The Lady in the Bathroom: Part 1

Most of my investigations start from a referral from someone I know and trust. So when my mom’s friend calls and says a couple she knows needs my help, it’s an easy yes! The next step is for the couple to contact me.

I get the phone call and I ask a few questions, but want the least amount of details as possible. My questions are: Do you rent or own the location/home? How old is the location/home? If it is a home, I ask how long they have lived there. Then last, I ask why they think they need a medium, and ask them not to give too many details. Usually during this time while asking questions, I start to pick up on my new client’s emotions. Her name is Jane, (Remember, I never use my clients real names) and I can pick up that her anxiety level is through the roof. I then start feeling anxious and it is hard for me to put a sentence together. Jane’s emotions are oozing through the phone.

My next step is to pick a day and time. Jane called me on a Thursday, and wanted me to come as soon as possible. I told her I couldn’t get there until Monday and I could feel her disappointment, but I can also still feel how anxious she is. I was going to need the time to prepare myself for this investigation. I told Jane that if I had any visions, dreams, or signs regarding her situation, that I would try to get there sooner.

I did not have dreams or weird feelings about the upcoming investigation. I did however have visions of a woman with short brown hair, brown eyes, and she was wearing what looked like a white night gown. I could see by her facial expression that she was very unhappy. I had no idea if the vision of her was related to the investigation at Jane’s or if it was Jane herself. The vision of her just kept popping into my mind.

So Monday, January 14, 2019 comes. I am meeting Jane and her fiancé Adam at 5:30 at their home in Capo Beach, CA. But around 3:00, I start feeling really sick. This is not my usual sick to my stomach because I am anxious before an investigation. This is like I have food poisoning sick, and I can’t focus. I am sweating, my thoughts are muffled, and during all this, I keep seeing the short haired lady. So I leave work to rest and meditate before I head to Jane and Adam’s home.

It is pouring rain and it seems darker than usual when I leave the house. I put the address into Google maps on my phone, and off I go. I start to have this feeling of dread and that I won’t feel welcome once I get there. As I am getting closer, my phone starts acting up and the Google maps freezes. The final destination spot keeps saying I have arrived. It is so dark that I can’t read the addresses on the buildings and they are all one story homes, I know that Jane and Adam live on the second story of a duplex. I parked my car and got out and I was standing in the pouring rain. I then walk up to each door to see the number on them … none match. Next thing I know, I am standing on the corner crying and have no idea where I am. I can’t express how much this scared the crap out of me!!!!!

I then ran back to my car and called Adam for help. I told him which car was mine and where I thought I was. He then came in his car and had me follow him about five duplexes down from where I was. He yelled for me to park in the driveway, so I did. As I pulled in, I could see the balcony over the garages all lit up and in the sliding glass door way of the upper apartment, I could see the lady with the short brown hair standing there. I started to get the static electricity chills up the right side of my body, and had the gut feeling that something wasn’t right.

I got out of the car and as I did, the figure on the balcony started to walk towards the edge of the deck. Then I heard a woman yell down to me, “Hi”. This woman did not have short brown hair. She had on a baseball hat with a long blonde braid coming out of it. I was very confused. Then Adam came up from behind and introduced himself and pointed up to the beautiful blonde and said, “That’s Jane”. She waved and said she would meet us at the front door around back. I still was so confused. I needed to get a grip. My mind was trying to wrap itself around getting lost then seeing the short haired lady that turned out to be Jane, who looked nothing like the short haired lady. What was I walking into????

As Adam and I started to make our way to the stairs to get to the upper level, my mom’s friend and her boyfriend showed up. Jane had invited them for the investigation. This is a huge NO NO for me. Before I go into an investigation, I meditate and open myself up. I know I am going into an investigation to help the client and read the energy or energies of their home, so the extra energy is very distracting when I am that open. So now I am going to have to regroup. I am already flustered by what has happened and I haven’t even reached the inside of the home.

When we get to the base of the stairs, Jane is standing at the top of the stairs smiling and telling me to watch my step because the stairs are wet from the rain. I can’t stop staring at her. It is when I realize that the situation is worse than I thought.

When I get inside, the first thing I do is get a feel for the room I just entered, then because there are four people in this small space besides me, I have to mentally block out the extra energy. Then it’s all business. I explain how I work and Adam has offered to take notes for me. Then I really take in my surroundings. Jane is still full of anxiety, but I block that out too.

I am standing in their main room, near the kitchen, with my back to the sliding glass door to the balcony where I saw the woman with short brown hair. I am being drawn towards the hallway where the bedrooms are. I am not drawn there because it’s welcoming energy, I am being drawn there because I can feel the heavily depressed energy that is oozing out of the hall. I get right to the opening to enter the hallway, and instantly I am being shoved back. I can’t imagine how anyone could live here.

I had to back off and go out on the balcony to regroup. Actually give myself a pep talk…. “you can do this”…… ” you are stronger than this”….. “you are here to help this couple”… So back in I go. I then grab my blessed rosary and wrap in around my hand. I already have my crystal in my pocket, and my black tourmaline stone hanging around my neck. I know I need all the protection I can get. It felt like I was about to go into battle.

Going into the hallway feels like I am walking in sludge. The walls are breathing depression, sorrow, and death. I can feel, hear, and see the lady with short brown hair. She is pacing and crying. She wants me to leave. She hates that I am there. She is manic. I can smell the alcohol on her and can sense that she took a lot of pills, prescribed and not prescribed, before she died. She is so depressed, there is no way my clients aren’t picking up on this woman’s emotional energy.

When I get to the end of the hallway, I am being drawn to the room to my left, which is the master bedroom. The short haired lady is really throwing a fit now. Her energy is making the lights in the bedroom flicker. I ask Jane and Adam if that is normal and they say no.  I then take a deep breath and walk all the way into the room. The energy is horrible in this room. The short haired lady is all over the place, she really hates that I am in there.

I then have Jane and Adam come in and sit on the end of the bed. The energy starts to calm down a bit and now the short haired lady is talking to me and showing me things. I then ask Jane and Adam why the door is shut to the little room with the shower and toilet in it? They then tell me that they do not use that toilet or shower, they use the one in the hallway. They said the energy in there is horrible and that is where they hear odd noises coming from all the time.

The short hair lady tells me to go in and look. So cautiously I go and open the door. I had to step back, I could see the lady in the bathtub and she had slit her wrists. I thought I was going to throw up. There was blood everywhere. I quickly shut the door and went back to where Jane & Adam were sitting.

Now the short haired lady is really talking. So I tell Jane and Adam everything I am seeing and hearing. First, I let them know that this woman killed herself in the bath tub. (I do not tell them how or about all the blood) She looks like she is in her late 30’s or early 40’s, and I think she died in the early 70’s. She was massively depressed. She was on pills and alcohol to try and numb the pain in her heart. She is obsessed with Jane. She sometimes crawl in bed between Jane and Adam and whispers in Jane’s ear. She also loves to stand over Jane while she sleeps and suck the energy out of her. I then ask Jane if she feels drained even after a full nights sleep, and she said she always feels drained.

Then I asked Jane if she has severe mood swings and feels like she gets pissed off for no reason, then takes it out on Adam. Jane said it happens all the time. I told Jane that the short haired lady feeds off of the fighting and bad energy. She loves the negativity and she wants Jane to become like her, then come be with her.

I have come across a few negative spirits before, but none like this lady. I tried to get her to tell me her name, she just kept saying, “you will never find me”, then would say the “K” sound then hiss at me. She was a strong and manipulating spirit, and I could feel that all she wanted was to cause death. Misery loves company. Again I told Jane and Adam that for the life of me I did not know how they could possibly have lived there for as long as they have.

This short haired lady was not going to be easy to get rid of. I felt I could kick her out temporarily, and give them the instructions on how to keep her out and hope she would go away. But, I couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t be waiting for Jane to leave the home. She had formed an attachment to Jane. Almost a poccession. Eventually I do believe she would possess Jane.

I then showed Jane and Adam how to cleanse their home. When we reached the bath tub area, I had to put my back up against the door frame because the energy in there put up a fight. The short haired lady fought a good fight, but I did cleanse her out. Then I told Jane and Adam that she was still outside the home and she was pissed off.

These are the instructions I gave them: 1. Sage the home every other day. 2. Burn two unscented white candles every night for an hour for the next month. 3. Purchase a bottle of purification spray and use it after they sage. 4. Buy 4 raw citrine stones and put them in all four corners of the home. 5. (knowing that they are religious) I told them to recite their favorite prayer or verse from the bible as they cleanse the home. Then I told Jane to go pick out a quartz crystal for protection. She needs to do this herself. Pick up one at a time until you feel a connection with one, and that is the one she should keep on her at all times.

Do the cleansing, purifying, and candles for the next month and keep me posted. I told them I would come back at anytime. Now the bad news… If this is not working, we need to get a priest in here and help the short haired lady find her way to cross over, and to bless Jane. Hopefully remove all the cords or attachment that the short haired lady has to Jane. If that doesn’t happen I would suggest moving and pray that the short hair lady stays behind.

I do not like to leave an investigation with to many unknowns, but sometimes it takes a process to see what the next step is.

The next morning Jane called me to thank me. She then told me that they ended up sleeping on the couches because of banging and weird noises still coming from the bath tub/toilet area. So I suggested a new game plan…Get a priest in there ASAP. They need spiritual intervention, I can only do so much. The trick is going to be finding a priest that won’t think they are crazy. (By the way, that’s on my list of things to do…find a religious figure that is open minded and knows how to move spirits on) (oh and doesn’t think I am a crazy lady) Jane said she would ask around and get back to me. I then told her that she should still follow the steps I gave to her and Adam until they got a priest to come in and help.

Part Two is about what happens next. Not only right after but 3 months after my investigation. Stay tuned….I am typing Part Two as you are reading this.