Dr. Guardian Angel

This past March I had an emergency appendectomy. I am very lucky that I not only had great doctors, but that I had a guardian angel with me. I have always believed in guardian angels, and I have always sent my angels to be with or guide others when they are in need. But, this time it was my turn, and I didn’t have to ask, he just showed up.

I was so sick and in so much stomach pain. I laid on the couch for two days and by the third morning I just laid on my back looking at the ceiling thinking I was dying. I had come to the conclusion that I really needed help. I then called my doctor and told him what was going on and he said to go immediately to the hospital. I have had severe stomach pains before and had gone to the ER, and they found nothing, but this time I had a bad fever. Definitely the sign of infection.

My husband drove me to the hospital and when I walked in, I could not believe all of the people in there. It was packed. I wanted to turn around and go home, but I needed to see a doctor, I could feel myself getting sicker and the pain getting worse.

After checking in, there were no chairs in the waiting room so my husband and I found two chairs down the hallway. Trying to sit there was miserable. After an hour a nurse took me back to get blood taken and check my blood pressure. I was in so much pain, but they sent me back to my chair in the hallway. Then another hour went by and a nurse came out and asked if I wanted pain medicine. That is when I could hear and feel a male presence with me. He yelled, “NO”, in my ear. I was in shock, so I finally looked up at the nurse and said no thank you. As the nurse walked away I could hear this male presence say to me, “If you take that pill, it will numb the pain, and I know you, you will get up and go home instead of waiting in this miserable hallway.”

Then my husband starts questioning me about not taking any meds. I did not tell him that I had a spirit with me, I told him that the moment I take that pill and the pain lessens, I will leave, and I have a feeling I shouldn’t leave.

I sat there for a few more hours, and the male presence was still with me. He seemed familiar to me, I could sense that I had felt his presence before. I was just to sick to figure it out at that moment. Then a nurse came and got me and took me to get a CT scan. I was in so much pain by this point that when they wheeled me into the scan room, I saw that I was going to have to get up and get on the table that goes into the machine and I started laughing. Laughing like a crazy person, with tears and all. The young man who was there to help me did not know what to do with me. I apologized and I explained that I was in so much pain and can barely stand up, that the thought of getting onto that table made me laugh….and cry.

The young man assured me that he and another young man could help me and hope I wasn’t in too much pain. Well, they did help me and it wasn’t fun. I could sense the male spirit (I am going to call him my guardian angel) with me. He stood next to me the entire time. When I was done, the process of getting back into the wheelchair was not fun either. They then took me right back to my spot in the hallway. By this time I was really getting cranky and I was so uncomfortable, but I could hear my guardian angel telling me to hang in there.

After 5 hours and after my CT scan, I was then rushed to a room. That’s where they told me that my appendix were about to burst at any second. I was going to have to have an emergency appendectomy. It was the weirdest thing….a calm came over me. I wasn’t scared, I was relieved. I then ask if I could have something for my pain. The doctor thought I was joking. He could not believe that I had not taken a thing especially after looking at my scans. I told him that my guardian angel told me that if I took any pain meds and felt a little better, I would of gone home. He had no reply to that, maybe thought I should be in the psych ward.

By this time, my parents were there, my dear friend who is a nurse at the hospital came, and my doctor came to see me. Then the emergency surgeon. I was still calm and had a good feeling about the surgeon. No bad juju vibes.

I was moved right after that to the pre-surgery room so they could get me ready. By this time it was around 11:30 at night. I still was so calm. Even joking with the anesthesiologist. I told him that I was ok with the tube down my throat, but could he not put tape on my eye lashes…they are expensive. He said that was a first for him, but he would figure something out. I like a good sense of humor and in situations that may be stressful I tend to use my sense of humor to get through it.

As they wheeled me into surgery, I wasn’t scared or worried. I could sense my guardian angel with me as I fell asleep.

I woke up in recovery with no problems. Easy and wide awake. The anesthesiologist told me I had the prettiest eye lashes he had ever seen and then he giggled. Loved that! My husband was brought in and was next to me on my right. Then a young nurse was to my left asking me questions. That’s when I could really feel my guardian angel, then I could see him perfect. I knew who he was!!!!! He was my dear friend M’s father that I had channeled before. The post I wrote titled, “An Unexpected Message”, is about him. He was a surgeon when he was alive, so who better to be my guardian angel at that time.

As the nurse closed the binder she was writing in, M’s father was right next to her. And as she walked away he followed her to the nurses station. I saw her put the binder up in a slot in the cabinet, then she turned her back to where I was and the binder was put away. She was talking away with another nurse and I could see M’s father over by the binder. Then all of a sudden I could see the binder come off the shelf, hover, then slam to the floor. The two nurses jumped and yelled, then they tried to analyze how the binder could of possibly came off the shelf??? At the same time, I realized my hubby saw what I saw, and he had a look of holy crap on his face. He then asked me if there was a spirit there. I told him that there was and he has been with me since we got to the hospital.

The two nurses then shoved the binder back into its slot and made sure it was secure. After they were satisfied that the book was secure, they went back to other duties. That’s when I grabbed my husband’s hand and told him to watch the binder. We could see it wiggling itself out of the slot. So I yelled to the nurses to turn around and look at the binder. They were in total shock, they could also see it wiggling to fall out again. One of the nurses ran over and grabbed the binder, then slammed it onto the counter and backed away. They then apologized to me, and said that stuff like that happens all the time in the recovery area.

I told them that it was normal to me. That odd things like that always happens around me. I then explained that I was a medium, and I had a spirit with me, and he was messing with them, or trying to look at what they wrote in the binder. They were so excited that I was a medium, but soon bummed because someone came to take me to a room. They said they wanted me to stay longer so they could ask me questions and hear stories. I told them that they were more than welcome to come visit me.

By the time I got to a room it was around 2:00 am. I told my hubby to go home and get some sleep, and that I really needed some sleep. What a joke…you don’t sleep in a hospital. All night nurses are in and out. I did get a little sleep and every time I looked over to the chair in the corner, I could see M’s dad sitting there, watching over me. I know that some of you are thinking that I was on drugs and was hallucinating. Not the case. I have severe allergies to medications, so I wasn’t on anything heavy and I had to take bags and bags of weaker antibiotics because I am allergic to penicillin. I do however have a high tolerance for pain.

The day after surgery is not fun. It’s not the surgery incisions, its the air they fill you with during the surgery, then sew you up with all that air still in there….that is the awful part. I looked like I was about to have twins. Then they make you get up and walk around carrying all that air.

My surgeon’s assistant came to see me and said I was a lucky lady. I could then sense M’s father standing to the right of my bed, up next to my head. The assistant said that my appendix was one of the most infected and enlarged ones they had seen in a long time, and it was within seconds of bursting. They also said my recovery was going to take a little longer because they had to remove a lot of scar tissue, due to two C-sections, to get to my appendix. I could feel M’s dad squeeze my shoulder, and I couldn’t help but grin. I knew he saved me. I realized the doctors assistant was looking at me weird, so I said, “Wow, when all this air gets out of my stomach, and now that you have removed my huge appendix, not to mention all that scar tissue, I will be looking stealth. Who needs a tummy tuck??”

I wasn’t feeling great and I knew I had to keep walking around the hospital to get the air bubble to subside. So I asked my husband to just let everyone know that I wasn’t up for visitors. I was sharing a room and my enlarged gut was making me cranky. I must have walked miles around that hospital, and I could hear M’s dad saying, “the more you walk around, and the sooner you go to the restroom, the quicker you will get out of here.”

That evening I sent my husband to go get some dinner and a cocktail. I know it isn’t fun being cooped up in a hospital all day and I will admit, I was getting crankier. After he left, I couldn’t believe it… my friend M came walking in. She didn’t call or text, she just showed up. She said that she could hear her dad’s voice telling her to come see me. I started to cry and had the chills. I told her that her father has been with me ever since I walked into the hospital. I told her the whole story. She then said that her father had performed hundreds of appendectomies when he was a surgeon. I told her that he was my guardian angel through the whole experience.

We had an amazing talk. I have such a bond with M. My husband was in shock that she was there. For one, I told him I did not want any visitors, and two because he knew that her fathers spirit had been with me the whole time. M told my hubby that she was drawn there. My hubby was used to these kind of things happening, but this was amazing.

Later that evening after my hubby left, it was hard for me to sleep because I knew I would be going home in the morning. I could not wait to just get home, to my own bed, and SLEEP. I also thought that M’s dad’s spirit was gone. I didn’t feel his presence in my room anymore. Then 2:00 am came….and all went crazy.

A different nurse came into my room that I had not seen before. She changed my antibiotics, took my vitals, then she came around to the right side of the bed and took a syringe with a needle out of her pocket. I asked what she was going to do with that shot. At the same time I could feel my anxiety level rapidly increasing…like pure panic, and then I could feel M’s dad there and he started yelling, “No! No! No! Do not let her give you that.”

I asked her what the shot was for. She looked at me like it was none of my business, so I repeated myself. She then explained that since I had surgery it was something to make sure I don’t get blood clots. So I said where exactly are you going to stick that. “Into your stomach,” was her answer. Then M’s dad really started yelling in my ear. I will try to explain this as clear as I can. All I hear is man yelling no in my ear and the reasons why he says no, while the nurse is arguing with me. She is telling me that she is going to put the leg braces back on to make sure I have blood flowing…..I told her I took 100 laps around the hospital all day. Then she tells me that I can’t make that decision. That’s when I snapped. Lost my cool. I told her to back off and put in my charts that I refused the shot. This is what M’s dad is telling me in my ear…I did not know I could do that. Then she asked why. The voice in my ear told me what I already know, so I said to her: I have horrible reactions to medications. I am stressed enough that you all have been pumping me full of god knows what in an IV. I can’t even take a flu shot, because of how I react to medicines. I almost died after 3 treatments of interferon for internal melanoma. I could go on and on. Remember as I am saying all this I am getting louder and crying, and have a dead man yelling in my ear.

She rolled her eyes, backed off, typed something on the computer, and then stormed out of my room. I was hysterical, so I called and woke my husband up at 2:30 am. I told him what happened and he calmed me down. And that morning when it was time to get discharged, I could not get out of there fast enough. The morning nurse pulled the same shot out to see if she could get me to cooperate. I just put my hand up and said NO.

I slept for two days when I got home. I think about how lucky I am all the time. I truly believe M’s dad, “Dr. Guardian Angel,” saved my life. I now giggle to myself about that confrontation with the nurse with the shot. I wonder what she would of done if I said that I don’t want the shot because my best friends dead father said NO!