Miguel Who?

El Adobe Mexican Restaurant is located in downtown San Juan Capistrano. It has the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in San Juan. Also, its known for its good food and margaritas. I have had a few paranormal experiences there, but the one I am writing about today did not start at El Adobe, it started at a restaurant called Rok Prime, which was also located in San Juan.

My husband and I used to love to come and hang out at Rok Prime and have dinner there. Over time I became friends with the manger R, and she kept telling me about all the activity they were experiencing there. I told her I would do a walk through when no one was there and see what I pick up.

We arranged a meeting when the restaurant was closed. During the walk through I picked up on a male spirit and he showed me where he liked to hang out. So I went to the booth he said and asked R if they had experienced any activity at that certain booth. She couldn’t believe it. That booth and the area around it, is where most of the employees have had their experiences. So, R wanted to know why he was there.

The male spirit told me that his name was Miguel, and he lived in San Juan a long time ago. He was attracted to that location only because he knew R’s family that had lived in San Juan for generations and he felt protective of her. Then he mentioned the name Rosa. R began to cry, that was her great grandmother. He said he knew her.

I would feel Miguel’s presence several more times when I went to Rok Prime to eat and hang out. He was just there enjoying the activity and watching over R. I only had an issue with Miguel once and I did have to ask him to back off. We were at the bar meeting friends for my birthday and I could feel his presence and he was being pushy. So when this happens in a busy place, I will go outside and walk around and figure out what they want or ask them to please move on. In this situation, Miguel kept telling me that he was worried about R. I had seen R earlier and she seemed fine to me. He was agitated and making me agitated, so I went to find R and she was not at the restaurant.

I went back into the bar and sat next to my husband, and my hubby asked if I took care of it, and as I went to tell him, we both heard a man yell my name right between us. It was Miguel, and my hubby was pissed, he didn’t like that this spirit yelled at me. Also, he didn’t like that he could hear it. He was fully creeped out. So I left the bar again and had a long talk with Miguel about boundaries. I did not hear or feel Miguel at Rok Prime again…… but he would return, but this time at El Adobe.                                                              (I did find out later that there was something going on with R and that is why she went home early from work….Miguel was right)

Time went by, and Roc Prime closed. We moved and I started my own business. I did a few more investigative readings around San Juan, and man the town of San Juan has a lot of spirit activity.

One of our favorite things to do in San Juan is to take the train to Del Mar for the horse races. We like to try and get a big group together, meet in town, then hop on the train for a day of fun at the races. And at the end of the day when the train drops us off we go to a local restaurant and eat. This particular time, the group decided to go to El Adobe for dinner. At this point its been a long day of fun and drinking, so I am exhausted, which makes my boundaries with the spirit world weak.

We get seated at a long table at El Adobe and order our food. Then I can feel it, the static chills on my right side, then I feel an ice cold wind swirling around my feet. My girl friend that is sitting across from me, about comes out of her chair. She tells me that she can feel an ice cold wind swirling under the table. Then I become fully engulfed in ice cold air, and I can feel 5 people standing behind me. It is an over load of energy and I feel frazzled. There are people at the table that do not know I communicate with spirits and my husband can tell right away by my body language that something is happening.

At this point I have to calm myself, because the energy is so strong, so I excuse myself from the table and head towards the front door. It was like I had legs made out of heavy metal. I had to walk slow and on purpose, which means, I had to focus on every step. (I probably looked drunk) When I got outside, I figured out it was Miguel and he had his family with him. He was excited and wanted me to meet them. I asked him why he was there with his family, and he said that they used to live there. I told Miguel that I would love to meet his family, but then they had to go, their energy was kicking my butt. I could feel the love he had for them and how proud he was to show them off. After meeting them, Miguel and his family disappeared.  As I went to walk back into the restaurant, I noticed a metal placard on the brick post by the door that said, “Miguel Yorba Adobe”. I had never seen this placard before, and was I relieved that I had some kind of explanation. Or what I call validation.

I went back in the restaurant and all was calm and I felt I had some closure with Miguel’s spirit. Who knows, he may show up again??





An Unexpected Message

Even though I am a medium, I love to see a medium live on stage and I love to take my friends. I appreciate how we all get our information from spirits differently. One of my favorite mediums is Cindy Caza. I have seen her in Irvine 3 times. Back in May, I planned a girl’s night out to go see Cindy with about 20 ladies and a lot of them got amazing messages. Two of my dear girlfriends could not make it that night, so when Cindy came back to town a few weeks ago, the three of us decided last minute to go.

But, my adventure started before I met the ladies. I wasn’t meeting M and R until 6:30, so I went to dinner with my husband. We met at Cedar Creek in San Juan Capistrano. We love that restaurant, and they have a great happy hour. We sat in the bar area and it was crowded. Then I could feel it … the static electricity feeling up my right side. When I am in public and this happens, I start looking all over the place. It’s like all of a sudden I have a very keen sense of my surroundings. My husband can tell instantly when I have a visitor. He always asks, “Does the person belong to someone here?” This time I got the feeling they did not. I could tell that the spirit was a short man with brown hair, but I could not tell his age. He actually reminded me of a friend of my husbands. So I asked him when was the last time he talked to “F,” and he said he just got off the phone with him. That was a relief.

So, I left to meet M and R, with the unknown short man with brown hair. We met near the Irvine Spectrum, then got into my car. When we got to the Spectrum, we had some time before the show, so we went to Cucina Enoteca for a drink and snacks. This spirit was still with me. I couldn’t tell if I was anxious because I always get anxious going to see a medium, or because I can sense all the energy in the room and sometimes it is uncomfortable. Or, was I anxious because of this man’s spirit that was with me? Also, I forgot my quartz crystal, that usually keeps me calm and focused in that kind of situation.

When we got to the Improv for the show, I had to focus and detach myself from the environment. Just get myself to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The show was amazing. Cindy is amazing. It seems every time I see her, she gets better, or maybe the spirits are more communicative. Neither of my friends got a message, but they enjoyed watching Cindy do her thing.

On our way back to drop my friends off at their car, I could still sense the spirit of the short man. My friends were discussing what personal items they brought with them to the show, hoping to get a message from their loved ones. Then all of a sudden, I had the worst pain on the right side of my head. It went from behind my eye to my ear. So I asked the ladies if either of the people they were wanting a message from died of a brain tumor? M said yes. I then told her not to tell me anything else until we parked, because I’ve had a spirit with me all night and now I know he belongs to her.

I could not park my car fast enough. This man’s spirit was eager and active. I asked M to give me the picture of who she wanted to hear from, but to give it to me upside down. First, she handed me a paper copy of a picture and I said “No, I need an original picture.” She handed me the other picture, which I held between my hands. Now the energy was just pouring out of my hands and I could see this man perfectly. He told me that he was M’s father. I told M. Then I felt really sick. I felt like my esophagus to my stomach was rotten and it was making me gag. Also, I was still having the horrible pain on the right side of my head. The taste in my mouth and the sour feeling in my stomach was horrible. M then explained that because of her father’s brain tumor (glioblastoma), it caused him to have throat and stomach problems (Giardiasis).

Now I could see M’s father standing in front of my car. I asked him why he was out there and not in the car with us and he was so funny, he said, “There is no room for me in there.” He has what sounded like a thick New Jersey accent, and he was talking with his hands and arms. Very animated. I asked M if he is from New Jersey and she said he was. Then I described him to her:  He is short, with brown hair that is balding down the middle. He is wearing slacks, loafers, a button-up shirt, and a tan cardigan. He wants me to picture him younger than what he was in the picture I am holding upside down. I asked M how tall he was, because he looks like maybe 5’6″. She said he was 5’5″.

He is a character. Larger than life. Out spoken and out going. He keeps telling me that he is really smart. Not just smart, but really smart. I tell M this and she said he was a doctor. Which I already knew, so that is why he kept making sure I knew how smart he was. Then he said to me that he needed to talk about his death. I asked M if she was ok with that and she said she needed some answers. Then he was about to tell me his name when M tells me it at the same time. I will call him C.

C then has me standing in his hospital room before he died. I am standing at the end of his bed looking at him, but he won’t let me see his face. Then he puts me in his spot, laying in the bed looking up at his family surrounding the bed. I can see M to my right, then her sister, then her brother, then on the left side of the bed, I can see her other sister, and then her mom is holding my left hand. (I am assuming these are M’s siblings.) I feel like I have been waiting for one of my children to get there, and now everyone is there and around my bed. He kept repeating that his wife was holding his left hand. I told M all of this and she said that is exactly what happened, and it was all her siblings, and her one sister finally got there to be with their father before he passed.

C then has me look past his family that are around his bed and I can see three people standing there. They are spirits. His says that they are his father, mother, and his brother, and they were waiting for him to take him to heaven. Then in a snap, he shows me that he is alone in his room and his soul gets up off the bed and goes with his parents and his brother. I tell M all this and she said that her family was not in the room when he passed. Her father then said to me, “I couldn’t go with you all watching me, I had to do it my way.” I told M and she said that sounds just like him.

C had one last message for M. He told me to tell M that the sister that takes after him or is most like him, needs to see a doctor. He says she needs to be concerned with her lower stomach area. M then tells me that her mother died of ovarian cancer. Well, her dad is concerned about her sister, so give her the message.

I finally turned over the picture that M gave me. It was this one:


I said that he did not show himself to me at that age. The picture at the beginning of this story is how he looked to me, standing out front of my car. I then asked M why she thought that he would not let me see his face when he was in the hospital bed. She said that his face was really bloated from all of the medications and he looked awful.

I was so happy to be able to give my dear friend some closure and to connect her with her father. I am also appreciative that she and her father trusted me with such an important message. Also, I loved the excitement from our girlfriend (in the back seat) that got to listen and watch me do my thing. You can explain your gift to someone, but it is more powerful when you get to see it in person. I always am high on life after a message. I truly believe it is what I am meant to do … help people.



My Haunted House

What does a Native American, a Cowboy, and an Asian man have in common?

I know it sounds like a line from a joke, but there is no funny punch line. This is actually a riddle and the answer to the riddle is:  their commonality is that they were spirits in our new home and they made sure I felt “Welcome” the moment we moved in.

My husband and I had never bought an older home. We had both always lived in brand new homes, so when we decided to move, we wanted a home that was unique and full of character. We found a 40-year-old custom home. It needed (still needs) work, but it had the uniqueness that we were looking for. I knew the moment we walked into the home, that it was where we were going to live. Also, we loved the city it was in, and the surrounding area has so much history and charm.

Right away after we moved in, I could feel someone watching me in the master bedroom. Then I could see his shadow moving through the room into the bathroom. Attached to our bathroom is our walk-in closet and that is where he made his presence known. When I was in the closet, I could feel someone standing behind me, then I could see him. He was a Native American man from a long time ago. Late 1700’s to early 1800’s. As soon as he knew I saw him, he stabbed me in my upper back with his knife. The pain was horrible, and it knocked the wind out of me. I yelled at him to stop, then he disappeared.

For weeks, I would see his shadow everywhere around the house and yard. Sleeking around corners like he was hunting me. And every time I went into my closet, the same stabbing pain, in the same spot on my back. And, every time it would knock the wind out of me and I couldn’t move until the pain went away.

This guy had to go! I did some research on how to cleanse out a Native American spirit  respectfully and permanently. So I did a smudging, which is a Shamanic Cleansing Ritual. I “smudged” the heck out of my home and the backyard. As I did this, I made sure I made it clear to the Native American spirit that I did not mean him any harm and I would respectfully like him to move on. After the smudging, I put chewing tobacco in different spots along all the walls surrounding our yard as a peace offering.

So, one down … two more to go.

During the time I was dealing with the Native American, I could sense a spirit out front of our home. I could see him pacing back and forth in front of the house across the street. He looked like a little Asian man, and he just kept walking and mumbling. I knew that the people living in that house were renting, and that they were not Asian.

The Asian man was becoming distracting, especially at night. I could feel his energy out side doing the same thing over and over. So I decided to ask a neighbor if someone died in the house across the street from me. They looked at me weird, and I did not give an explanation. My neighbor said, “Yes, the man who lived there before had a heart attack and died in the home. His name was Mr. Tanaka (not his real name). I said that I was just curious because I had heard a rumor … I wasn’t about to tell my new neighbor that I could see dead people.

Later, I waited until no one was out front and I went out to the street and said a prayer for Mr. Tanaka and told him to go find his family, they did not live there anymore. It was Ok to leave and move on. I have not seen or felt Mr. Tanaka’s spirit since.

Now for spirit number three. The worst of the three. Probably the only spirit that truly scared me to where I was afraid to sleep. The most horrific, foul, disgusting, evil spirit that I call ‘The Cowboy.” He was horrendous when he was alive and worse as a spirit. I say that because when he came to me, he was bragging about the horrid things he did.

It all started after I smudged the Native American away. My husband and I could see a tall shadow of a man with a hat on pass by our master bedroom windows, out front and in our backyard. I could feel the spirit’s anger because he couldn’t get through my protected barrier. We kept getting woken up by knocking and pounding on our windows and walls. We both would get up and turn on all the lights and go outside to see if we could see him, but we would be gone.

I did more research on how to really put a barrier up around my home. We couldn’t go on like this. I made a plan to go get Citrine stones and holy water the next day. Well, The Cowboy must have heard me or sensed that his time was limited at my home.

That night, I went to bed like any other night. In my dream, I felt like I wasn’t asleep. I felt like I was awake and walking around. My hubby and I were watching a movie and I told him that I wanted to go and change my clothes into something more comfortable. So, I walked through my room, through my bathroom, and into my closet. All of a sudden, I could feel something pick me up by the back of my neck to where my feet were dangling over the ground. I was filled with pure fear. Then I smelled the worst odor. It was rotten, like the stench of a dead animal. Also, I could smell stale tobacco. My eyes started watering form the stench. Then I could feel the person holding me by the neck get real close and whisper in my ear, “I am gonna show you where you really live you little b***h!”

It was The Cowboy. I kept trying to scream, but nothing would come out. He still had me by the neck dangling, then we were out in the fields by my house. Then he says to me, “I am gonna show you where I buried them all.” I couldn’t talk or fight back so I could get free and his grip on my neck was strong and uncomfortable. I also kept trying to figure out if I was awake or asleep.

The Cowboy then points to a mound of dirt and said, “That is a grave of the first painted lady I murdered.” Then in a snap we are at a different grave, then snap, a different grave, and this happened at least 20 times. He was taking me all over the hillsides, places in town, and spots way back in the hills. After he was done showing me where he buried all of these ladies, he said there were a lot more, but homesteads were built on them now. Also, he murdered women in many towns around California, but he wanted me to know where they were near my home.

He then proceeds to tell me and show me the horrific things he did to these women. It was becoming the worst nightmare I had ever experienced. He was showing me that these women were all prostitutes and how he tortured them to death. The worst vile images I had ever seen. This man was evil. I started crying uncontrollably, yet I still couldn’t talk. I wanted him to stop!! But, he kept going on and on with all the graphic details. Then he said he got away with it and ended up dying of a gun shot wound during a bar fight over gambling.

He finally let me go, and I woke up crying hysterically. When I opened my eyes, I could still smell him and could see his shadow outside my window. I could hear him laughing and he said, “Couldn’t keep me out b***h!”

I turned on the light. My husband was asleep beside me. I was still crying and now I was shaking uncontrollably. I don’t think I have ever been so scared. That evil cowboy figured out how to mess with me by coming in a dream. NOT COOL!! I got up to get some tissue and when I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t believe it … I had red finger marks on my neck. They were still warm and tender to the touch. That really freaked me out.

I stayed awake the rest of the night. It took me awhile to calm down. The moment my husband woke up, I told him what had happened and how real it was. I could and still can remember every detail and the horrific foul smell. I couldn’t wait to go get what I needed to really cleanse that evil cowboy’s ass away! I know I am always learning lessons about spirits, but that one sucked.

I got my 4 Citrine stones. I got a large bottle of Holy water. And, I bought purification spray. I did a whole cleansing, purifying , and blessing of our home. Then I lit white unscented candles in every room of the house for an hour. Then I placed the Citrine stones in all four corners of my home. As I did this, I asked for protection and to keep all bad energy away.

I have not sensed the Cowboy since. My home’s barrier is strong. Don’t get me wrong, I still cleanse every few months to keep the barrier strong, and sometimes spirits slip in or come in with someone, but it’s nothing I can’t handle! I always tell everyone that even though a medium lives in my home, it is the most ghost free zone in Orange County.






Our Friend Joe: Part 2

A few months had gone by since Joe’s funeral. Everyone is different in how they grieve and how long they grieve. I wanted to give M a chance to get used to not being a care giver and to grieve the loss of her husband. I waited until my mom said she thought M would be ready to hear Joe’s message. So I set a lunch date with M and my mom.

I was nervous about how M was going to react, but excited that I could share with her my gift and the message Joe wanted her family to hear. I had not told M that I was a medium, but she did know that the paranormal world intrigued me.

We met at Cedar Creek Inn in San Juan Capistrano. M looked great and seemed happy. She missed Joe, but knows he is not suffering anymore. I waited until we were done eating and then I asked her if she believed in mediums. M’s reply was: “Who am I to say or judge what people can or cannot see or feel. I like the idea of being able to communicate with your loved ones that have passed.”

Thank goodness!!!! So I told her about Joe being at his own service and his messages for her and her family. She started to cry when I told her Joe’s message about her final decision. Then M said, “I wasn’t sure I made the right decision and it haunts me.” I asked her what that meant, because I did not know the details of his passing. M explained to me that Joe had become a vegetable. He couldn’t move or eat anymore, and his mind was going. He was on tons of medications, and he was being medically fed just to keep him alive. So with his doctor’s consent, she decided to slowly take him off all the medications. Joe died peacefully in his sleep.

M thanked me and told me that the message and my gift meant more to her than words could express. She felt at peace and could now fully move on. Also, she couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the family what Joe’s message was for them.

Every time I see M, she thanks me and says I changed her life. I tell her that I am the one that is grateful that Joe trusted me and that I could give a the gift of closure to someone I admire. So, thank you Joe, for trusting me with your message and for trusting me with helping your family heal. And Joe, keep on running and jumping all over heaven.

Our Friend Joe: Part 1

When I was a kid, we lived in Fountain Valley, Ca. We were a busy family … sports, school, friends, and vacations. My parents always made sure we were doing something and they were a living example of always being active. They had lots of friends and were always playing a sport or having friends over. Their favorite sport was tennis. That is where they met “M” and Joe.

Through the years, we spent a lot of time with M, Joe, and their two sons S & A. Vacations, special occasions, and family events. They lived in Huntington Beach, Ca, so we were close. M is creative, active, and has a great sense of humor. Joe had a brilliant mind. Computers were his thing. And like our family, they were busy with sports, friends, and vacations.

Fast forward … Joe was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I couldn’t imagine what it was like for his family to watch him become less and less mobile. Joe eventually lost all his motor skills, and M took care of him until his death.

No one likes to go to a funeral. For me, it takes a lot of mental prep for a few reasons. One, I am empathic, so I know I am going to pick up on everyone’s emotions, and cry the entire service. Two, I don’t want the spirit of the person we are there to mourn or celebrate, to visit me at their own service. I feel this way because it is terribly uncomfortable for me. It would be like if you were trapped in a box and you couldn’t move, but you had the worst itch that you couldn’t scratch … and the itch is persistent.

My family and I sit together, right behind Joe’s family. Probably not the best place to sit, because I can feel all of their sadness and anguish. I of course start crying as soon as we sit down. (Side note: at this point I realize I forgot my crystal … NOT good.)

The service begins and all is lovely, until Joe’s eldest son gets up to say a few words. The static electricity chills start on my right side. The chills are so bad that my head feels fuzzy and my teeth start to hurt. I then feel Joe standing right behind me. Anxiety kicks in and a little claustrophobia, because I am wedged between my husband and my mom, and I am in the second row of this huge church towards the middle of the bench … TRAPPED.

Joe’s spirit is excited. This takes me by surprise, because all of the years that I knew Joe, he was always mellow and subdued. Then Joe starts running up and down the isle to my right. Then he is jumping up and down saying, “Look what I can do again?”…”Tell them I can walk, talk, jump, move my arms … go on, tell them!!” His energy was making me a nervous wreck. I just put my hands under my legs, put my head down, and tried to talk Joe into waiting to talk to me until after the service

Joe wasn’t having it. He wanted to talk now, and he wanted me to stand up and tell them all right then and there. I don’t blame him, but I was not about to do that, especially in the middle of a Catholic church. I pleaded with him to just tell me his message and I would pass it on at a more appropriate time. He agreed and man did he have a lot he wanted me to tell his family.

This is what he said: “Look at my sons, aren’t they handsome? I am so proud of them both. They have wonderful wives, that I love, and they gave me amazing grandsons that I am so proud of. Tell my grandsons L and M that I was there when they got their badges for Boy Scouts last week. (The boys had on their Boy Scout uniforms.) Tell my wife that I appreciate her taking care of me and I am happy with the decisions that were made regarding my passing. Tell M that I am free from the body that has kept me a prisoner for years. Tell her I love her and I will always be watching over her and the entire family.”

Then he just stopped and went away. By then the service was about over. I could not wait to get out of there. I was sweating and exhausted. My husband could tell that something was going on because of my body language and how uncomfortable I was sitting through the service. A few times he had whispered, “Are you Ok?” “Is Joe here?” “Tell him to go away, that you can talk later.” I love my hubby for that. He always tries to help, even though he doesn’t understand fully what I feel and see, or he thinks it is just easy to tell a spirit to back off.

When we got out front of the church, I was a little out of it. I needed a time out and some water (wine). The reception was at M and Joe’s home in the track across from the church, so I was going to have to regroup on the short ride over there.

At the reception, I pulled my mom aside and told her what happened and we both agreed to tell M at another time. Let her get through this day and make a plan to meet with her alone soon. But, I did ask my mom what Joe meant by the decisions that M had to make about his passing. I did not know the details of his death, and my mom told me to wait and ask M when I meet her to give her Joe’s message.



“Hitchhiker” is a word I use to describe when I am channeling a spirit and another spirit jumps in. Or, in this incident I am going to write about, I had a spirit in my home that was letting other spirits in. The problem with this is that good souls don’t always hitchhike in.

About 3 years ago, my youngest son was dating a girl, we will call her “M”. M was going through a terrible time. Her father had just passed away and she was being kicked out of where she was living. She couldn’t live with her mother, because she was a drug addict. So M was basically homeless. I wanted to help this girl. I felt so bad for her, so against my better judgement, I said she could live with us until she found other arrangements.

My sons have never been shy about telling their girlfriends that I am a medium. M was so excited, because she said she was a sensitive. Also, she was hoping that I could communicate with her dad. All I can think is: Easy there chickie, you are lucky I am letting you stay here, let’s not push it! Well, she didn’t push it….her dad did.

Her dad first came to me in a dream. In the dream, he showed me that he was a laid back, nice guy. He wanted me to get to know him and he wanted permission to be near his daughter. Then he said something that took me off guard. He said, “Let M know that I died of natural causes, no one killed me.” I instantly woke up. What was that supposed to mean????

I didn’t say anything to M for a few days. And each night her dad was in my dreams. Then my son asked me to please cleanse the house, he thinks M’s dad is haunting them. He tells me that doors are opening and closing by themselves. Lights are going on and off by themselves in his room. And, he feels like someone is always watching him. I told him it was M’s dad and I needed to talk to her about everything that’s going on.

First thing I asked M was if she had a picture of her dad that I could look at. She did and it was the man in my dreams. Then I asked if her dad’s name was Mike? She started to cry and said yes. I then asked her if she thought her dad was murdered? She couldn’t believe it. M then tells me that she thinks her step-mother killed her father. I told her that her father says he was not killed, but died of natural causes. I then asked her if he used to have a drug problem, but then stopped using years ago. M says that is true. So I told her that because of the years of drinking and doing drugs, he is making me feel that his heart just stopped working.

I told M that I would let her father hang out at our home while she was there, but he had to stop scaring my son. This turned out to be a bad idea!!

For the next few weeks, I could feel a shift in the house. I could sense someone watching me and moving or slithering around the hallways. I would catch a dark shadow out of the corner of my eye or feel a cold spot while walking down the hall. This shadow was playing games with me. Until the house felt like it was coming unhinged.

My son and M went away for a weekend, so it was my husband, my oldest son, and I in the house. My oldest son was in his room upstairs. He came downstairs and said he kept hearing someone moving around in his brother’s room (their rooms were connected by a bathroom in the middle). He went in there several times to check what was making the noise and there was nothing. I went upstairs to check it out, and the room was heavy and it made me feel short of breath. Whatever was in there, did not want me in there.

Later that night, I was sleeping but woke up to my husband getting out of bed and walking across the room. I don’t know what made me look at his side of the bed, but I did and he was still laying there sleeping. I sat up and as I did, the house felt like it came alive. I could hear someone running back and forth in the hallway. All the doors were shaking and the bed was shaking. Now my husband was awake and up to check out what was going on. As my husband gets to the hallway, my son comes out of his room freaked out too. My son felt and heard the same things as we did. I could feel the energy in the house swirling. Then as quick as it started, it stopped. (The guys did check everything, inside and outside.)

When we got back into bed, my husband told me he has been having horrible nightmares about people being murdered and he dreamt about doing awful things. I had the worst uneasy feeling in my stomach and it took awhile for both of us to fall back asleep. And when I did finally fall asleep, M’s dad was in my dream again. This time he was apologizing because something followed him into my house. A bad spirit hitchhiked and got in. I told him he was going to have to leave and not come back. I can’t have bad spirits coming into my home, I have enough problems.

The next morning, I called a friend of mine and asked her if she would help me cleanse my home. I didn’t think I could do it alone, because I invited M’s father to stay originally. My friend came over that night. We cleansed the heck out of my house.

The house felt lighter. I felt lighter. The three of us slept peacefully. No noises, no footsteps in the hallway, and no doors shaking.

The next evening, my younger son and M came back from their trip. I heard them go upstairs. Then, after a little while, I heard loud voices and then the front door slam. I went out front to see what was going on, and M was out there pacing back and forth in the front courtyard. I asked her what was going on and she stopped pacing, got real close to me and says, “Why is my dad not allowed to come in the house? Why is he stuck out here?”

I couldn’t believe it. She did not know I cleansed. She was more sensitive than she let on originally. I then explained to her that her dad let in a hitchhiker. A bad one. It was bad enough that I let her father stay, but I did not need other spirits thinking I had a portal where they could come and go at their leisure. So they all had to go. If she didn’t like it, she could find somewhere else to live sooner than later.

My family comes first! The spirits were disrupting our household and making our home uncomfortable. I promised them that our home will always be protected and I will try to keep it a spirit free zone. I do try and cleanse monthly. Every once in awhile, the boys or my hubby will say they heard something or saw a shadow and give me grief that spirits followed me home. I say to them, “How do you know it’s me? … Any one of you could of brought home a hitchhiker.”