A Human Story

This post is not about communicating with spirits. This post is about me. My decision to do this post is base on a couple of stories that I am going to post. I know by posting these stories, many people are going to figure out who I am. And at this point of my life, I am ok with that. I am hoping that I will not be judged or called names because of my gift. I hope people realize that I am helping people, and I would never push my ability on anyone that it made uncomfortable.

I have had different reactions when people I know find out I can communicate with spirits. Some ask a lot of questions and are intrigued, others just give me that look and I know not to mention anything in front of them. I also think my gift confuses people who are religious. I always explain to them that my gift has nothing to do with any religion. In fact I find all religions fascinating and I respect them all.

An example of what I deal with is this: We belong to a country club. We have a close  group of couples that we do dinners with and go out with. The women in the group know that I am a medium. At first they asked a lot of questions because they are intrigued. I like to make sure they know that I am not always sitting there reading them (even though there are a few that would love that). Now it doesn’t come up, unless one of the ladies asks if I had any interesting readings lately.

Some how a couple outside of our group found out that I am a medium, and the husband kept asking my friends if I was a witch. That pissed them off. Thank goodness my friends are awesome. They told this man that I am not a witch, and if he had any questions to just ask me himself. Also they explained to him, that I talk to spirits not do spells or conjure up spirits. Eventually I was at a function and this man and his wife were there. The wife actually struck up a conversation and asked me about my gift. We talked for awhile, and this couple eventually joined our group and any of their pre existing judgments of me were long gone. I am just a regular girl that happens to be able to communicate with spirits.

Now for family, I know my dad and my brother think I am crazy. I don’t care anymore. This gift is a part of me. I have always tried to be respectful around them because I know it makes them uncomfortable. You should be able to be yourself around family. No judging, just love. Easier said than done. I have come to the conclusion, due to my interactions with many friends, that no family is perfect. Always a work in progress.

I love my gift. Is it a lot at times? Yes it is, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I will have to come to the realization that if someone has a problem with my gift when they find out….it is their problem, not mine. I most definitely will have hurt feelings if I am judged entirely on that part of me. I am a lot of other things to the ones who are close to me. Mom, wife, friend, sister, aunt, and a strong woman with a soft heart.




Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 2

Hello again. I know its taken me awhile to write Part 2, but I hope it is worth the wait for you.

This time I requested all the information about this investigation from my clients. This was a complex investigation and still is. I usually write my blogs based on my notes, but this time I got the notes that were taken by the client during the investigation and after, and during the cleansing and after. Also, I did another investigation at this location last night. It’s a busy building. That is when I decided to break this post into pieces. First piece is the Grumpy guy in the wine storage facility.

I picked the easiest spirit first. When I went back to cleanse the building, the Grumpy old man was easy to get rid of. He was bored there anyways. We did not find out or try to figure out who he was. He was the least of our worries. The other two spirits where going to be a challenge.

What I mean by a challenge is, in regards to the lost young man, I really needed more answers from him and what he wanted from me. He came to me in a dream after I left there and I had to look for answers to what he was trying to show me.

Then the challenge with the dark evil man is that he wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of and I needed to try and push more for answers from him. I knew he was attached to someone at this building, but who and why.??? Also, telling someone that there is a dark evil presence attached to them, is not on my list of favorite things. Then telling my client that their employee has bad juju around her. Not the finer parts of being able to see and talk to dead people…….but the good out weighs the bad.

As soon as I post this, I am starting Part 3, so no long wait this time.


It is rare when you come across a truly special human being. Because I only do readings or investigations through word-of-mouth, I don’t know the person directly that I am about to help. That’s how I met EV. (I will use initials, never names in my posts.) Also, I will write about the details of that investigation in a future post, it was definitely a great experience. After doing my investigation and talking to EV, days after she asked me if I ever thought about blogging about my experiences. ?? She thought that my stories were fascinating and that other people would find them fascinating or relatable too. I had instant anxiety thinking about putting myself out there. That is why we decided that I should do a blog anonymously, or as I say, take baby steps. This whole idea and the design of this page was her idea. I can never thank her enough!!! Gratitude and appreciation are just two words that still don’t express how much I am thankful. As EV interviewed me, I got to know her more, that is why I said in my first sentence, “a truly special human being”. She really listened to me and is so excited about this new adventure for me, that I am so excited and inspired to get the stories flowing. So EV, here I go, this first post was for you. Now, it’s on to “ghosty” stuff.