Sometimes They Just Get Through!

Hello everyone!! I know it’s been awhile since I posted a new story, so I thought I would post a short story and let you know what I have been up to.

Since my reveal in October, I was busy during the holidays, like everyone else. Then I made the decision to close my little gift and home décor boutique in San Juan Capistrano. I will be officially moved out of my store by April 1, 2020. I will be renting a space at the attached antique store so I can still keep my business going. Also, in February I became a grandma. My son and his girl friend had a beautiful baby boy. I absolutely love being a grandma!!! AKA: Glamma NeeNee

Now to the OC Spiritualist stuff… I have been busy, so there will be lots of stories coming your way, especially now that I am following the social distancing order with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, I have had to postpone readings and investigations I had lined up. The good news is that now that I have had extra time on my hands, I went through and organized all my hand written notes and realized, I still have a lot of experiences, encounters, and investigations to write about. So let’s get to it!


This quick encounter took place at a wine bar in San Juan Capistrano. This was about 4 years ago, and this wine bar was adding a room for events upstairs, which happen to share a wall with my little boutique. (this is before I moved my store to an historic home in SJC)

I was meeting two of my dear girlfriends, Mag & Becca, for wine and appetizers at this wine bar. I got there first and found a small table near the entrance. I started to feel uneasy, like I was being watched, but there were only a few people at the bar and their backs were to me. Then I started to have some anxiety. This spirit seemed pissed off and I could sense he wasn’t going to just go away if I asked him. Then I really started to panic, because one of my girlfriends, Mag, that was coming to meet me, was still not fully ok with me being a medium. She respected it but did not want to talk about it. Total opposite of my other girlfriend, Becca, that was also coming. She loved my gift and was always so intrigued and had tons of questions. (which I love)

This male spirit was pacing next to me. I asked him to please leave, and he could come to my store another time and tell me what he was upset about. He then said he was not happy with the construction that they were doing upstairs. I thought that was odd, and I was about to ask why when my friend, Mag, walked in….the one that would rather not know.

We gave hugs, she told me that Becca was going to be late, so we ordered our wine and some snacks. I could barely focus!! This guy was up in my stuff and it was distracting. It’s like someone yelling in your ear and you are doing everything in your power to ignore them. So I just focused on my friend and she was talking away, that’s when I felt this guys energy ramp up and the light in the ceiling near our table fell out of the ceiling and broke on the floor right next to our table.

I just winced and said out loud, “Seriously Dude?” That’s when I looked at Mag and she instantly knew I saw someone and knew how the light fell out of the ceiling. She just said, “It figures, they just can’t leave you alone.” Then she said something that shocked me. She said, “It’s ok, I am over being scared of your gift, if you need to help someone, go ahead and help them…I just don’t want to know the details.” I apologized and said I couldn’t stop him. That freaked her out more…..”YOU KNOW IT’S A MALE?”

“Yes I do, and he is not very happy.” Then she said, “couldn’t he wait until Becca got here, she loves this sh**!” That’s when I could hear this male spirit chuckle at her and then my wine glass slid across the table. She about crapped herself! I quickly grabbed the glass and tried to find a logical reason why my glass slid across the table. In the paranormal world we call it, “Debunking” or to debunk something before you claim it is paranormal. Unfortunately I couldn’t come up with a logical reason it moved, so I put plates around the stem of my glass so it wouldn’t happen again.

Mag was in total shock. I kept apologizing, and then I realized that the male spirit was gone. That’s when Becca showed up. I wasn’t going to say anything about what just happened, but Becca could tell something was up. So Mag told her. Becca was pissed that she missed it and Mag was horrified that she witnessed it. All I could say was, “MORE WINE PLEASE!!!”