A Surprising, but Meaningful “Thank You”

This is the page that I did auto writing on during this reading. The scribbles are usually when the spirit that is coming through is persistent about something they are trying to say, until my client figures it out.
My set up. I usually do not do readings at my home, but we were recording the reading for something I have in the works. In the picture I have my candles that all have different meanings for me while doing a reading. Then I have sage, a bundle of lavender, and my pouch of protective stones. I only went this elaborate, for my protection and guidance. I don’t want anyone hanging around or coming to visit after. Neither do my husband or my son.

Now to the reading. I picked “T” because we have unfinished business. She is the one I wrote about in one of my posts regarding the Darkside in Riverside. She is one of my friends that came to support me when I decided to reveal my identity, that I am The OC Spiritualst.

Recap: The night before the reveal I did an investigation with Jay & Marie Yates of Haunted Case Files. Before heading to the investigation, I meditated and opened to get ready, then went to the lobby to have a glass of bubbles to relax. That’s when “T” came and sat next to me and she had at least 5 spirits with her. I have connected with one of the spirits at a different occasion, but I could sense that another one had an important message. So I told “T” we would have to do a reading another time. So that’s what I meant by unfinished business.

The morning of the reading, I drove to Irvine to get my nails done at my nail girls home. On the way there I could feel a male’s presence was with me. He looked like he was in his early 40’s. I could feel that he was sick. My stomach was upset and I was nauseous.

I got to my nail girls home, and I could not relax during my appointment. I felt sick. Then I remembered that she lives next door to her brother-in-law that has cancer, so I thought maybe I was picking up on his illness. But, the more I sat there I could see a tall white male, not a Vietnamese man. I finally had to ask this male spirit to go away, and come back later.

I spent the rest of the day getting everything ready for the events of the evening. Elizabeth and a few friends, including “T” were coming over to tape a question & answer session, then tape “T’s” reading. We were making a video for something I am working on.

As I sat down for the Q & A part, I could feel the male presence from earlier with me. I then realized he was there to talk to “T”. I was so distracted and emotional during the Q & A, I was not loving how I was coming across. Also, I was already nervous about how all of this would turn out.

We decided to take a break and get ready for the reading. I then went into the house to meditate and open, even though I knew that this male presence was not going to be hard to read. He was ready to give “T” a message.

When I sat at the table with “T”, I told her that I already have a male with me that can’t wait to communicate. He has been with me all day. So I describe him to her: Tall, young (early 40’s), brown hair, then he interrupts me and says, “When I had hair”, and laughs. Then he shows me himself in a baseball hat. He then says his name, but it says it so quick I only heard the T sound. It is quick and short…Tom? Ted? Tim? Then he says he died from cancer, which I already was picking up on. While I am saying all this to “T”, she is not saying anything or even reacting….which makes my job harder. I need interaction from the person I am telling the message to. A yes or a no, or anything.

This male then says that he lived in another state. I see the letters Te, and I about to say Texas or Tennessee…. when my friend “T” finally looks like what I am saying is registering and she says to me, “Tennessee”. Her body language changes at this point, and she looks both surprised and upset. She absolutely knows who is trying to give her a message. She tells me his name is Tim and he did pass away from cancer.

Now that she knows who is with us, he can give his message. Tim is thanking her for the two trips to Tennessee. He shows me “T” by his side when he is sick, then he shows me “T” at his funeral. So I ask “T” if this makes sense to her. She said it did. When she found out that Tim was sick, she hopped on a plane and went to see him right away. Then when he passed, she flew back for the funeral.

Tim really wants me to convey how much it means to him that she did that. Then he brings up his family. His wife and two kids, a son and a daughter. Then he says how much he appreciates “T” being there for his family. Then he says, “Ask “T” to say what their nicknames are for each other”. At first this is not registering with “T”, but Tim is persistent (that is were you see heavy scribble on the notes I posted above) Then Tim says the word, “wife”. Finally, “T” understands and starts crying. She tells me that she called him “work husband’’ and he called her “work wife”. Then I could feel how really close Tim and “T” were. Now we are both crying. I could feel the respect and amazing friendship they had. A unique bond.

I had asked “T” to bring items that belonged to the people she wanted to hear from. She had a bunch of items, but then she hands me one of them. It was a silver business card holder with Tim’s initials on it. Again Tim wanted to make it clear how much he loves “T” and appreciates her being there for him and his family. Also, he wanted to make sure “T” and his family knew that he wasn’t in any pain anymore and he is always watching over them all.

This was such a sweet and moving reading. The bond between friends goes beyond this life. I think “T” was in denial at the beginning of the reading. She wanted to hear from her relatives that have passed. I guess that means more unfinished business between “T” and I. I could go on an on, but “T” will read this and hate if I get to mushy. I love that about her…a strong, no nonsense woman, but who is also very caring and giving. Just a good human.

Thank you Tim and “T” for trusting me. Until next time….