Surpise! Your Grandpa’s Here!

Having direct contact with someone, especially when I am relaxed, can lead to an impromptu reading. Especially when the person I am with, believes in spirit communication. So, when I first sat down with my new hair girl, her grandfather did not waste any time.

My nail girl recommended SC to me. If you have read my posts before, you know that I have read my nail girl, and my x-hair girl, so I wanted to make sure that SC was open to me being a medium. If I am going to have long appointments with someone touching my head over and over again, hours at a time and appointment after appointment, I need to be able to relax and not stress if a spirit shows up. It is very distracting, and can make me feel sick, so I need to talk about it, or remove myself from the situation. This is just another situation, as a medium, that I have to make sure I am in a positive space.

I met SC before I made an appointment. I instantly knew I liked her. Her energy is amazing, and I know this sounds silly, but she has a tattoo of a heart on her finger…..I love hearts, and I took that as a sign. So, I made my appointment. Days before the appointment, I kept seeing a young Asian man pop up into my dreams. He would always be standing off to the side and observing what was happening in my dream. I don’t remember the dreams, but I remember him clearly. I knew he was waiting for the right moment to show me what he wanted.

Time for my first appointment with SC. We went over what was going to be done to my hair and got to know each other a bit, then I could see the young Asian man standing in the room with us. (SC is at a salon where each person providing a service has their own room). At first, I was puzzled to why this man was there. Then it hit me. SC is half Filipino and half Caucasian. This man was related to her somehow. I then asked SC, “you know I am a medium, right?” She said yes, and that she totally believes in mediums, and spirits. I then told her that there was a young Asian man there with us and he wants to communicate. She looked puzzled. So, I told her to let me communicate with him and we can figure out who he is together. Then the Asian man just came right out and said…”I am her grandfather!” then he kept talking: “I died older, but I loved how I looked when I was younger. I was so cool, I was good looking, I was tuff, I was the guy the other guys wanted to be”. Then he took a drag of a cigarette.

I was repeating all of this to SC, and then I described him. This guy was in his late teens, or early twenties. Dark hair, White t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, handsome, smoking cigarettes, has a swagger about him….the cool guy. He reminded me of Danny Zuko from the movie Grease. I then told her that he says he grew up on an island, but moved to California. (what he actually showed me was an island then a black line that went from the island to California) At this time SC said everything I was telling her fit. Especially when I said he had a white t-shirt and jeans on. There is a picture of him that fits the description, and he always wore white t-shirts and jeans. Also, he was born in the Philippines and moved to California. Now that she validated that I was talking to her grandfather, he was ready to give her his message.

That is when he all of a sudden SC’s grandfather had a little boy with him. I could only pick up that the boy died young, and I did not feel that he was directly a child of her mom or other family members still alive. So, I told SC, and she did not know who he could possibly be, so I told her to check with her family and get back to me. Then her grandfather started talking…a lot…and fast.. so, I repeated everything as best as I could as he was talking.

He said he was with her all through COVID lock down. He said she was having a hard time being alone, because she is a very social and busy young lady. So, he helped guide her to adopt her dog. He said he picked out the dog and helped bring them together. He knew she needed this.

SC was shocked. She said that it made perfect sense to her, and how she came to adopt her dog, which has been the best thing to happen to her. Her dog is her world. (I had no idea she had a dog, remember we had just met) Then her grandfather’s spirit disappeared.

What I found interesting about this reading, was how SC’s grandfather would not let me get a glimpse of him when he was older. How vain he was, struck me as adorable. Also, he did not make me feel how he died, he only wanted me to feel how much he loves SC and how proud he is of her. He knew exactly what she needed and found a way to help her not be so lonely. Also, when he first came through, he was alone, then he brought a boy forward, but did not elaborate on who he was. SC talked to her family, and the boy was her granfather’s little brother who died young. WOW! Spirits never stop amazing me!!!

More impromptu encounters and readings to come. UNTIL THEN…..