September 30, 2019: Riverside Municipal Auditorium

A few weeks before September 30, my hubby and I had a Sunday football fun day party at our home. We invited a few family members and a few friends that are die hard Cowboy fans. My hubby and I have our own teams we love, but I really wanted my cousin and our friends to meet because of their devoted fan-ship to the Cowboys.

After hours of food, bloody Mary’s, and mimosa’s…..I decided to announce to everyone that for my 50th birthday I was going to come out of the “Medium closet” and announce my identity. I explained how I want to help more people and live my true self.

Everyone was so supportive and said it was about time. Then our family friend Kim asked if I wanted to announce my identity at an event she was planning in Riverside. The Darkside in Riverside. She then explained that it was a comic con event for horror movies and the paranormal. AND…it will take place on the weekend of my birthday. She then insisted that it was meant to be.

Now, all I had to do was say yes or no???? I told her I really needed to see the venue before I decided if it was the right fit for me. I am not a horror movie genre person, so I wanted to see and hear more about the event. Kim told me to pick a day and she would walk me through the different venues in downtown Riverside and then I could make up my mind.

My husband and I talked a lot about my decision to stop being anonymous and how it may or may not change my life. I also got together with my closest and dearest friend Kim (I have a lot of Kim’s in my life), so I will refer to her by her nick name, Kimmy. Kimmy told me I had to do it. She said she would come to Riverside to check out the venue with me.

I set up the day, time, and place with Kim. Monday, September 30, 2019, 11:30 am, out front of the Riverside Municipal Auditorium.

In the mean time, I struggled with my decision. Scared to take the leap, but excited to finally be my true self. Also, the unknown of the event itself. I had never been to a comic con type of event, so I had no idea what to expect.

The morning of September 30: Started out normal. Coffee, Today show, shower, chores, meditation to open up so I could get a good feel for the venue, then get ready. That’s when a woman in a white dress showed up. I could feel her anxiousness first then I knew she had something to do with one of the locations I was on my way to see. She was either in her late 20’s or early 30’s. She was beautiful with brown hair up in a bun. She had on a creamy white flappers dress from the 30’s and she had on short square heeled cream colored dance shoes with straps across the top of her feet. She told me she loved performing, and she kept spinning around and dancing back and forth.

My heart was racing, and I was having a hard time concentrating. I asked her to please back off until I got to where she wanted me to go. I still had to pick up Kimmy and drive all the way to Riverside. If she kept this up I wasn’t going to make it. She did back off, but I could still feel her energy on me.

I got in the car and started to drive and that is when the woman in the white dress decided she wanted me to feel and know how she died. I could feel horrible burning in my throat that was traveling down into my stomach and making me sick. She then said she was poisoned. The burning and the taste in my mouth was horrible.

When I got to Kimmy’s house I ran to the door and asked her if she had any crackers I could have? I told her what was going on, so I asked her to feed me crackers and talk to me about anything to distract me so I could just get us to the venue. Probably shouldn’t have driven, but Kimmy did a great job of distracting me.

We got to downtown Riverside early. So we went to look at the RMA first, and I knew right away that this woman in the white dress belonged to this building. I told Kimmy that I as going to have to get a cocktail before I went in there, so we headed over to The Mission Inn to get a drink and pass time until my meeting.

I had never been to The Mission Inn, and the feelings that came over me as I walked down the pathway to the doors that lead into the lobby, were over whelming. I instantly knew I had been there before, but not in this life time….a past life. I felt like I was being transported back in time. It felt very comfortable and familiar. I wanted to soak up everything about it because I felt like I really missed this place, even though I had not been there before. It gave me an energy high.

It was so hard to concentrate because I was so over whelmed by the architecture. Walking into the Presidential Lounge was breath taking for me. The wood work, the pictures on the walls, and the feeling of familiar ness.

Kimmy and I sat at the beautiful wood bar and ordered our cocktails. Of course I had a million questions for the bartender, and he was gracious enough to answer them all. Of course I want to know if there were particular rooms that were known to be haunted. He said that the entire hotel was known to be haunted (which I could already feel that), but there were rooms in the hotel that were pad locked and not to be stayed in. Dang….you know that’s where I’d want to stay.

We enjoyed our cocktails then headed to meet Kim at the RMA. On our way over there we had to walk through a park in front of the library and then pass by an old church. The energy coming from that church was crazy. There were a lot of spirits hanging around out front and I could sense there were a lot inside. Just the energy in down town Riverside was crazy. I could already feel that it was going to be a good fit for my birthday reveal.

Kim, Brian, and the guy from Live Nation, I think his name was Mike, were standing out front of the RMA waiting for me. The building itself was huge! The architecture was incredible. The inside lobby was beautiful. As I started to enter the auditorium, I could feel the woman in white. Her energy was on the stage and she was pacing back and forth.

My friend Kimmy was asking Kim, Brian, and Mike questions, and they were all telling us what was going to go on in that location. I heard nothing. I was sweating and the woman was on me. She kept saying she was poisoned and died to soon. She loved performing there. Then she showed me her stomping back and forth on the stage and how she likes to slam doors to make her presence known.

I had to tell the group what was going on, because I was so distracted and sweating like crazy. I then asked the guy from Live Nation (Live Nation owns the RMA and the Fox Theatre that is down the street from the RMA), if people ever hear foot steps going back and forth on the stage and doors slamming for no reason. He said that people report both of those things all the time. I then asked if they have seen a woman in a white dress with brown hair. He said he had not heard of anyone seeing a spirit, but definitely the noises.

I then told the group that I had to get out of there. The woman in white kept repeating herself and pacing. She was starting to give me a headache and she was not giving me any information so I could help her.

As we were walking towards the ramp to get to the doors, I could see and feel the spirit of an old gentleman off to the left. He was hiding and observing us. He definitely did not have a good vibe about him. I just kept walking right out to the building.

We headed down the street to the Fox Theatre. The city has been renovating the entire area. There was construction, but what they have done so far looks beautiful.

The Fox Theatre is on a corner and looks like it takes up a block on both sides. It looks like something out of an old movie. It kind of reminded me of the movie theater in the movie, “The Majestic”, but much larger. Also, there is a facade of an old movie theater on the back lot at Universal Studios that it resembles. Another building that makes you feel like you went back in time.

Once we got inside of the Fox, the interior was absolutely gorgeous. I could go on and on with more adjectives, but I really suggest you look up images of the Fox Theatre in downtown Riverside.

I was instantly drawn to the auditorium. I stood at the top of the ramp that went between the rows of chairs, all the way down to the stage. I took my shoes off and dropped my purse on the ground and took off down the ramp toward the stage. When I got to the stage I could feel a friendly energy that made me turn around and look up to the upper balcony. On the second level of the upper balcony I saw a man and he was waving at me. I started giggling and waving back. That’s when I realized Kim, Brian, Mike, and Kimmy were staring at me. So Kim came and stood next to me to see what I was looking at. I told her I was waving at the man standing up there waving at me. “Don’t you see him???” She just looked at me like I was nuts and said nicely, “No, I do not see anyone up there K.Zee.” My bad….sometimes spirits are so clear to me that I forget only I can see them.

That is when something happened that had I have not witnessed before. The spirit of the gentleman started to walk away and as he passed in front of the other rows of chairs, I saw the air move. It was an energy ripple. I have seen a mist follow a spirit as they move, but I have never seen a spirit make a shift in the energy. A blurry bubble in mid air. That is the best way that I can explain it.

I then turned to Mike and asked if people have seen the spirit of a man here. Then I described him: Middle age, average height, brown hair? He said that they call him, “The Greeter”. He greets the new employees when they come to work there. Then he explained that Live Nation has offices in the building. I love instant validation!!!

Mike showed us the entire building, even their offices. What an amazing old building. But, we all agreed that the RMA building would be a better venue for me. They had all these brilliant ideas for my big reveal, but I told them I would just like a panel for questions and answers on my actual birthday. Nothing over the top. Also, there was no way I could do readings in that environment, so I would prefer to do a meet and greet and have people go to my website and email me to set up appointments.

Then Brian mentioned that Jay and Marie Yates from Haunted Case Files were going to be doing 4 ghost investigations at the RMA. Two on Friday night (the 18th), and two on Saturday night (the 19th). Would I be interested if they say its ok, to join them for an investigation? ABSOLUTELY!!!

This was really going to happen, is all I kept thinking. I was in shock but excited for this new adventure. I can’t express how grateful I am to Kim for asking me to be part of this huge event she was organizing. I will probably bring up how grateful I am a lot before I get to the last page of my whole adventure at the Darkside in Riverside!!!

My next post will be about my entire experience at the Darkside in Riverside from the moment I get to the Mission Inn, to the moment I head back home. It will be a birthday weekend I will never forget.

PS: I did book two rooms for the event that day at the Mission Inn, and I did ask for a haunted room or at least a room next to the pad locked rooms….the girl just giggled and gave me my confirmation info.