and he told me his name was “J”, or Jay or Jason. He had sandy brown hair, he was wearing leather riding gear (motorcycle). He road a red street motorcycle and he died from a crash on that motorcycle. He roams around the entire area, but likes the girls in Mrs. V’s office. He only messes with the guy in the warehouse because he is the only guy. “J” kept saying to me something about my son. At the time I wasn’t sure if he had known one of my sons or not. Also, he showed me that he used to hang out with his friends at some kind of warehouse or mechanical shop. They would talk about motorcycles and cars. He kept saying, “Your son” to me.

I left the ladies at Mrs. V’s office with the information that I got from “J”, and they were going to do research on who he could possibly be.

That night I had a dream that I was standing out front of Mrs. V’s office building and “J” was there. He made me follow him to the office building to the right of Mrs. V’s office. When we got up to the building, which was all black windows, he told me to look inside. I put my hands up to the glass then my face up to my hands so I could look inside. I could not see a thing. When I looked back to tell “J” that I couldn’t see through the black window, he was gone. I instantly woke up.

I remembered what that building was because I felt like I had to drive around Mrs. V’s office building before I investigated it. The building next door was a gymnastics gym/school. For some reason “J” wanted me to know it was there, and check it out.

This is the part of every investigation that is always shocking to me. It’s when what I felt, heard, and saw is validated. Makes me cry every time. I am still in awe that I have this gift.

Mrs. V and the ladies in her office did all the research with what information I had given them. This is what they found:

A twenty four year old male named Jason (they got his last name, but I won’t print that), who lived in San Juan Capistrano, was killed on his red Honda motorcycle in September 2008. He was killed on his way to work in Santa Ana. He had a little girl that was almost 2 years old, and a fiancé. His mother and step-father live in San Clemente. He loved motorcycles, he was a welder, and he played guitar. He loved going to the desert and riding off road.

As Mrs. V is giving me all of this information and I am writing it down, I realize that I had a premonition about this exact moment. In my personal life at that moment, my husband and I were battling my son about getting a street motorcycle. My premonition was of me sitting exactly where I was sitting and writing and realizing that Jason was giving me a message. He was a lot like my son. They had the same interests. I then realized that Jason was trying to warn me about the street motorcycle. I also felt that he was at Mrs. V’s office for another reason, and I needed to figure out what it was.

I decided to read all the information that Mrs. V sent me regarding Jason’s life and death. Jason reminded me so much of my son, and there were a lot of personal details that helped me get to know Jason. Those details would help me when I went back to cleanse Mrs. V’s office.

I did mention the dream I had to Mrs. V of Jason leading me to the building next door. We both thought maybe his daughter who would now be 11, might have taken or takes gymnastics lessons there. We knew her name, but her mom may have changed her last name, so Mrs. V was going to look into it.

When I went to cleanse the office, I told Mrs. V that I was going to ask Jason to come home with me. I don’t usually do that, but I really felt he had unfinished business. I also felt like he was there to help me too. Sometimes it takes time to put the pieces together, but I really wanted to help him. Hopefully he would continue to show me signs and keep giving me pieces of the puzzle.

Jason was easy to cleanse, but I still had the gut feeling that the reason he would hang around Mrs. V’s office was because it was close to the gymnastics school. Mrs. V did go over to the gymnastics school and check to see if Jason’s daughter was a student there. The young man that worked there said they could not give her that information, so Mrs. V then explained the situation to him. She told him she knew it sounded crazy, but we were trying to solve a mystery. This got the young man intrigued. He then said that the name Mrs. V gave was not in the system, but the first name was. So possibly Jason’s fiancé changed the little girls last name. The young man could not give us the last name of the girl with the same first name. We expected that. Confidentiality.

After the cleansing, I felt Jason’s spirit come home with me. And I allowed him to come into my home. BUT… I forgot to tell my family that I brought him home. Both of my sons are sensitives, not as clear as me, but one of them could be better than me if he opened himself up to it. They don’t want anything to do with their gifts.

A couple of days after the cleansing, my younger son came into our kitchen and told me that I needed to cleanse the house again. So I asked him why? (I played dumb) I wanted to know what he heard and saw, and because he is sensitive and does not like to talk about it, its my way of proving to him that he has a gift. He then told me that he came down in the middle of the night for a glass of water and as he was filling his glass at the sink, he looked out the kitchen window and there was a young guy standing there. It scared the crap out of him. He then turned around to go back upstairs and he could feel someone following him up the stairs. My son then went into his room and closed his door. He said he could hear someone open and closing doors and walking around in the hallway. Then it just stopped.

I told my son that the young man he saw was Jason, and I brought him home with me after a cleansing. First my son asked if I had completely lost my mind, and then he said I should of warned him. He was right, but I never thought he would see Jason. I told my son all about Jason and that he died on a street motorcycle. I also told him that Jason had a lot in common with him, and being the momma bear that I am, I want to do what I can to help him. My son asked me to tell Jason to not scare the crap out of him again. I told him to tell Jason himself. He just rolled his eyes at me and shook his head. A mom can try.

Over a year has passed, and I don’t feel Jason around. I am hoping that someone recognizes the information in this story and either passes it on or knows something so I can have this story come full circle. My son still does not have a motorcycle, but it is still a sensitive subject. Now that he has moved out, it is his choice. The day he does get one, I can kiss sleep and my nerves good bye! I will be worried every time he gets on it.


Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 3

Dark Evil Man:

One of the reasons I have waited to write the follow up to this investigation, is that my client told me I forgot a few things that happened during the investigation. So that is why I got all her notes before I wrote this post. I wanted to add the few details that I forgot and she thought was important.

When I investigated originally, I left out that the dark evil man kept poking me in the head, and he kept making me feel like I was being stabbed in my side. His hatred for me being there was so strong that I knew then that cleansing him out was going to be a fight.

When I came back for the cleansing, I decided to take an aggressive approach to clearing out the dark evil man. I was there to boss him around and I didn’t care if he wanted to talk or not. He had to go! I started on the second floor where I felt him the first time. I told him he had to leave and that he wasn’t welcome there. I could feel him and sense that he was not happy I was back. He called me some choice words, but I kept at him and chased him down the hall to the stairway. He fought me and I just kept at it, making it clear over and over that he had to leave. Again he tried to hide from me by going through the wall to the deep walk in closet next door. So I had to go next store to cleanse him out of the closet. He went through the wall again into the hallway behind. So back to the hallway I went. He disappeared and I knew he was hiding.

I was then drawn to the double doors in the hallway that led to the offices. I could feel instantly that the dark evil man was attached to the person who sat at the desk right in front of the double doors. I cleansed that whole are thoroughly and I kept repeating myself that he wasn’t welcome there. Then the weirdest thing happened, I went back to the hallway to push the dark evil man out the door to the outside, and I looked towards the stairs real quick, and there was a large black cricket on the stairs. I asked Mrs. V if she had seen black crickets in her office before, and she said she had not.

I went back to cleansing the dark evil man out the door, then closed the door to the outside. I had pushed him out. I went back into the office and in the middle of the office was another large black cricket. I had never seen a black cricket before and it freaked Mrs. V and I out.

I told Mrs. V that it was going to be a struggle to keep the dark evil man out. I really had a feeling he was hiding and waiting to get back in. She would have to cleanse every few weeks. I also felt he was attached to the young female who sat in the desk near the double doors. (I really cleansed around her desk) It would be up to Mrs. V if she wanted to tell this young woman or just see how my cleansing worked first. I had a gut feeling that the dark evil man was going to give me trouble after this.

I cleansed myself after I left there, but I could still feel his presence lurking. I know he came to my work right after I did the cleansing, because I started to feel depressed and I had a heavy feeling around me. I just wanted to go home where he couldn’t get in my house and I could regroup.

The next day when I came to work I was shocked by what I saw. Still can’t believe it. I stood there in total disbelief and tried to figure out how it happened. I will try to describe what I saw the best I can.

On the wall behind my small desk, I had a large metal dear head with metal antlers. Under the head I had a shelf with bottles on it and a picture frame. But today when I got to work I found the metal dear head was off the wall and its antler was stabbed into the top of my computer. Nothing on the shelf was disturbed. There is no way that dear head could of fell off the wall without taking out everything on the shelf.  It looked like someone took the dear head off the wall and forcefully stabbed my computer with it. (NOTE: I own my own business and I am the only one with a key, and I had a huge metal bike lock on my door, which was intact when I got there)

I know you are probably thinking that this is too crazy to be true. So I had my hubby come to my work to look at it and have him try to come up with an explanation. He could not come up with how the head came off the wall and did not knock anything off of the shelf below it or how the antler was stabbed with such force. We did figure out that my computer was a goner. The dent on top of the computer was so bad that it shattered the screen inside. I took pictures of what happened, and maybe I will share them someday when I share who I am, but until then you just have to trust me. My hubby tells this story to people when the subject comes up about me being a medium or what it is like being married to a medium.

I knew the dark evil man did this. He made his point. So I texted Mrs. V to see how things were going there and to tell her what happened to me. She said a few things had happened that were unexplainable, so I told her to cleanse again. Then if that didn’t work, I would come back and bring a male sensitive who I knew that was tough and more intimidating than me. We would cleanse the dark evil man out hopefully for good.

Time went by and things seemed to calm down at Mrs. V’s office. Then one night I was watching a paranormal show called, “The Ghosts of Shepherdstown”. In this particular episode, the paranormal team with the help of a medium, and a priest, were going to cleanse an evil entity or demon from a Tea House, which was located inside of an old home. They were all standing around a circle that was drawn on the floor and they were holding hands. The priest was chanting and yelling for this entity to get out. Next thing that happened freaked me out, all of a sudden there were black crickets all over the room. BLACK CRICKETS!!!!!! Exactly what I saw while cleansing the dark evil man from Mrs. V’s office building.

The next day I texted Mrs. V. I did not want to freak her out, so I asked how things were going. She said things had been calm and the vibe changed in the office, especially since her employee that I thought the dark evil man was attached to, wasn’t working there anymore. So I decided to tell her what I had seen on that paranormal show. She couldn’t believe it. Definitely another lessen for me.

So dark evil man was gone. I talk to Mrs. V quite a bit. We have become close friends. After I write Part 4 about the lost young man, I will write about my most recent investigation at Mrs. V’s office building. It is an active location. I have my theory as to why her office building is so active, but I will reveal that in the post about my latest investigation.



Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 2

Hello again. I know its taken me awhile to write Part 2, but I hope it is worth the wait for you.

This time I requested all the information about this investigation from my clients. This was a complex investigation and still is. I usually write my blogs based on my notes, but this time I got the notes that were taken by the client during the investigation and after, and during the cleansing and after. Also, I did another investigation at this location last night. It’s a busy building. That is when I decided to break this post into pieces. First piece is the Grumpy guy in the wine storage facility.

I picked the easiest spirit first. When I went back to cleanse the building, the Grumpy old man was easy to get rid of. He was bored there anyways. We did not find out or try to figure out who he was. He was the least of our worries. The other two spirits where going to be a challenge.

What I mean by a challenge is, in regards to the lost young man, I really needed more answers from him and what he wanted from me. He came to me in a dream after I left there and I had to look for answers to what he was trying to show me.

Then the challenge with the dark evil man is that he wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of and I needed to try and push more for answers from him. I knew he was attached to someone at this building, but who and why.??? Also, telling someone that there is a dark evil presence attached to them, is not on my list of favorite things. Then telling my client that their employee has bad juju around her. Not the finer parts of being able to see and talk to dead people…….but the good out weighs the bad.

As soon as I post this, I am starting Part 3, so no long wait this time.

Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 1

About one year ago, I did the investigation that got me started on this journey of telling my stories on this blog. I was asked to do an investigation at an office building. There were three businesses in the building, and all three were owned by the same person. It was her business partner with one of the businesses that asked me to do the investigation. The employees were a little freaked out about unexplained occurrences that were happening all over the building. The owner, who I will call, Mrs. X, is a skeptic. Her partner, who I will call Mrs. V, believes in the paranormal, and thinks the building is definitely haunted. So, to ease the minds of the employees, Mrs. X was ok with Mrs. V calling in an investigative medium.

Mrs. V and I talked several times before we set a day and time for me to investigate. I asked that her employees were present at first, so they could tell me about their experiences, then I preferred them to leave, except Mrs. V so that I could focus on reading the building. I needed her to take notes as I shared exactly what I was seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. When I open myself up to read a location, I can’t have a lot of people around, it is distracting, as I can pick up their feelings or their loved ones who have passed away.

We picked an afternoon in July, 2017. If you have read all of my of posts, then you know that I think it is ridiculous to do investigations in the dark, while running into walls and being half scared out of your mind. The dead don’t care what time of day it is … when they have a message, they have a message! I see them in the light and in the dark as clear as if I were standing in front of you talking.

Before I go to a location, I work on clearing my mind and doing activities that are relaxing to me. Gardening in my backyard is what I prefer to do, but if I am at work before I go to an investigation, I will close my doors and sit in silence. On my way to the location, I get very nervous. I always second guess myself and I always make a promise to myself that if I hear or feel nothing, I will tell the client exactly that. I never want to be known as a fraud. It would crush me.

Lost … (Spirit #1)

When I got to the building, which is in Laguna Niguel, I am already getting chills and tingles on the right side of my head. I feel the need to drive around the building once before I park … not sure why at that point. When I park, I don’t park out front, I park on the side of the building by the warehouse and walk around to the front. I am drawn to the warehouse right away.

Inside I am greeted by Mrs. V, and her staff. They are all sitting at a long table in the middle of the room. The group is all female except for one male who runs the warehouse. They all work for one of the three companies that occupy this building. The company creates and sells health and beauty products. I am about to ask each person to tell their experiences, when Mrs. X walks in. I automatically can sense her skepticism. Not only do I feel it, I see it … a clear block wall along with her body language, arms crossed and shoulders high … says to me … I don’t believe in this crap. So right then, I shut her out. I am there to help, so I have to ignore the negative vibe she is radiating.

One at a time, each employee tells me what they have experienced: The heavy door to the warehouse opens and closes by itself. Doors lock on their own. Chairs moving. Heavy footsteps on the second floor. Feelings of being watched. Headaches. Upset stomachs. Anxiety on the second floor. When they are done, I tell them that I need to walk through the warehouse first by myself. I am being drawn there. I always do an initial walk through of a location by myself before I say anything, just to see what I feel.

As I entered the warehouse, I see a young man right away. He has a lot to say. I have to go back to where everyone is sitting to have them write down what this young man is telling me. He is excited and is telling me who he is before I can get to Mrs. V to take notes. I tell her to grab her notebook and pen, there is a spirit with me and he is talking fast. Then I say everything I hear, see, and feel:

The spirit is a young male in his early 20’s. He keeps saying the number 8. He is average height, brown hair, and thin. He says his name is either Jay or Jason … all I hear is the Ja sound. Then he shows me a red motorcycle. He was killed in an accident while riding this motorcycle. Then he said the weirdest thing to me. He said, “your son, your son.”  I thought he was saying that he knew one of my sons. That made my stomach drop. Then he showed me himself hanging out with friends in a warehouse or garage, talking about bikes and cars. He was welding and smoking a cigarette. Then again he says to me, “your son, your son.”

I asked him why he was there. He seemed confused, but says he was drawn there because of all the women. He only messes with the guy in the warehouse because he is new and he prefers all the ladies. He is not trying to scare anyone, he just likes it there. So then I asked him about the heavy footsteps and if he is causing the headaches and stomach aches. He said no, that there is a bad man upstairs. That is when Ja disappeared.

I did not get to finish asking him questions, so Mrs. V said they would do research to see if there were any motorcycle deaths in the area and use all the info I gave them to figure out the mystery. I told them to remember that Ja kept saying the number 8, it could mean something. And I was going to figure out why he kept saying, “your son.”

Evil … (Spirit #2)

I had to move on. I still needed to investigate the rest of this building. I really did not want to go upstairs. I already had my crystal in my pocket, but for some reason, I felt I needed to grab my rosary. I asked Mrs. V to come with me so I had access to every office. As I approached the bottom of the stairs, I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Then I started to feel anxious. My legs felt like they had cement boots on them as I slowly walked up the stairs. When I got to the top, I was hit by a heavy uncomfortable energy. This space was not good. Then I felt the presence of what looked like a man. He was large and surrounded by black. He would not let me see his face, but he was mad. He told me to get the “F” out of there. His voice was deep and sent a cold chill through my body. He was pure evil.

I then said to Mrs. V, there is no way anyone could work up here. The energy is horrific. She then told me that there was only one person working up there. I then asked if she had headaches and stomach problems all the time? Also, mood swings and feeling drained of energy? Mrs. V said she knew for sure she had headaches all the time, she would ask about the rest. (Mrs. V did ask and the young woman that had an office on the second floor, shared she was experiencing stomach problems, headaches, mood swings, and she always felt really drained by the end of the day.)

This evil presence was getting really agitated. He wanted to get away from me. He did not like that I could see him or tell the ladies what he was up to. I followed him down a hallway which led to a door to stairs that went down to an exit. As I got halfway down the stairs, he disappeared into the wall which ended up being the rest of the building that I had not investigated yet.

Grumpy … (Spirit #3)

Mrs. V then led me to the offices in the second half of the building, which was a wine storage facility. The entry or lobby of this side was beautiful. I first went into the two big rooms which looked like meeting rooms. Then Mrs. V took me back into the huge wine storage area. The maintenance guy and a female employee had a few experiences they could not explain in the storage area. I could not believe the rows and rows of wine. I was drawn to the back of the building and stopped at a door. Mrs. V unlocked it and when I went inside, my lungs started to hurt and then I smelt cigarettes. Then I could see this little old man. He was kind of hunched over and he had a really wrinkled elf looking face.  He had on khaki pants, a button-down shirt, and a button-up sweater. And he was not friendly. Super grumpy. Mumbling under his breath. He told me to get the “F” out, this was his place.

I did not get a bad feeling from him. Nothing evil, just a grumpy old man. He said he wasn’t going to “f’ing” talk to me …”Go Away!” As I was leaving, he started to laugh. I could see his teeth … lets just say “YUCK.” Then he showed me what he has doing to people there. He shows me that he tripped a woman carrying a box of wine. Then he shows me that he plays hide and seek with the man that works there by hiding in between the isles of wine and standing at the end of whatever isle this man was working in … just to mess with him. This man would have for sure caught a glimpse of old grumpy pants.

When we leave the wine storage area, Mrs. V takes me to the maintenance guys office. I tell him what I just saw and it is exactly what he has been experiencing. (The only difference he witnessed was that the old man had a fishing hat on). One of the female employees had told him that she was carrying a box of wine and it felt like she tripped over something. She said it seemed as if someone stuck their leg out to trip her, but she was the only one in there. I love when I get instant validation.

We are now standing back in the lobby and I am drawn to a closed door. I ask Mrs. V what is behind the door. She says it is a storage closet. I realize that it is what is on the other side under the stairs where the evil presence went through the wall. So of course I have to go in. It is a large closet with a cubby hole that you can crawl into and store more stuff. I go in as far as I can and it is a very heavy energy in there. That is where the evil presence hangs out, but why? So I have Mrs. V take me back to the hallway with the stairs that is on the other side of the storage closets wall.

As I walk toward the stairs, the wall the evil presence went through is to my right and there are two large doors to my left. I can feel that whatever is on the other side of those doors, this presence is drawn to.  Mrs. V opens the doors and there is a desk there, a little round conference table, and then Mrs. V’s office. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I know that this presence has something to do with whoever sits at the desk next to the double doors. Until I know for sure, I don’t say anything to Mrs. V.

At the end of my investigation, I definitely concluded that this building has some stuff going on. I told Mrs. V to take the info I gave her and do some research and to let me know what she finds. Then after knowing more of what we are dealing with, I will come back and cleanse. I already know that I am going to have to deal with each spirit separately and differently.

Part 2 of this investigation is about what Mrs. V finds after doing research. What happens to me after this investigation, and what happens after I cleanse the heck out of this building. To this day, there are a few unanswered questions, but the ones that are validated are unbelievable.

Sorry It’s Been Awhile

When there is a lot going on in my life, my being a medium gets pushed aside for awhile. I am not going to bore you all with the details. I know everyone has drama and problems in their everyday life. But, for some reason, mine just kept piling up. One crappy thing after another. All my energies have been spent fixing or trying to fix problems. Some things just can’t be fixed, so you learn to deal, but other things are worth the fight to fix. I have been torn in different directions and pushed to my maximum stress level.

I truly believe that I am being tested. You are given how much you can take….and a lesson is hopefully learned. I have learned several and I am still learning. So during this discovery I realized I could not properly do an investigation or reading to help anyone, until I helped myself. I had no extra energy to give. Even posting my stories took to much energy for me at the time. I truly pore my heart into every story I write, because I want every detail to be correct and I want you to feel something during and after you read it.

So…. please bare with me. I am still working on getting myself back into an emotional state so I can be back at it. But, until then I am going to take baby steps. I will get a few investigative readings under my belt before I do any sit down readings. Also, I still have to write the story about how this blog came to be. I have been holding on to that story. It will be a year in August that this blog was created, but a year in July that I did the investigation that pushed me to do it. I say that with pure excitement and gratitude. It has been a healing and spiritually satisfying adventure to put it all into words.


Love, Death, & A Reading Gone Bad

I always learn from every reading or spiritual encounter I have. This particular reading  taught me that not all readings go smoothly, and sometimes validation may take awhile to present itself.

A friend of mine, L, asked me if I would help a friend of hers, D, who was dealing with the death of her boyfriend. L said her friend was not doing very well, which is to be expected, but the circumstances were unique, and D really needed to see if she could get any answers.

So without too much information, I went to see D. I did know that her boyfriend had just died, but I did not know how. When I arrived at her condo, I felt a chill. When I got inside, it was worse. The energy was cold and still, the only way to describe it is, “morgue like”. D introduced herself, and I liked her right away. Other than the depression around her, I could sense that she had good energy. I was definitely not comfortable in her home, besides being cold the energy was heavy, so I asked her if I could cleanse with sage before I started the reading. I only stayed in the nook and family room. I did not go into the kitchen or the upstairs. Which, now I know was a huge mistake! I always walk through the entire home before I do a reading, but I wasn’t thinking straight, and I thought cleansing was going to help with how uncomfortable I was.

After I was done cleansing, I sat with D in the family room and asked her a few questions. That is when I learned that her boyfriend died in that condo not even a week before. Are you flipping kidding me??? That explained why I felt so uncomfortable. Now I was starting to feel sick and my chest was starting to hurt. Not only did I have a death grip on my crystal, I had to put on my tourmaline necklace for protection so I could focus. Also, D’s energy was getting anxious and I was picking up on her sadness and her desperation to get a message from her boyfriend. I then asked her if he died of a heart attack. She said he did. He died at home in their bed next to her, then she revived him and called 911, and then the paramedics got him to the hospital where he died again and they revived him, then he died again, but they could not revive him. How awful!!!

I should of left!! A little voice inside my head kept saying, “Leave now! Reschedule! It’s to soon!” But, I felt for D and her desire to have some kind of message. I wanted to help her.  Then the chills up my right side started. I had to get up and walk. ( I like to walk around when I am getting a message) I can feel a spirit standing next to me and then I see him. Remember I have no idea what D’s boyfriend looks like, there are no pictures up (at my request before I come) and she did not describe him to me.

So, I tell D that there is a man standing next to me. He is wearing some kind of sports jersey, and he is big, and before I can say anything else she cuts me off and says, “NO, NO, NO, that is not him!” I tell her he is saying it is him. She just keeps insisting that it is not. I then say that he is saying something about Disneyland. She still insists that it is not him and she starts getting mad at me.

I thought I had a hitchhiker, but he kept insisting that he was D’s boyfriend. I had to ask him to leave, they were both starting to make me mad. He stood his ground for a few seconds and I could feel his despair and frustration. I then watched him sadly walk away through the glass slider doors.

I stopped the reading. Now I was completely exhausted and frustrated! I went to gather my stuff from the nook and I glanced into the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks. The kitchen counter was covered with open wine bottles and medication bottles. I turned to D and she could see the look on my face…..I wasn’t judging, I was in shock. I had to ask, “Are you taking meds and drinking wine to try and numb the pain? And did you numb yourself for this reading?” She said she did, and then she said that is how she has been getting through the days and nights since he passed. I told her that I could not even begin to know how she was feeling, but to be careful.

I wish I would have been more observant before the reading. Goes back to that I should of walked around the entire condo before doing the reading. Being impaired changes how a person interprets the message I am giving them. D was obsessed with hearing only what she wanted, that the moment something did not make sense to her, she shut down. She wasn’t hearing it.

When I got to my car I burst into tears. I also texted my friend L and said that the reading did not go well and to please make sure that D has friends checking on her. She really shouldn’t be alone, or at least let her know that she has friends to talk to. I then drove home crying. I cried for many reasons, but the biggest was I felt like I failed D. But, I really felt that I did connect with D’s boyfriend. Sadness and frustration overwhelmed me.

That night, the same man that I had communicated with at D’s home came to me in a dream. It was the most vivid real dream: I am at a beautiful home in the mountains. The décor and lay out of the home is very clear. There is a huge long kitchen with all glass doors going down the right side of the room and the view is of a beautiful forest. At the far end of the kitchen is a large rock fire place with a long wood table and chairs in front of it. All cozy and rustic. I am standing in the room next to the long kitchen. It looks like a large family room and behind me is the hallway to the bedrooms. I am standing next to the couch near the hallway and across the room is a large TV. I am looking around taking in everything around me, then the man I communicated with at D’s is standing in front of the large TV. He is not alone.

The man has a younger male standing next to him and behind him is a female and another male. He tells me that the male next to him is his son, his only son, and he is still alive. He doesn’t tell me who the other two people are. Then all four of them look towards the kitchen. I look in the kitchen and there is D happily cooking. Then when I look back at them, they are all pointing to a vent up on the wall that is to the left of me. Then the man says, “She has to know it’s in there”….. “Tell her!”

I instantly wake up. What the heck was that? Now I was more frustrated and upset! I know this man is D’s boyfriend. It had to be.

I did not call D and tell her about my dream. I figured after what happened the night before at her condo, she wasn’t going to listen. I decided to let L be the judge of when I should tell D about my dream. The truth is that I just wanted to move on and forget the whole thing…but that wasn’t going to happen!

Months went by and because of what happened with D, I decided to take a break from my gift. No more readings or investigations for awhile. I look back now and hate that I let one bad experience get to me so deeply. I lost trust in myself to read anyone. I was second guessing myself.

A few more months went by and my friend L came over to my house. I asked her how D was doing and I was happy to hear that she was doing great. She has her moments which is to be expected, but surviving like the strong woman I knew she was. I then told L that I have not read anyone or done any investigations since I read D. She felt bad for referring me to D. I told her I still believe that I was communicating with D’s boyfriend. Then my friend said something to me that changed everything. She said, “How could it have been him, you said the man that was there was tall.” I froze, then I felt light headed.

I told my friend what I said. I never used the word tall. I said “big”, like he had wide shoulders….husky. I never described his height because D automatically started saying, “NO! NO! NO!, that’s the wrong guy.” She wouldn’t let up, she kept repeating herself. Then I described the man who I saw to L: He was short and stalky. He had brown hair and a brown goatee. Also, he was wearing a sports jersey.

After describing him to L, I asked her if she by some chance could get a picture of D’s boyfriend. Why have I not thought of this before????? L said she is friends with D on Face Book and she would she if she could find one. While she was looking for a picture, I told her that the man also mentioned Disneyland, but D shut that down right away too. That got L’s attention. She then tells me that D’s boyfriend’s only son lives close to Disneyland. Which made sense. Sometimes when spirits communicate with me they give references or symbols that I can relate to, (I love Disneyland and have an annual pass), so that it may help me get a message clearer or communicate a message clearer. The man also made sure he told me in my dream that the young male with him was his only son.

L found a picture. When she showed it to me, I burst into tears. It was the same man I communicated with at D’s condo. I was not losing my gift or my mind. Then I started to dance around like a crazy person (my running man sucks, but I didn’t care). I know it sounds odd that I was dancing and crying, but it was all out of pure joy. I was so relieved!! A HUGE weight had been lifted off my heart and mind. Months of mental crap I put myself through, gone. I was validated! I was free!!

I decided to call D and I told her everything. I even told her about the dream, which she did not understand what her boyfriend was trying to tell me. She felt terrible for what happened that night, but I told her not to think twice about it, I was just so happy she is  doing better and moving forward with her life. She did ask me to do another reading. I declined and said that I needed sometime to reconnect to my gift that I had been neglecting.

D’s Story:  D met her boyfriend online 9 months before his passing. She had never been truly in love and they fell head over heals for each other at first sight. Shortly after, he moved in with her, and upon him moving in, they started talking marriage. They proclaimed themselves soulmates and they were together everyday from the day they met. D says those 9 months were the best of life. A fairytale come true. It didn’t matter that it was only 9 months, it was a life time of love, and she is grateful everyday for the short time she got to have him in her life.












Weekend Getaway

A few years ago, some friends of ours rented a 6,000 square foot home next to The Grand Golf Club. Knowing how much my husband loves to golf, they asked us to join them and two other couples for a weekend of fun and golf. We absolutely accepted and really appreciated the invite. There was 12 of us total, 9 adults and 3 children. We all decided that we would cook dinner and hang out at the house for the two nights we would be there.

The house was gorgeous!! Everyone had rooms upstairs, but my husband and I had our own bedroom and bathroom downstairs. It was like being at a resort.

The guys golfed a lot so us ladies hung out at the restaurant at The Grand, or hung by the pool in the backyard of the house we were staying at. Of course, the subject of me being a medium came up. The two ladies that did not know about my gift, asked me tons of questions. They were fascinated and loved hearing about some of my experiences. One of the ladies was very open to it all. I could sense that she was a sensitive. She told me about some of her experiences, and I definitely knew she was sensitive.

The second night we were there, all of us ladies were in the kitchen making dinner, listening to music, and drinking wine. We were all laughing and having a great time. Then the static chills started on the right side of my body. They came on so strong and fast, that I had to walk out of the kitchen to get a grip. I could feel it was a female spirit. She made me feel giddy and excited. I went back to the kitchen and I could feel her energy swirling around me. It was really cold air, but it was swirling all over me. I walked up to my friend who is sensitive and I grabbed her arms. Her eyes went wide and she went to speak but couldn’t at first. Then she said, “Is there a spirit with you right now? I can feel the cold energy running from your body to mine.”

I told my friend that she was right, and then I started communicating with the spirit. This female spirit was beautiful. She instantly said to me, “I died an old, old lady, but I loved how I looked and felt at this age.” She looked around 60ish. Beautiful face, black hair pulled back in a low pony tail, and she was wearing a crisp white blouse tucked into a long black skirt. She was so classy and beautiful.

This female spirit then explained to me that the home we were in was her sons and she used to love to be there with her family. She had wonderful memories there and she loved cooking for the family in that beautiful kitchen. I asked her if she had a message for her loved ones, and she said, “No, nothing was left unsaid, I was just so happy to see all of you having so much fun. I love watching you cooking together in this kitchen.” Then I really had chills all over my body, I could feel her give me a huge hug and then her energy faded away.

What a beautiful experience!! Such a gracious gift from a beautiful spirit. I love that I got to share the experience with the other ladies, and they loved it. Also, the ladies witnessed how I reacted after I communicate with a spirit … It’s the best natural high in the world!!

Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #3

I have been needing a new cell phone and iPAD for awhile, and have been procrastinating making an appointment, because I had a really bad experience in the past and lost all my data. All my pictures and contacts … GONE. So, this time, I made sure that all my information was backed up in that cloudy thing (iCloud), before my appointment. My husband came with me for moral support, in case I had a mental melt down in public if everything got lost again. (If you’re thinking “dramatic,” what I say to that is, I hope you never lose your pictures … vacations, family, special moments. IT SUCKS!)

We had to wait for about 15 minutes for the first available salesperson, and my nerves were on edge. Our salesperson was a young man, he told me my options, then told me to go pick out the color phone I wanted. I was sitting, so I  got up to go look at the floor samples to pick out a color for my phone. On my way back to the table, I felt off. As I went to sit down, I had to grab hold of the table because it felt like I was falling forward and then everything around me felt like it was falling. I had to hold on tight so I wouldn’t fall over. I looked at my hubby, then the salesperson, and it took me a minute to get myself together. I told them that I felt like the whole room was tilting and I was falling. My husband understood what was happening to me, but this poor young man, he was just looking at me with huge eyes.

Then the hot neck and head started. I was sweating. I couldn’t concentrate on what the young man was saying to me and I was burning up. I could feel a male presence standing behind me. I had to excuse myself and take a walk outside. I needed to get rid of this spirit, and by the time I took a walk and went back in, the spirit backed off. He was still there, but he wasn’t right up on me. As we were finishing and everything was transferring, I had the worst chills. Not on the outside, it felt like my bones were chilled. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

We left the phone store and went out to dinner. I could still feel the male presence, and the bones chills would not stop. I could see that he died from a bad fall and he was disoriented when he died. I could not see where he was or what he fell off of. I kept seeing myself falling forward, and everything around me was moving. He made me feel that his death was a horrible accident, and he was young. Gone too soon. Finally, I think he realized I could just listen to his story, but I couldn’t help him. Slowly my chills went away and he left.

This incident really bothered me. It is still bothering me. Should I have stood up at the phone store and tried to figure out who the male presence belonged to? Am I that open all of a sudden, that I am going to have all these crazy experiences every where I go now? I have to tell you, it scared me and unnerved me that I had a hard time controlling it and that I am not going to be able to keep quiet. So, when I feel that a strong presence  wants to be heard, should I take my chances and tell a total stranger that their dead loved one is with me?

These experiences are becoming a turning point for me. My battle is with myself. Do I care if someone thinks I am crazy? Or do I care more that I may just give someone closure and comfort?