Ms. Huffy Pants

I really need to find and hire a sketch artist. It is not easy to find pictures that go with my posts. The reason I picked this picture was because it looks like the female ghost is following and haunting the man in the picture. When I was reading this female spirit, she was not scary looking like the ghost above, but she was in a white gown and robe at first.

This post is the second part of my investigation of Mrs. V’s office building. I had just finished reading “Cal” in the wine storage area. I was then drawn towards the offices on the second floor of the other side of the building. Last time I investigated the 2nd floor, I encountered the Dark Evil Man. He was no longer there, and I could feel this spirit was a woman.

Mrs. V rents out these offices on the 2nd floor and only one office was being rented to a man that worked for State Farm Insurance. I could sense this woman spirit was connected to the man that occupied that office. I feel that she was very ill, so I started to feel sick and agitated. I started pacing back and forth aggressively. I then can feel terrible pain in my stomach and back.

This woman died a painful death from cancer. She is making me fell so sick and she is getting more and more agitated. I can’t stop aggressively pacing back and forth even though I feel horrible. This woman keeps muttering that there is unfinished business. She is mumbling erratically. I can only make out certain words. (Mrs. V is writing down everything I am saying and doing) I hear: husband, kids, unfinished business, and they need to talk. I keep trying to get her to slow down so I can understand what she needs from me.

Finally I got her attention and she looked at me, so I asked her why she was there. She just stood there pointing at the closed door of the office of the State Farm guy. Then she said, “He is stubborn!” Then she looked me in the eyes and laughed and said, “I follow him home at night and bug him so much that he never gets a good nights sleep. Mrs. V then says to me that, we will call him Al, complains that he has a hard time sleeping at night. (Remember I am saying everything out loud as it happens)

Then this woman completely changes. She went from sick and agitated to healthy and nicely dressed. She is standing still and her demeaner changes as well, she seems kind of snooty. She is a small woman, impeccably dressed, and she says she had lots of money. It is like she thinks she is better than everyone else. She starts saying names, like I know who she is talking about, “Susan, Cynthia, Veronica, & Suzi.” I ask her who she is talking about, but she just dismisses me and says that she needs to talk to Al now!

I tell Mrs. V that this woman is adamant about talking to this Al guy. So Mrs. V and I get into a full discussion about Al and how she is going to talk to him about all of this and get back to me. Then Ms. Huffy Pants starts yelling in my ear….”Excuse me!!” “I am still hear!” “You are so rude!” “I am talking to you!” I tell her that I can only make sure Al gets the message, and see what he says.

I had to cut her off. I could tell she was a woman that always got her way or there was hell to pay. Also, by that time I was exhausted. I had read Cal earlier who was a lot of energy to deal with and now this woman who was so sick then changed to really pushy. There is only so much I can do.

When I got home that evening, my husband, like he always does, asked how it went. I plopped onto the couch and said to him, “I had a broken neck and cancer in the last few hours….. It went great.” ( My neck hurt for two days after that reading)

Mrs. V talked to Al. The whole idea of a medium freaked him out. Then he said he had no idea who this woman was and what her message was. Mrs. V is pretty sure he wasn’t being completely honest. She could tell that he was struggling with what she just said and he was in shock. Mrs. V was going to bring it up again at another time, and talk to his wife.

If I get an update I will post it.