What is a Spiritualist?


There are so many words to describe what I am able to do. Spiritualist is just one of those words. Others include: Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Oracle, Seer, Intuitive, Sensitive, Empathic, Telepathic, to name a few. All of these describe the belief that the spirits of the dead have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. The “after life” or the “spirit world” can be seen and (sometimes) heard by Spiritualists, not as a static place, but as one in which spirits continue to evolve.

Every Spiritualist/Medium is different and has varying degrees of ability and methods for connecting with the spirit world. It’s a skill that you need to continually sharpen and perfect. I’ve spent years learning from other Spiritualists and even a Wiccan to hone my abilities and to maintain a positive environment around myself and my family. Every day, I learn something new about my abilities and how they can be used to help others connect, re-connect and gain closure to sometimes tragic events in their life.