Man About Wine

October 2018. Mrs. V called me and asked me to come back to her office building to investigate new sightings and concerns from employees and customers. This time all the “ghostly” activity is happening in the wine storage part of the building. The concerns are: employees see a man on camera when no one is in the wine storage. Customers see a shadow walk by while they are in their cage getting or dropping off wine. And both employees and customers feel like they are being watched.

The night and day before I am scheduled to go to Mrs. V’s office, I start picking up feelings and images related to my upcoming investigation. I see the image of a man and I keep hearing, “Estate sale”. Since I have already investigated Mrs. V’s building, and I know I got rid of the dark evil man that was there, so I am feeling relaxed and ready for the investigation.

When I arrive, Mrs. V and I head to the wine storage part of the building. I am instantly drawn to the door to the left that goes to the large storage area that contains all the wine cages. Once inside this large warehouse, I instantly feel the presence of a man. (Mrs. V is taking notes as I recite everything I am hearing, feeling, seeing, and asking) This man says to me, “My wine is here, it was sold at an Estate sale.” This male presence has me follow him through the cages, and he is telling me that he had a rare collection of wine and now some of it is in this building. He is very talkative. Then he stops moving, he has led me in a circle, and he wants to tell me all about himself.

“I love wine!” “I love to travel!” The man keeps saying this to me, then I can see him perfectly. WOW, was he handsome!!!

Tall, dark hair, chiseled face, dark eyes, and dressed in a tuxedo from the 1940’s. He looked like he was in his 40’s. He tells me that he likes how he looked then and that is why he is showing himself like this. He was the best dressed man around! Then he shows me how he dressed when he wasn’t out on the town. He was wearing a soft yellow sweater and at the bottom of the sweater at his waist there were two white stipes. He had on cream slacks and brown loafers. Still so handsome, and his arrogance was making me light headed. His energy was intense, all I could do was focus on him, and he helped by making sure I could see him clearly and hear him clearly.

He now wants to show me how exciting and fabulous his life was. Fancy cars, fancy parties, famous people, and he was always on the go. He would never settle for anything less than the best, and he loved being a bachelor. “A Man About Town”. He also had the best wine and bourbon collections. And after a few estate sales, some of his wine ended up at the wine storage that I was standing in.

He kept going on and on about his fabulous life. I finally asked him if he could tell me his name. He said, “Cal”. I am not sure if that is part of a first name or last name, or his nick name?? So, Cal then says that he partied from coast to coast.  When on the West coast he went to all the big Hollywood parties, but he mainly lives on the East coast. He hung out with his buddy Kennedy. Then I see him and he looks drunk with his arm around a guy who looked like he was one of the Kennedy’s.

I have never had a spirit that was so talkative. He could use his energy to transpose me into his memories. I couldn’t believe how clear he was coming through. So I asked him if he was who the employees had seen on video, and who is watching people? He said he was. He has fun scaring them and he does it because he is annoyed at how they know nothing about wine. Then he starts moving again. He points at some of the cages in disgust. “These people don’t know anything about wine, they don’t appreciate a good wine!” “It’s disgraceful!”

Then I get a flash of how he died. I see that he dies on a winding road near the beach from a car crash. My neck starts to hurt really bad. I am pretty sure he died of a broken neck, and he died when he was a lot older than how he was presenting himself to me. I asked him if he died in a car crash when he was older, and he got mad. He did not want to talk about his death or getting old.

Cal wants to talk about the two morons (his words), that work in the warehouse. He is disgusted that they are handling wine and that they are clueless about wine. “No respect”. I tell this to Mrs. V and she says that one of the owners has two sons that work there, but they are there just to stock wine for their clients when it comes in or get wine out of their cages for them. They are young boys. I explain this to Cal, hoping he will ease up.

I told Mrs. V that Cal was harmless. He was just a nuisance. If activity got worse and he started to get physical, then she should sage and put raw citrine stones at each entrance that you can enter or exit the building from. Also, things maybe more active after I leave for a few days, so it is up to her and her employees if they want to let Cal stay or cleanse him out.

Cal was a fun reading for me. His energy was incredible. His debonair high class persona was so interesting to me. He came across the same as a spirit as he was in real life. I did feel that some of the showing off and arrogance was because even though he had a full life and had friends, he was lonely. He had to be the life of the party and perfect at all times. That is why he did not want to discuss his death. I can tell you that my neck hurt for two days after communicating with Cal. Love my gift, but I wish I could take the empathy part down a notch.

The next story I post will be part two of this investigation. I came across another spirit in another part of the building. I call her: “Mrs. Huffy Pants”

P.S.  Cal never did show me which wine was his.