My Neighbors Mom

I love impromptu readings!!! For me it feels more natural than a planned reading. This reading happened in 2016. I have not shared this story because of the picture above. That paper was lost until recently, and I couldn’t tell the story without it. Like I have said before, I don’t remember every detail during a reading, I rely on the person I am reading or someone who was there. In this instance, it was my friend P, myself, and P’s mom….who passed away years ago.

My neighbor P called and asked if I would like to go to El Adobe Mexican Restaurant in downtown San Juan Capistrano. And, she talked to her friend that is one of the owners and he said we could sit in the old jail, which is now a wine cellar/private dining room. It is known to be very haunted, and I have wanted to sit down there and see if any spirits want to communicate. In one of my past posts, there is a story about what happened to me in the main dining room at El Adobe, and that was pretty intense, so I was anxious and excited to see what would happen in the private dining room/old jail cell.

P is very interested in the paranormal. She is also a sensitive and is open to having interactions with spirits. So this was going to make our “ladies night”, even more interesting. So, we picked a day and time, and when the day came, I walked across the street, got in her car, and off we went, a whole 9 minutes away.

We sat at the bar first. Had a glass of wine, then headed to the old jail cell. It is dark and creepy down there, so right away I got the gist that anyone would feel creeped out down there. The bars from the old jail are still down there and there is a large round table in the middle with chairs around it. The walls have racks filled with wine bottles.

We ordered another drink and our meals. I felt nothing through dinner. We decided to just hang out down there after we were done. P got up to use the restroom, I sat by myself. But not for long…I could feel the energy change in the room. I had the static electricity chill up my right side and then I saw a woman standing in the room with me. She told me straight away that she was P’s mom. Then she started talking so fast that I hurried and grabbed a piece of paper out of my purse (above picture) and started writing everything I could hear clearly.

Of course the words made no sense to me, but I just kept writing what I could hear. Then P came back. I told her that I was talking to a woman that says she is her mother. P was in shock. Then her mother disappeared. I then handed P the piece of paper.

She knew what everything meant except for the words lung & head. And it validated that I was really talking to her mom. Here is the break down: LUCKY CHARM – P said her mother is Irish. CAPE – P and her mother’s favorite times and memories was of their beach house in Cape Cod. MYSTIC – the last movie P watched with her mom was the movie Mystic Pizza. MY SMILE – P says she has her mother’s smile. BURDEN – Her mother never wanted to be a burden to P, so she stayed married to P’s mentally abusive father.

P was so happy that her mom communicated and I was happy that the words I scribbled meant something to her. I did not say this at the beginning of the story, but I was just getting to know P. This was our first time spending time together besides seeing each other at neighborhood get togethers or association meetings. So I knew nothing about her family, or where she grew up.

As we were leaving the old jail cell at El Adobe, I noticed that one of my silver hoop earrings was missing. We looked all over the room then went and looked at the bar where we first sat. I asked the bartender and the hostess if anyone had turned in an earring, but no one had. So when we got to her car, I looked all over in there, but no earring. I know the earring was in my ear at the restaurant. Maybe some one would turn it in, I would check back. My gift boutique was just a block away from the restaurant.

I know it is just an earring, but I had had them for years and they are real silver. I wore them all the time. So I was bummed, but happy I got to give P a meaningful message.

So time went by. I had only texted with P. We both own our own businesses, so we were busy. Then I found out that P was thinking about buying a home in the area. She was renting the home across the street from me, but wanted to own her own home again. That’s when things started changing in my home.

At first I would see a shadow of a person in the reflection of the TV. I would see a shadow, then it would dart away quickly. Almost like it was watching but trying to stay hidden. Then one night I was watching TV and looked towards the door to my bedroom, and I saw a woman standing there, then in a second she was gone. This time I got a look at her, and I could see who she was. The spirit was P’s mom.

I told her out loud that she didn’t have to hide. It was ok to talk to me. But, she did not. Then, my hubby saw her. Standing where I saw her, but he said she was looking out our front window. That would make sense…that’s were P lived. So I told him that it was P’s mom and that I was sure she had a message for P, but was taking her time telling me. Then he asked if until then, she could not show herself to him, it creeped him out. Apparently she heard him, because he did not mention seeing her again.

This went on for a couple months. I would see her, but she would not say anything. So, I did not tell P she was visiting me.

Then one Sunday morning, I was getting ready to go to my boutique, and I finally got a sign from P’s mom that she was ready to communicate. I opened my drawer where I keep my jewelry, and on top of my jewelry organizer was BOTH OF MY SILVER HOOPS CLASPED TOGETHER. I stood there staring at them in disbelief. Then I grabbed them and ran to find my hubby. I held the earrings on the palm of my hand, held my hand out and told him to look at my hand. He looked confused…. Then he said, “hey, you found your missing hoop earring.” Then I said, “No, you found it and are messing with me.” Then he said, “why would I do that?” I just stood there staring at my earrings in my hand. I was in complete shock. Then I said to my hubby, “holy crap on a cracker!” “P’s mom did this!!”

I knew then that I needed to go across the street and talk to P. I texted her and told her I needed to talk to her alone, but at her home. She said she had a crazy week ahead and asked me to come over Friday after we both got home from work. 5 days away.

During the 5 days before P and I were getting together, her mom was communicating and getting anxious. Now all of a sudden P’s mom was in a hurry to communicate. She was pacing by the window a lot, and stirring up the energy through the whole house.

Friday finally came. I went over to P’s home, and her mom came with me. As soon as I walked into P’s home, I turned to my left and there was a picture up on the wall, and I instantly knew it was P’s mom. I said to P, “That’s your mom right?” She said it was. So I then told her how her mom has been with me for months, but was waiting to give her a message. Then I told her about the earrings. And that since the weekend before, her mom has been up in my stuff about getting a message to her. So here I am. Then her mom starts talking to me.

Here is what she said: P’s mom is worried about her and she wants her to know she is here for her during this challenging time. Then she says that P is making some difficult decisions, and wants a new beginning. I then told P she did not have to share anything with me that was personal, I am just there to pass on her mom’s message. P then says that she was having a lot of personal issues, and she was moving. She bought her own home, and was scared, but looking forward to a new start.

I had no idea any of this was happening, and there is a lot more to it, but it is not my business to tell. Confidentiality. But, P said she really needed to hear that message from her mom. It came at the perfect time.

P did move near by, and she had me over to see her new place. I was so happy for her. She said that knowing that her mom was with her on her new journey was so comforting. I told her she was lucky to have such a wonderful and loving guardian angel. But… your jewelry:)

Note: I sill have those earrings, and I still wear them all of the time, but since the above happened, I think of P’s mom every time I put them on.

UPDATE: P texted me. Lung (from the dribbled note) meant that her mom had lung cancer. How did I forget that? Well, it was awhile ago and I have probably talked to at least a hundred spirits since then. Maybe more. Thanks P for helping me. I am happy you are happy with the story about your mom.

More true ghost stories to come!!

Until then…