Mani, Pedi, and a Needed Message

I woke up thinking that I couldn’t believe it was the last day of September 2020. This year has been rough, but it has gone by so fast. I also woke up feeling off. So I got up and took my temperature, which was normal. Then a little bit of anxiety was creeping up on me, which I couldn’t understand because it was going to be a “Me” day. First nails, then a facial, then a hair appointment.

A little back story about my nail girl Hanny: Hanny and I have known each other for years. She knows that I am a medium and has always been supportive and fascinated. She always asks if I can see her mom standing near her. I always explain to her that I completely close myself off when I go to busy or crowded places. I can’t go to the nail salon open, there are too many people in there. I go to relax and shut my mind off. I have had a few experiences where someone brought in a lot of spirit energy and sat next to me. I was miserable the entire appointment and couldn’t wait to get out of there.

I have helped Hanny deal with some negative energy that was going on at her home and around her home. That does not mean demonic, it just means that there are people in her life that have bad intentions. So, I did a really good cleansing and taught her how to protect her family and home. Thank goodness she hasn’t had any problems since.

Then COVID lock downs started. During this time, Hanny decided to leave the salon she was at and have her own private space at another salon. Now, her space is so peaceful and relaxing. You can enjoy your appointment without all of the distractions. I LOVE IT!!! Now back to the story…

The moment I get to my appointment, I can feel a female energy. I don’t say anything at first, but then my left side starts to hurt so bad. It feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife. Then I see a younger woman standing behind Hanny. This young woman is telling me she is Hanny’s mother, but I am confused. This spirit is younger than Hanny. I started trying to remember if Hanny ever mentioned how her mom passed away or when. I realized she had never told me any details, she just always told me how much she wished her mom would show up and talk to me. Well, her wish was an about to come true.

I know this is going to upset Hanny, so I start with a few questions before I tell her what I am seeing and hearing.

First, I casually ask her how old her mother was when she passed away. Hanny instantly takes her eyes off of my hands and her eyes are huge…she knows, but answers my question. Her mom was 32. Then I ask if her mother died from cancer, and if so, was it on the left side where her stomach is? Hanny starts crying, “Is my mom here?” I tell her that there is a female spirit standing behind her and she says she is her mother. Then Hanny says that her uncle told her that her mom had gone in for surgery for ulcers, but came out with a colostomy bag, and just got sicker and sicker. He says it was cancer, but Hanny was unsure. So then I asked if the problems were on her left side, and she said yes.

Now Hanny is really crying, so of course I am crying, because I know how much she has wanted to hear from her mom. Thank goodness we are in a room alone.

I then see her mom with a little boy and she is saying the boy is her son. This really confuses me because I know that Hanny has a brother and he is alive. I tell Hanny what I am seeing and what her mom is saying. She is in shock. Then she tells me that her brother, that I know of, was born first, then her mom got pregnant with her second child. While she was pregnant she took a really bad fall and fell on her stomach and the baby died in her womb. When they took the baby out, it was a boy. Then she had Hanny years later.

Hanny’s mom then shows me that she is with an elderly man and an elderly woman, that she says is her parents. Hanny says that her grandparents passed away too. Then Hanny’s mom is showing me that she held her brother three sons before they were born (I did not know that Hanny’s brother had three sons), and that she held both of Hanny’s daughters before they were born.

I then explain that her mom says she is with her all the time. She has visited Hanny’s daughters in their dreams, but they wouldn’t know who she is. She is always watching over them, like a guardian angle. Hanny starts really crying, then says that she always begs her mom to come to her in dreams. She wants to see her. I can only help by telling her that her mom is very clear that she is with Hanny all of the time.

Hanny’s mom then thanks me for helping Hanny with the problems that were happening in her home. She says that she was doing her best to protect them all, but was happy to have me help.

Then Hanny’s mother showed me an image that I don’t understand so I explain what I am seeing to Hanny. Her mom is showing me a pile of dirt then she is showing me the same pile of dirt, but in a different location. Then she wants me to thank Hanny for what she did. Her mom then shows me the elderly couple she was showing me to be her parents???? I was confused, but Hanny knew exactly what she was saying.

The last trip Hanny made to Vietnam with her brother, they moved their mom’s grave from one cemetery to another cemetery where her her grandparents plot is. Hanny was so happy that her mom knew what her and her brother did. Then her mom said to tell Hanny that her brother takes horrible care of himself. His health is not good. He needs to change and take care of himself for his boys. Hanny then tells me that her brother smokes cigarettes and her mom is right he doesn’t take care of himself.

Hanny’s mom then says that she loves her very much and she is always with her.She has made this very clear during the entire reading. I think she new that Hanny needed to hear it and needed to hear from her. Hanny did ask me, “why now?”

I think Hanny’s mom, may have tried to communicate before when Hanny worked in the busy loud salon. Now we were in a quiet space and my spidey senses were not completely closed off. Also, I could feel how proud her mother is of her and her new business venture. She just knew it was the perfect time. That’s just my perception, but like I always say, I don’t know why or how sometimes, just that I am the voice for their connection. That’s the best part of my gift…is to share my gift. I feel so deeply touched that I was able to tell a dear friend that her mother is always with her and her daughters. Thank you to Hanny’s mom for trusting me with this message of pure love.