Darkside In Riverside

Saturday, October 19, 2019: Bundle of nerves…that’s how I woke up. I was a wreck. I just kept reminding myself that I chose this path. I wanted to not be anonymous anymore. I wanted people to know who the OC Spiritualist is. I have a gift I want to share. I want to help more people. I know it’s a lot of “I’s”, but trust me, that’s not my usual dialog.

When my husband and I arrived at The Mission Inn, we went directly to check in and pick up my VIP packet. That’s when my stomach fell and then did a flip and a flop…across the front of the large envelope said, my name and “The OC Spiritualist”. Holding it in my hands was a slap of reality. I looked at my hubby and said, “I NEED A COCKTAIL…NOW”.

We went into the Presidential Lounge and had sometime alone to calm me down, get a snack, and a cocktail. (Our room wasn’t ready) I knew soon that my friends and family would be showing up, so the time alone with my husband was needed because he centers me. He is so supportive and helps me check myself. He helps me put everything into focus that’s important. And believe me this is no easy feet….I am stubborn.

Our room was ready, and it was a sign. We were in room 248. My husband’s favorite number combined with my favorite number. His is 24, mine is 48….GOOD JUJU!! Between the room number and the cocktail, I was finding my calm and focus.

My parents arrived so we got a big table outside of the bar in the lobby. Then my friends started showing up. It made my heart full that they were there to support me. Some of my friends had not met before and they hit it off….which is no surprise because I don’t hang out with jerks. I have all kinds of friends with different personalities in my life, but the thing they all have in common is that they are good people that I can trust. Trust is a huge thing with me.

After a few hours of hanging out, my mom and I went over to the venue to see where my panel was and check out the event. Also, I wanted to introduce myself and talk to Jay and Marie Yates from Haunted Case Files (and many other paranormal shows). I thought it would be good to get to know each other a little bit before I investigated with them that evening.

I was not disappointed!!! They are the nicest, down to earth, couple. I instantly bonded with them. They were so wonderful to talk to and made me feel so welcome. We talked about the investigation, which they had already done two the night before. So, I told them about my experience when I came to the RMA to do my walk through. I told them about the spirit of the woman in the white dress. They both froze, then Jay picks up his phone, and he is looking for something. He then says to me that during one of the investigations the night before, a guy that was taking pictures with his phone, caught this image:

Can you see her??? To the right of the three long poles. When Jay handed me his phone with this image, I almost dropped his phone. I instantly was covered with static electricity chills. I knew it was her. I told them everything I picked up from her and I was hoping to get more information from her during our investigation that night. We were all excited about what might happen. I was high from just seeing her image. VALIDATION!!!

My mom and I went back to the hotel so we could eat then I could go to my room and meditate before the investigation. When we got there, we told the group what had just happened. They were all coming to the investigation that evening. It was going to be the first time my dad was going to see me in action.

My process to prepare for an investigation was going to be a little different this time. I was in a crowded place, with people I know around me, and I wasn’t going to get that alone time during a car ride to a location. So I ate light, drank water, went up to my room by myself to meditate and open. My husband came and got me an hour before so I could go down and get a glass of champagne to really relax.

When we got to the lobby, there were double the amount of people that were there earlier. There were two weddings going on plus all the people who were there for the Darkside. It was chaos!!! I was going to have to go into major shut off mode. What that means is….I was going to be like Kevin Costner’s character in the movie, “For Love of the Game”. Close out all the noise around me. Focus on my glass of champagne and create my bubble of silence. My parents were with us, and I told them not to take it personal…I was going to be in my own mind and space. Remember I was completely open. I did not want to start picking up on everyone’s energy in that crowded lobby.

My bubble and the bubbles were working, until my friend D and his wife T came over to our table and sat next to me. I about jumped out of my skin, I could feel that T had at least 5 spirits with her. WTFudge!!! I just looked at her and told her jokingly that she was killing my vibe. I told her she had at least 5 spirits around her. They were lined up. The first one I recognized, I had read his spirit before. Then I saw an elderly couple behind him, but I could not really see the others behind them. T started to get upset a little, so I made sure she understood that it was all good energy around her, nothing bad and that the first male energy that I had already connected with months ago just wanted T to tell his wife to move on. It’s ok. (T has a friend that her husband passed away from cancer) T told me that her friend was having a hard time. Well, then the message was well needed.

I then turned to my husband and told him to please get me out of there. I needed some peace and quiet. So we walked over to the RMA where I was going to do the investigation with Jay and Marie. I went inside and sat with Marie for a bit before we were going to meet everyone outside to start the investigation. It was nice to just sit and chat with someone who gets it. (Our intrigue with the paranormal and our need to help people) Her and Jay both have sensitivities, and have so much experience….I was like a large sponge just soaking it all in.

It was time to go introduce ourselves and meet our group of 50 people. Jay and Marie were so gracious. They asked how I wanted to start or how I would like to be introduced. I told them that I was there to learn and follow the crowd and hopefully I can add to their investigation through spirit communication. This investigation was going to be tricky for many reasons. First, when I am that open, I pick up on everyone’s energy and I was their to hopefully read the energy of the location. Second, we were limited on where we could go and what we could do. The RMA had people that were working the event inside, they were moving stuff around, and there were security guards every where guarding all of the booths with merchandise. So a full investigation was not going to happen. Jay explained how all of his ghost hunting equipment worked and told people to feel free to walk around using the devices and take pictures with their own phones. He and Marie told stories and they were asked a lot of questions.

All of a sudden I could feel the woman in the white dress. She was drawing me to the upper VIP booth near the stage. I had one young woman (an alive human) with me. So I was telling her what the woman is white was saying. She kept saying that she was poisoned, and died to soon. Then she showed me a memory of hers. She was on stage performing and the audience was filled with military men. I could see the men sitting there watching her, some smoking, some talking, but most of them intrigued by her performance and her beauty. She said those were her favorite memories. Then she said she was in a lovers triangle…an affair gone bad. That is how she died. Someone poisoned her. I tried to get her to tell me her name, but she just kept saying, “Why does it matter….no one payed for her death, and no one ever will.”

I really wanted to help her, but she wouldn’t budge. Then I could see a male figure come up and block her. Like she wasn’t allowed to keep talking to me. Then I recognized him, it was the older gentleman I had seen hiding when I went to the RMA for my walk through of the venue. Again, I did not get a good vibe from him. He was not going to let her keep talking to me. I think he was suppressing all of the spirits there. I could feel the place had many spirits, but he was in charge. Then they disappeared. I was so frustrated!! I wanted to help her. I need to go back alone and see if I can help her. This was the second time she communicated with me, and I don’t like unfinished business.

After that, I really did not feel that there were any spirits that would be able to communicate. I could feel them and their voices were coming through on the device’s, but I couldn’t connect with them.

I know that Jay and Marie had experiences during all four of their investigations. I am just writing about what I experienced. It seemed that the dominate male spirit had come through and they heard the name Tom. There was also a child’s spirit that kept coming through on their devices. I know that when Jay and Marie did research on the location, most of the deaths were around the outside of the building. It is located in the heart of down town Riverside, which is known for gang violence. I forgot to mention that when we first started the investigation on the second floor, I kept feeling like I was stabbed in the neck. It felt resent and it was a young man’s spirit. I must of picked his spirit up on my way over to the RMA from the hotel.

The investigation was a great learning experience. I am used to private and controlled environments when I investigate, so I had to adapt. Also, I don’t use fancy devices when I investigate, so that was very interesting for me. I appreciate how the devices allow people who are not sensitives, to experience spirits. If I want to grow as a medium and as an investigator, I am going to have to learn how to use my gift with all of the distractions.

Now for Jay and Marie Yates…..a special bond has started. They want to include me in investigations and events that they are going to be doing next year. I can’t say what they are, but I am so excited!!! I am looking forward to learning from them and sharing my gift in whatever situation I am needed.

My next post will be about October 20, 2019, my 50th birthday, and my question and answer panel at the Darkside In Riverside. I have a lot of people to thank and I need a new page to go on and on about how much I appreciate them all for supporting me. I might even share some fun pictures if they allow me too.

Here are a few photos that were sent to me from cell phone pictures that were taken during the investigation I was apart of:

Enhanced Image:

Image Number 2:

Enhanced Image:

What do you think? I thought they looked pretty good. A child in the first image? A man or woman in the second image?