This investigation took place in November 2020. This post is the follow up to a story I posted in June 2020, “The Invisible Wave.” This was just supposed to be a quick walk through and I was going to put new pipe tobacco along the outside perimeters as an offering to The Native American spirits. My goal was to reestablish the barriers and communicate peace to the Native Americans from the family living there. Also, my client asked me to do another walk through in their home, because things had changed since the last time I was there.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the housekeeper (different one from last time), and then I waited in the large foyer, which was decked out with professionally done Christmas decor. Huge tree, garland everywhere, and a very tall wood nutcracker. I felt like I had walked into a beautiful hotel lobby. I was totally distracted by the decor until Sandy (my client) came and greeted me. We talked for a bit, and then I told her that I would like to start in the backyard with burning sage and climbing through the trees to put new tobacco along the back wall. (That is where I felt the invisible wave coming from the last time I was there).

I went to the backyard alone and walked the entire yard to read the environment and see how my barrier was doing from the last time. Even though everything out back felt calm, I still put on my mud boots, lit my sage, and grabbed my bags of pipe tobacco. I then started to cleanse from the far right side of the yard, all the way through mud and bushes, to the left side of the yard. Easy part over!!

I changed back into my shoes and went inside to find Sandy. We decided to start on the bottom floor. That is where the dirt crawl space is that made me anxious and sick last time. The bottom floor consists of: a movie theater room, elevator, game room, large gym, and two separate multi car garages. Oh, and the walk in closet with the dirt crawl space. The game room had been transformed into an at home school room. It was impressive!! That is where Sandy’s two younger children were doing their at home schooling during COVID. The energy so far on the bottom floor felt peaceful. Even the closet/crawl space felt calm. I noticed that Sandy had kept the large tourmaline stone by the closet like I had asked her. I asked her if she was still cleansing all of her crystals and stones throughout the home with Palo Santo at least once a month. She said she had been doing everything I asked.

I really did not feel like we needed to go through every room on the bottom floor, so we started going up stairs to the main floor. As I got to the landing between floors I could feel a spirit with me. I stopped and asked Sandy to wait. I had a pad of paper in my hands and a pen. I instantly started writing what I could see and feel from this spirit. She was an elderly lady. Her energy was so lovely and I could sense she was out going. Amazing energy. I then asked Sandy if her husband was home because this adorable lady is telling me she is his grandmother, and she has been gone for 17 years. I had to show my notes to Sandy, because this lady had me write down the number 17.

Sandy’s husband was home and she ran to get him in their gym. I did not mention Sandy’s husband in the first story, but I did meet him when I was there before. He had told me that he wanted me to come back every 6 months because his wife said I was the real deal and I made her feel at peace in their home. (I think his exact words were, “you are hired for life.”) I was truly flattered, but I also got the feeling that he was skeptical about the whole thing, and just wanted his wife to be happy. I have no problem with that!!! He was very respectful and I could tell how much he cares about his family and their happiness.

Sandy returned with her husband, Chad. I had been writing down everything I was hearing and seeing while I waited. I think Chad was in shock, so he had to sit on the stairs while I gave him the message from his grandmother. First, I described what she looks like: Short, grey/white short hair, sweet smile, and, dressed impeccable. She is showing me herself in a cute Christmas sweater and matching earrings. She is all done up. She then shows me that she loved being active, and was part of some group…organizing events and spending time with her friends. Chad then tells me that her life was about her church and she loved organizing different events, and potlucks. I can feel her amazing energy. So giddy and outgoing. She then shows me a map with a straight line going north, so I tell Chad what she is showing me, which is my symbol for where she lived. I ask if she lived in California? He said she lived in LA. Then I tell him that she is saying to me how she loved her three boys, but she is making me feel like only one is her son. I was totally confused, but Chad said that his dad, his brother, and himself where very close to her, and they made sure to always take care of her. Chad then explained that he and his grandmother were very close and she meant the world to him. She died right before his oldest daughter was born, so she never got to meet his children. I told him that she is always with them….like a guardian angel.

I think Chad’s grandmother came through to help him with his skepticism. He was flabbergasted by the information I was sharing with him. He kept saying how spot on I was and there is no way I could have known the things I was telling him. He was truly thankful and I told him to thank his grandmother, she did a great job of making sure he knew it was her.

Ok, back to the house check. Sandy and I decided to go straight to the top floor and come back to the main floor, because she wanted me to meet her daughter and see what I picked up in her room. At first I was confused because Sandy’s daughter Lola’s room was on the top floor. When I got to Lola’s room, I then understood. Sandy had moved Lola’s room to the main floor and now her son was in Lola’s old room. As I went in, I could feel and see a huge change. I asked Sandy why she moved Lola???

This is one of those client and medium confidentiality situations. I can’t give all of the details, but I will say that the energy in that room had definitely changed and not for the good. I will try to explain what I saw in this room so you understand why I am now dreading that I have to go to Lola’s new room to investigate.

This is what I saw. The walls in the room were grey and cloudy. The closest way to describe it is if you went into a home that caught fire and the rooms that did not catch fire still have the dark smoky residue on the walls. This room had residual bad energy just hanging on the walls. I then asked Sandy how her son was, since he was the one sleeping in that room. Apparently he was not sleeping well at all and felt really drained all of the time. The bad energy was affecting him. I quickly checked the other rooms on that floor, then ran to get my sage, purifying spray, and a none scented white candle.

I cleansed that room right then. I opened the doors to the balconies and pushed out all the bad residual energy. When I was done, I lit the white candle and told Sandy she needed to get raw citrine stones to put on each side of the balcony doors, just for extra protection. (I had already placed citrine stones in that room the last time I was there, but they were gone). Within moments, the energy in that room was so much lighter, and the grey residue was gone.

Now, to Lola’s room. I could feel all of my caution sensors going crazy as we walked down the stairs to Lola’s room. I did not meet Lola the first time I came to the house, but I did pick up from her room last time, that she was a sensitive, and her energy was off. That is why I put the citrine stones in that room, then she moved downstairs. So I was already picking up that something had dramatically changed between my visits.

Lola’s door was closed, so we knocked. My spirit guides were yelling in my ear to be ready…..I started to get overwhelmed and flustered, then Sandy opened the door. Again, I will try to describe what I saw and felt so you hopefully get a clear picture.

I put one foot in the door and said, “OH HELL NO!!” Then I backed away and had to sit in a chair in the hall. What I saw was a huge contrast to the reality of this beautiful white bedroom that had a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. This room was from the pages of a highend home magazine. BUT, all I saw was muck. Dark grey and black muck. I could see a tall black figure standing in the far corner of the room…it looked like it had horns. I had to focus and pull it together, but this was something new to me. I got up, took my quartz crystal out of my pocket, held it tight in my hand, and went back into the room. Lola was sitting at the end of her bed and Sandy was standing to my left. They were both freaked out at my reaction. Lola proceeds to tell me what has been going on and that she thinks a witch put a curse on her. She tells me that she sees a dark figure standing in the far corner of the room watching her. (Exactly what I saw.) Then she says that a few days before she was taking a shower and she could sense someone watching her, so she looked where the bathroom door is and saw a head peaking around the door frame, but it wasn’t human, it had horns and black shallow eyes. (Again, like what I saw) I instantly felt weak in the knees. I could just imagine what this poor girl was going through.

I asked her what changed in her life. Lola and her mom then gave me details of the array of changes that Lola had been dealing with, both good and bad. A surgery, fall out with friends, a new boyfriend, etc. Lola is convinced that the new boyfriend’s X-girlfriend, who practices witchcraft, put a curse on her. I also know more about Lola than I can divulge, but I can say she was (not sure if she is now), pretty famous on social media. Not everyone is kind to these famous young people. There are many reasons or ways that she could have acquired this dark energy that is tormenting her. She is a sensitive, so she could have picked up this negative hitchhiker anywhere. I reassured her that I did not think there was a curse on her. I explained that the majority of people who practice witchcraft, believe in the five elemental symbols: fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. They call themselves Wiccans. I have consulted with a Wiccan for help with an investigation and a true Wiccan knows that if you hex, or curse someone, it comes back at them worse. Bad intent = Bad Karma. (That’s how I sum it up).

Lola then tells me that she sees owls everywhere. There is always one outside her window. I already kind of knew what that meant, but I wanted to do more research and make sure I was correct. So, I laid out the plan. Since I was there on a Friday, they had the weekend to complete a list and I would be back on Monday to kick this dark presence’s ass!! I needed Sandy to take Lola to be blessed by someone who knows what they are doing and that represents their faith/religion. I asked that Lola did not go back into her room until after she was blessed. Then I asked her to go pick out 4 raw citrine stones that I will cleanse and place in all four corners of her room. I also wanted her to pick out her own quartz crystal to keep with her at all times, because she is a sensitive and needs to protect herself. I also told Lola that I would be there for her whenever she needed me. She was overwhelmed by her sensitivities, so I told her to do research about herself. She needed to figure out how in tune she really is and what kind of clairvoyance she had. Keep a journal, meditate, read…. And she can always call me. No one can tell you what your gift is, you really just have to figure it out for yourself and study what relates to you.

While Lola and I were discussing how she could help herself, Sandy’s phone rang. Sandy carries with her a phone that is connected to her home. So, if one of the people working in her home needs her, they just call. The house is too large to yell or run from room to room looking for someone. I can tell by Sandy’s facial expressions that she is concerned, so she excuses herself and goes into the hallway. At this point, I am ready to get my bag of tricks together and leave. Plus, I couldn’t wait to get out of that bedroom!!

Sandy came back and I asked her if everything was ok. She then tells me that her housekeeper, Ana, (the one who let me in), felt static electricity go up her legs, up her body then wrap itself around her upper body. Like swirling energy. They were wondering if I would talk to her and make sure nothing was attaching itself to her that I was picking up on in the house. I agreed to talk to Ana. Strange things have been going on in the home, so giving her a piece of mind would help them all.

Ana was waiting for us in the kitchen. She looked completely freaked out. Sandy went to her and I stood about 8 feet away. I stopped in my tracks. I could see a woman with brown hair that resembled Ana standing next to her. She was smiling and staring at Ana. So I asked Ana if she had a sister that passed away. She said “yes”. I told her not to tell me anything just answer my questions. I then asked her if her sister was older than her, but died young. Ana said her sister was older than her, but did not die young, so I asked how old she was when she died. Ana said she was 58, then I started to giggle. I told her I think 58 is young, considering I am 51. (This made them all giggle.) When I refer to young, I mean anyone under 80.

I then ask if she was very sick when she died? I could feel pain around my middle and into my back … then I could feel that Ana’s sister was very ill when she passed away. Ana said she died of kidney failure. Her sister then tells me that she died in another country, and Ana was not there for her death. Ana says that is true, her sister died in El Salvador. Then her sister tells me that she watches over Ana and she took the opportunity to use my energy to give her sister a hug. I know I have explained how strong my energy is when I am open, but it takes me by surprise sometimes about how much energy I exude while doing a reading or investigation. I always warn people, that lights might flicker, items might move, they might feel a cool breeze, or static chills may occur, so don’t be alarmed. It’s just the spirits using my energy to show they are there. Happens at home all the time. My energy makes the light flicker over our kitchen island all the time. Freaks people out. My husband and son are so used to it, that they causally will ask me to move away from the light because it does get annoying.

Ana was very thankful for her sister’s message, and is happy that her sister is with her, but she said it completely freaked her out. I told her that is normal.

I went over the plan again with Sandy and Lola, then I headed home. I was very torn when I left. I was happy that I got to give two people beautiful messages from their loved ones, and I was relieved that the Native American spirits were still at peace, BUT, I was not feeling good about the dark presence that was haunting Lola. I hated leaving with unfinished business, but I needed Lola to get that blessing and do what I asked her before I could help her completely.

When I got home, I was EXHAUSTED!!! Thank goodness we did not have plans, but I did make a game plan for myself to get ready for Monday’s cleansing. First, I wanted to read up on Owls. I knew they were spirit animals, but I wanted more details before I shared what I thought with Lola. Lola had told me that the owls started showing up around the same time as the dark presence. And after more research, I knew that the Native American spirits that I helped the family come to peace with, sent the owls to watch over Lola. I know this sounds crazy!!!

HERE IS THE DEFINITION: the spirit animal owl reminds us to look deep within ourselves and be true to our own intentions and feelings. The outward turned eyes of an owl and its ability to see in the dark teaches us the lesson of clarity and deception.

All aspects of this definition explains exactly what Lola was going through in her life. She put herself out there in the social media realm, and learned that being famous has its ups and downs. And her being a sensitive would make it even harder. The words from above: INTENTIONS, FEELINGS, CLARITY, DECEPTION. Those are some heavy words for a teenager, even the ones who think they are invincible.

I printed out everything that I thought would help Lola regarding this subject. Now, I was going to take it easy and meditate all weekend……SO I THOUGHT…

That Friday evening, I was more drained than usual after an investigation/reading. I had the worst headache and felt like something heavy was sitting on me. I slept horrible. Had nightmares when I did fall asleep, so I kept waking up.

Then Saturday came. I was going to do yard work, meditate, then get ready to go to a birthday party at a friends, which was a big deal because California’s governor put a limit on how many people you could be around (preferably family members only) and a 10:00 pm curfew. I did not do yard work, nor did I meditate. I was so sick. I was completely drained of energy and I felt heavy. My stomach was a disaster and I had no appetite. I can’t explain it, but I felt like I was having residual illness from what happened the day before, or I was picking up something that was warning me about the cleanse on Monday. I just curled in a ball all day and slept until I got up to shower for the party.

I felt so much better while getting ready and I was excited to get out and see my friends. Then the moment I left the house, I could feel something wasn’t right. I felt off, and I had no idea why. Just to talk to my husband was exhausting and putting words together was confusing. I was getting that heavy feeling again.

We got to our friends. I was quiet for me….if you know me…that is unusual. Seeing everyone was great! The food was great!! Then 10:00 came around, so being silly I took this picture:

Then I posted it on Facebook saying something to the tune of…”Living on the edge…I am not at home, and it’s past 10 pm.” There was wine involved and probably not my finest post, but like I said….wine was involved.

Right after I took this picture, I walked towards the table where my friends were sitting, and I looked towards the family room where I saw a tall dark presence standing there watching me, then it walked across the room and disappeared. It was the same dark presence I saw in Lola’s room the day before. I then walked through the family room and then all over outside to look for any other signs or reason that a dark shadow would be there. I found none, but I knew deep down…..he followed me. CRAP!!!

My husband and I left shortly after that, and on our way home I got a text from a friend (who I had not talked to in awhile). She sent me the picture I had posted then sent me a zoomed-in version and wanted to know who my “friend” was in the reflection of the microwave. Then she said (If you notice, I have not used this word, and I don’t take it lightly) “He looks like a Demon…what’s with the horns and dark eyes?” I was in shock!!! I could not believe what I was seeing in the zoomed picture, and I couldn’t believe she saw him. What do you see?

I know this is a skeptic’s dream come true, but that is what I saw in person. I really wish I had not, and I really hate that he followed me. I immediately sent the picture to my friend who had the party at her home. She and her son were freaked out. There was nothing on the counter that was reflected in the microwave that would look like a face. And now we knew who the dark shadow was. Which did not set well with them, but I assured them that he was after me. He knew what was coming on Monday.

Now I knew why I was so sick all day, and now I was worried about my barriers around my home. Could he make me that sick from just being outside of my home? Then the moment I walked out of the house he was on me? Then made sure I saw him? Just going over this in my mind and replaying that day and evening, it all sounded beyond unbelievable. I had not faced this kind of darkness before. When a new client contacts me and I get the slightest hint that there is something evil going on, I tell them to call someone of their faith to bless their home. I don’t do evil!!!!! I am a medium that opens with white light and gives messages from loved ones with a pure heart. Even when I do investigations, I go to places that are haunted, but not places that are known for demonic activity. It’s not my thing. But, for this client and now myself, I knew I had to face it, and get rid of it.

Then Sunday came. I felt fine, just tired. I meditated and mentally prepared myself for Monday. I texted Sandy to make sure they did what I had asked, and she said that had Lola been blessed Saturday morning, and they had bought the crystals I told them to. They had also used Palo Santo to cleanse the stones to make sure they were pure. We then set a time for Monday.

Monday Morning: I packed what I needed for the cleanse. I packed the works, and then some extra. A new bundle of white sage, a sacred sage candle that is infused with rosemary, rosewood, and lavender, purification spray, holy water, my rosary, my quartz crystal ring, stone, and necklace, and my tourmaline stone necklace. I was ready for battle! I was ready mentally and spiritually to do what had to be done to help Lola.

When I got to Sandy’s home, I was let in by Ana, and she said Sandy was busy, but would join Lola and I when she was done. Good, that would give me a chance to talk to Lola about the owls and how to protect herself in the future. Lola was already in her room. She showed me her new quartz crystal that she was wearing around her neck and she bought a larger one to set in her room. We talked about the blessing and I gave her the papers I printed out about Owls being spirit animals. I told her my theory about the Native American spirits and how they could have had the owls there to watch over her. That’s when Sandy arrived. I asked them both to wait outside of the bedroom. I then made sure all of the windows were open, but Lola’s bedroom door was closed. I lit my candle, lit my sage, cleansed the room, then sprayed all over with the purification spray. Last, I used Holy water around each window and around the door to Lola’s room. During this whole process I am pushing the dark energy out of the open windows. I am firmly stating that evil is not welcome in this home. This is a home of white light, peace, and happiness. I repeat this over and over. I could feel the dark energy leaving, and the energy in the room getting lighter and peaceful. I then let Lola and Sandy back into the room and had them give me the citrine stones so I could place them in all four corners of Lola’s room.

Lola said she could instantly feel the difference in her room. She felt like a weight was taken off of her shoulders. I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell Sandy and Lola that the dark presence followed me home. But, after we talked for awhile and I did a quick recheck of Sandy’s son’s room, I decided to tell them. I did not tell them I had a picture of the dark presence. I showed them the picture to see what Lola saw. I wanted her to see it without me telling her what I saw.

Lola studied the picture then she started yelling…..”that’s the same thing I saw watching me in the shower”. Then she pointed to the horns and the dark eyes. At first she was in shock, but then she was relieved. It was validation to her. She thought she was losing her mind. It was also validation for me, because I did not realize I needed her confirmation for closure.

This experience kicked my behind!! What a whirlwind and a chain of events that I wasn’t expecting. Again, I am always surprised by every investigation I do, but this one was a challenge that I needed. I had to face something that I thought I wouldn’t come across. It made me less naive when it comes to dark energy or some of you might say, demons. I still am not going to put myself in places that are known for demonic hauntings, but if I am in a similar situation again, I will be ready.