Class of ‘47….

I cannot tell you how many times I have walked, driven, or road my bike past this bar since I was a child. Strangely, I had never stepped inside of this bar. Until recently, when I had the opportunity to investigate it.

When I investigate an old bar or old location that has hosted gatherings for years, there is always spirit activity. Whether it is residual energy or a few spirits that love to visit where they enjoyed hanging out when they were alive. Old locations hold years of built up energy.

The Class of ‘47 Bar has been a bar in Newport Beach, California since 1977. The building itself has been there for approximately 75 years. When we first pull up to the bar, I get out of the car and I am instantly drawn to a window on the right side of the building. For some reason, I can feel that the window has years of energy attached to it. As I walk away from the window back towards the front of the building, I feel dizzy and off balance. This is normal for me when I am about to investigate an old location that has had years of drunk people coming and going. It’s all residual. So, I decided to sit and take notes of what I was feeling and to relax before I go in.

That’s when I could feel a male presence standing in front of me. At first he startled me, because I had no static chills or none of the signs I usually get when I am about to interact with a spirit. Instantly I smell cigarette smoke and my chest and lungs start to hurt. Now I could see him perfectly. He was tall, thin, dark hair, wearing shorts, a t-shirt, flip flops, and smoking a cigarette. It is hard to know his age, because he looks weathered. I would guess late 40’s or early 50’s??

His energy is so laid back. He tells me that he was a local and hung out at The ‘47 all the time. He just comes back to hang out and watch people. So I asked him his name, but he just shrugged off my question. He then told me that he died in an accident. He is showing me a car vs. motorcycle accident. I could see that he was on the motorcycle. Then he disappeared. As quick as he showed up is a quick as he left.

I am not even inside yet and I am picking up on so much. When I finally get into the bar, which is a tiny place with two pool tables. We entered through the side door, so I am standing just inside the door and reading the energy in the room. I can see what other people would experience in the space. I see things move (pool balls, glasses), and I can sense that there are areas where the temperature can drop instantly. (Cold spots)

I then sense a female spirit. She is standing right behind me and she says in my right ear, “deeper in, stronger energy”. I am not sure what that means, so I walk to the other side of the bar. I am now standing in front of the window that I was drawn to when I first got out of the car. Not sure yet why this window feels important or why there is so much residual energy coming from it.

I am then drawn towards the storage room that is further down a hall way. As I get deeper in, the energy feels really intense. Not sure how anyone could go back there with out feeling watched or just an uncomfortable heavy feeling. This energy is making me fumble my words, and I can’t put a sentence together that makes sense. The energy is not negative, just over whelming and intense.

When I leave the storage room I am then being drawn to my right. This is where there is another hallway, but it leads to the bathroom. As I enter the hallway the floor feels like it is going out from under me. I have to hold onto the walls on both sides of me. It feels like I am in one of those fun houses with slanted floors.

I have to stop. I am now getting visions of a scene that took place in the hallway and bathroom. I now feel a female spirit with me. The scene I am seeing is about her. I can see her clearly, she has long dark brown hair that is thick, she is medium height, and a pretty face. I can see that she is in her early 20’s. She is all about showing me what happened to her.

She says her name is Susan, or Sue. I am going to call her Sue. She shows me that she was visiting Newport Beach for the day. Bar hopping all day with her friends. By the time she got to the ‘47 Bar, she was really drunk.

Sue then says she met a cute guy, at the bar. They were talking and drinking together for awhile. He then tells her that he has some good drugs and would she like some. She is not really being specific what drugs he has, but I saw a white powder. I don’t know anything first hand about illegal drugs, other than what I have seen on TV.

Sue then shows me her and this guy getting in line for the bathroom. I can then feel how drunk she is, and I can’t see this guys face clearly. Everything is fuzzy. Sue then goes into the bathroom with the guy and she shows me that she snorted the white powder up her nose. Cocaine?? Or possibly something stronger??

Then everything becomes really fuzzy and I feel like I can barely walk or stand without swaying. I have to hold onto the walls so I don’t fall over. Then Sue says that she blacked out after that.

Now Sue is telling me the story from the perspective of her soul watching the scene that unfolds. So, what this means is, she saw what happened to her after she died….so in death she knows what happened after she blacked out from all of the alcohol and doing the drugs.

Sue leaves The Class of ‘47 Bar. She is a mess. She is walking down a street, then all of a sudden she is on the ground. Then in a very clear strong voice, she says to me, “I overdosed.” Sue can see herself laying on the sidewalk and she can hear sirens in the back ground. She is floating over the entire scene. The paramedics find a slight pulse, then load her into an ambulance, to get her to the hospital. She then says to me, “I didn’t have a chance, I was pronounced dead at the hospital.”

How horrible!!! I was done channeling after that. That story broke my heart. How can a fun day of play with your friends end so terribly?? I did do some research after to see if I could get details about Sue, but I couldn’t find anything, and it is hard when you don’t know what year it happened.

Before leaving The Class of ‘47 Bar, I did talk to a man that has worked there for years. I told him about the two spirits that I picked up on, but I didn’t think he would know anything about Sue. He did however say that he may know the male presence I connected with. But, I could sense he was holding back. He was a skeptic, so I didn’t push for more info. He then said something interesting. The building itself was 75 years old and it used to be the old power company and the only original part of the building is the large window and he pointed across the bar to the window I had been drawn to since I got there. Well, that explained all of the piled up residual energy I was feeling coming off of the window.

How this investigation came to be:

My dear friend and my right arm when it comes to being The OC Spiritualist, is Elizabeth. She has been telling about me the ‘47 Bar for awhile now. Her future son-in-law used to work there and tell her how haunted it was. So finally this October 2020, Elizabeth and I got to investigate.This time during the investigation she video taped me doing my thing. Which leads me to the subject of my website.

Next week Elizabeth and I are going to start redoing my site. Now that I am not anonymous anymore, I need to change some things. Also, I want to post videos of my investigations. Like the one from the ‘47 Bar. We need to make the site more user friendly. I have over 60 posts on my site, and I noticed from my stats that the same stories are being read monthly. I am still getting readers from around the world, but they are reading the stories that come up on my cover page only and not exploring. After doing the live investigation for the Darkside in Riverside, I am excited to do more live investigations. Or at least post recorded investigations.

I get asked all the time if I do phone or zoom readings. The answer is no. I read energies of spaces and people. Also, I like to read objects that belong to who my client wants me to connect with. I do sometimes get feelings about what is going on with someone by just talking on the phone, but that is about my client, not a spirit. I do sometimes have feelings, visions, or dreams about a spirit, but I am not sure who they belong to or connect with until I get to the reading.

Oh…I almost forgot…. Elizabeth talked to her future son-in-law after we did our investigation, and he said there had been instances of the pool table balls moving, glasses moving , and people had reported feeling cold spots in different parts of the bar. Also, one of the female bartenders is pretty sure she knows who the male spirit is that I connected with that died in a motorcycle accident. Then he said that the girl and the guy that was there (alive) while we were investigating wanted us to know that we left our bible at the bar.??????? Neither one of us brought a bible to the bar. I don’t even have a bible in my, what I call, “Bag of tricks” that I take with me to readings and investigations. SO CRAZY!!!!!!