Wine Cellar Creeper: Part Two

I am just going to continue from where I stopped in Part One.

When we got back to our hotel room, I was so drained. I just kept going over everything that I saw in my head. When images are that clear, I second guess myself. Am I loosing my mind? How could I see that so clearly? Am I making it up? Why would I make it up? I couldn’t possibly make that shit up!!! Holy crap…I just witnessed a man being murdered, and have no way to prove it or I have no idea when it happened? The murder might not have even taken place there, but something in that cellar held the memory.

The next morning, my hubby got up first and said he was headed down to the lobby to get us coffee and a pastry. Not even 15 minutes later, my hubby was back in the room. He just stood in the room, empty handed, with a look of fear and confusion on his face. I instantly knew something happened.

He then says to me, “I don’t feel right, I almost passed out in the lobby”, “I might be having a stroke.” His head hurt on one side, and he was slurring a little. I automatically wanted to call 911. He asked me not to, so he could calm down and see how he felt. I had him sit on the couch, and I just stared at him. He did get up a few times to look in the mirror. He kept saying his face felt weird. But, he told me not to call 911. This went on for at least 30 minutes, then went away. He felt completely normal again. It did scare the crap out of him, and I was just about to dial 911, but all of his symptoms stopped.

My hubby then told me that he had never experienced anything like that. He felt fine getting on the elevator then all of a sudden he felt over whelmed, panicky, and dizzy. Then the pain in his head started, and by the time he got to the lobby, he had to find a place to sit so he wouldn’t fall over and faint. He had to sit there for a bit before he could get up and get back on the elevator.

The rest of the day he felt fine. No residual feelings from that morning. That’s when I started to think it was a spiritual attack. I did not say that to my hubby, but his symptoms were similar to what I was experiencing when I was connecting with the man in the cellar. I decided to watch him carefully and hopefully nothing would follow us home.

Everything thing was fine that night and the next day, which was a Friday. My hubby felt fine, but we were still questioning why that happened to him. That Friday night, everything changed. We were watching a movie and my hubby fell asleep on the couch. I decided to go to bed and leave him on the couch for a bit longer. I got ready for bed, then laid on the floor in my room, turned on Ghost Adventures, and started doing my yoga stretches. I had the door to the bedroom open so I could hear my hubby on the couch. As I am laying there, (I am on the other side of the room from the door to the family room, and my bed is between me and the door), I hear someone come walking in the room, so I sit up to look over the bed, and no one is there. Maybe I am hearing things, but as I go to lay back down I hear someone walking out of my room. For some reason, I was terrified, and I felt a chill through my whole body. I was so scared, I started shaking. That is not usual for me. So I got up and muted the TV. I could hear my hubby mumbling what sounded like a conversation with someone. So I slowly tip toed over to the door and he stopped talking, but it was ice cold right in front of the door. I stood there for awhile just waiting to see or hear anything. It was quiet. Too quiet.

I then went back and turned the sound back on the TV, but as soon as I did, I heard someone rush into the room again. Now I am starting to get mad. So I yell, “Just show yourself already!!! Stop playing games!!” Then the energy on that side of the room sounded like it was amping up, then it rushed back out the door. So, I chased it. I ran all over the house trying to get it to communicate, but it disappeared.

Then as I was walking back towards my room I heard a weird sound coming from my room. As I got closer it sounded like rushing water. I then ran to the door between the bathroom and the bedroom, and listened. I slowly opened the door and the faucet on my husbands sink was on full blast. WHAT THE ****!!

I walked slowly over to the sink and turned off the water. I stood there trying to debunk what just happened, but I couldn’t. So, I went back out to the family room and woke up my hubby, and told him to come to bed. He was so out of it. But, he did say to me before he crawled into bed, “babe, I was having the most violent dreams.” I decided to not tell him what I had been going through while he was asleep, but I did go get my protective crystal and put it next to the bed.

The next morning, which was Saturday, my hubby got up for his usual early Saturday morning tee time at our country club. I was so tired. All night I kept sitting up every time I heard one little noise. So, I laid in bed for awhile, then got up to start my day. I could not stop thinking about the night before. I was pretty sure the man from the cellar followed us home.

I had some things to do for work. I have a gift and home decor business. I used to have my own boutique, but I down sized in 2020, and now I rent space at an Antique Store. I keep all of my product for the store in a large walk in closet in one of my guest rooms. I had some new items for fall that needed to be priced, so I could take them to the store. I went upstairs to go to my “store” closet and it was freezing. I instantly got the feeling I was being watched. I got to the closet and as I went to turn on the light, the grandfather wall clock chimed.

Just typing this is giving me anxiety. This is why this is soooo scary and creepy to me: years ago my mother gave me this wall clock. I hung it up high in a vaulted room in a home that my x-husband and I owned. I never wound it and it could only be reached with a ladder. When my x’s grandfather passed away, he haunted our home. And one day, while the kids and I were playing in their rooms, the clock started chiming. We froze, we had not heard that sound in this house before. So I slowly walked down the hall to the area the clock was hanging, and the hands of the clock were set at 3:12. I know I had the hands at 12 & 6. Plus, I can’t even reach that clock to move the hands. And it was almost 5:00 in the afternoon.

When my x-husband got home from work I told him what happened. He was not a fan of all of the ghosty stuff that was going on in our home. BUT, I will have to write about it sometime….it’s scary good stuff. Anyways, I then asked him, (not sure why), what time was it when your grandpa took his last breath? He said 3:12. YOU CAN’T MAKE THAT SHIT UP!!!

Soooo ever since then we called the clock,”The Haunted Clock”. My boys hate that clock. But, I won’t get rid of it. So I unhooked the pendulum and hung it in my walk in closet. I have not heard that clock chime for over 25 years. But, it chimed that morning in my store closet. I just stood there is disbelief!! I tried to debunk it. I hit the wall. I jumped up and down. I slammed things around in the closet, and the clock made no sound. So again I yelled. “I KNOW YOU ARE THERE! STOP TRYING TO SCARE ME AND TALK TO ME!!” Then I felt him. He was standing in the room, but he would not communicate. So I said “ suit yourself, I am here if you want to talk, if not back the F off.”

I went about my business, pricing items. Then I had to go to my Office/library room across the hall to answer a few emails. People send me photos they have taken that have weird anomalies or orbs in them and I analyze them. I tell them what I see or sometimes what I see and feel. If it is an historic location, I tell them what I see and have them do some research and get back to me. I will sometimes let them know what I see and feel and then I will research the place the picture was taken.

I was analyzing a very good picture of some bright orbs, and my sons large dog, Trip, was laying beside me. All of a sudden I could feel the energy change in the room. Trip started whimpering and starring at an area behind me. Then he got up and ran out of the room. I could feel this man’s presence getting closer and standing over me. I felt like he was pressing down on my shoulders. Then my head started to hurt exactly where it hurt when I saw him in the cellar. I couldn’t move. His energy was so strong, but finally I just started screaming at him. I whipped around and just screamed. I could feel his energy leave the room.

At that point I knew I had to get rid of this guy. I hate that he followed us home. I was for sure going to have to tell my hubby when he got home. I was going to have to cleanse the crap out of my home. I thought my barriers were strong….obviously not. Then I thought maybe I should sit and really try to communicate with this guy one more time before I cleanse him out, and hopefully give him some peace.

When my hubby got home from golf I told him I needed to talk to him about something. Before I could he said to me that he thinks the episode he had at the hotel was the male ghost trying to possess him or just torment him. I was in shock and relieved because I didn’t want to tell him that I suspected the same thing. I did tell him what went on in the house the night before and all morning while he was at golf. He then said, that he kept waking up after he came to bed, because he thought someone was walking around and standing in the corner in our room. And when he did sleep, he had horrible dreams.

Then he says to me, “I thought our home had barriers from this shit. You know I am ok with your gift until something follows us home!” He was right, and obviously my barriers were weak. He said to cleanse him out sooner than later. So, I did try to communicate one more time. I wanted more information and I wanted to try and help this man. But, he was gone. I can’t explain why he just left, but I do know hate unanswered questions.

I did do a really good cleansing of our home, and really secured the protective barrier around our home. I have had spirits in our home before, but this time I actually was scared. I didn’t know what he would do to my hubby, or anyone else in our home. I will return to the restaurant and this time I will go in prepared, and hopefully get some answers.

Until then….