Hello Everyone… my name is K. ZEE and I am the OC Spiritualist

Last weekend at the Darkside in Riverside was an amazing experience. My family and friends came out to support me and I met so many wonderful people.

I am going to write about my experiences at the Darkside in my next post. I have great pictures and evidence pictures from the investigation I did with Jay & Marie Yates at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium.

This post is just to say “Hi”and it’s to say good bye to my anonymity!

I still have a lot more stories to tell and am excited for this new part of my life. Hopefully more investigations, more lessons to learn, and more people can benefit from my gift. I am nervous but extremely excited to start this new chapter.

Thank you to my followers!!!!! Without you reading my posts and giving me feed back, I probably would of stayed anonymous.

Very important…THANK YOU TO ALL OF MY CLIENTS! There would be no blog or stories to tell.

Last but not least….the spirits that have trusted me to tell their stories and help their loved ones. You have changed my life! You have filled my heart! You have taught me so much! You have made me The OC Spiritualist!!!