The Lady in the Bathroom: Part 2

I thought writing Part Two would be easier to write than Part One. My process for each blog I write is that I actually write it out on note paper before I type it on the computer. I use short hand and long hand. I scribble in the margins, and I scratch out entire lines or paragraphs. It really is a process before I send my final draft out into the world. I want every detail perfect and I want you the reader to be able to read each post fluidly. I want you to feel what I feel and see what I see through the details that I try so hard to put into words.

This part of the story is complex and frustrating. Frustrating to me because all I want to do is help this lovely couple. And frustrating for them because they didn’t ask for this.

A few days after my investigation that I wrote about in Part One, Jane called me and she was so upset. She told me that she went to her acupuncturist and had a traumatic experience. The acupuncturist told her that she had a woman’s spirit attached to her and this woman took her own life. She told her all the exact same things I told her during the investigation at her home. Except for I did not tell Jane how the short haired lady killed herself, but the acupuncturist did…..which blew my mind. She told Jane that the lady slit her wrists. She validated everything I saw and felt. Not that I needed validation, because I knew what I saw and felt without a doubt. But, it does feel good to be validated.

I felt so bad for Jane. It just verified how much she needed a priest to move this lady on and how much Jane needed to be blessed. Jane was scared and Adam was worried for her. We all felt helpless. So I just made sure to reiterate how important it was that they find a priest fast.

A week or two went by and I did not hear from Jane and Adam, also I gave them their space knowing they had the hard task of finding a priest to help them. Believe me it was not easy for me not to check on them everyday. This couple were and are not just clients to me. I really care about them. I have a different bond with everyone I have helped. They become a part of me, not just another investigation or reading.

Jane and Adam called with the news that they found a priest that would come bless the house and bless Jane. But, they did not sound happy. In fact they sounded really upset. I told them this was great news!!! Why are you two upset? They told me that the priest did not want me there or anything to do with me. I told them I knew that would happen, not everyone is open to what I do. All I cared about was that Jane and Adam got help. I told them to keep me posted and to make sure he really blesses the bath tub/shower area and moves the lady on. Also, make sure he does a blessing to get rid of anything that may be attached to Jane.

Well, I knew the date and time that Jane and Adam were meeting with the priest at their home, but I did not hear anything from Jane or Adam after. I just hoped it went well and they were able to live peacefully.

Something in my gut told me that there was something wrong, so sent Jane a text to check on them. She then told me that after they met with the priest at their home, they decided to move out anyways. I could tell she wasn’t telling me something, but I did not push.

Jane and Adam went to another state to stay with family. They left all of their belongings at the home in Capo Beach. They were doing so much better since they went away. I told them that when they come back to either live at the home in Capo or move out of the home, I would walk through the home to see how it feels.

Months went by………..

Monday, April 22, 2019                                                                                                                          I went to bed around my normal time (before 10:00 pm), but I could not fall asleep. I kept feeling like something wasn’t right. Something was coming. I was anxious and could not get comfortable. This went on for hours. Finally sleep came, but a nightmare came with it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019                                                                                           The Nightmare: I was staying at some ones apartment, which actually could have been a dorm room. It did not look familiar to me at all. There were four of us in this room. One female, 2 males, and me. I did not recognize any of them. We were getting ready to go to bed. I had to use the bathroom, so I walked down the long hallway attached to the room I was in, to get to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and the door slammed behind me on its own. I turned around to see who slammed the door and all of a sudden an invisible force grabbed around my ankles and swung me in the air until I was hanging upside down. I could feel the presence was huge. I knew it was evil and it wanted to hurt me. It started swinging me like a pendulum. I started yelling and hitting anything that it swung me near. I was trying to make as much noise that I could so the others could hear me and come help me. This large presence was growling with evil laughter. That’s when I started to scream, but all I could get out was a whimper. That’s when my husband woke me up and said I was whimpering and struggling like I was trying to get free from something. It took me a minute to focus. The nightmare felt so real, and I could still feel and see everything in the nightmare so clear. That is usually a sign. I took this as a sign that I was going to have to face something or try to resolve something that was bothering me. The large evil entity represented the thing I couldn’t resolve. And me not being able to get loose or yell symbolized my struggle with myself because I couldn’t control or fix a problem. (I laid in bed for a while analyzing the nightmare because it shook me to the core, then I wrote down every detail. Even drew a picture of the room, hallway, and bathroom.)

Not even a hour later Jane texted me. She and Adam were back in town to move out of their home in Capo Beach. She wanted my opinion on whether she should go back in the home or not. I told her I had no idea until I came and walked though their home. I would be there right after work and hopefully we all could get some closure.

Tuesday Evening, April 23, 2019                                                                            I arrived before Jane and Adam. I walked around out front and felt nothing. I actually felt nothing all day or on the way to the house in Capo. I was however still going over in my mind the bad dream I had that morning. I knew then that the bad dream represented my frustration that I could not completely help Jane and Adam, because it was a situation that I needed someone else to help fix. I couldn’t look in their eyes yet and say…..its all good, no more short haired lady. I was now hoping as I looked at their home, that I was going to be able to say, (to quote a movie), “This House Is Clean.”

Jane and Adam pulled up. It was great to see them. I had to know what happened when the priest came. You could tell they were uncomfortable with the question, but only because they didn’t want to talk bad about a priest. So this is my version of what they told me. The priest came to their home and asked them a bunch of questions, but then started preaching to them and telling them verses from the bible about them living in sin. This priest could not get past that they were living together and they were not married. Are you kidding me?????? What happen to the phrase, “Thou shalt not Judge”? I was livid!!

The priest did finally walk through the home and bless it, but from what Jane and Adam told me, I think it was just a regular blessing just to pacify them. I really need to find a religious figure that believes that a place can be haunted and know how to help move spirits on. (A mediums to do list)

Adam and I went into the home without Jane. I felt nothing. I went to the bathroom where I saw the short haired lady, and this time I felt nothing. This could mean two things. 1. She is gone. or 2. She wasn’t going to let me see or feel her again. So, I could not give them a definite answer to if she was gone or not.

I went back outside to talk to Jane. I told her it was up to her if she wanted to go back in the home to pack. She said she preferred to just do the packing in the garage and avoid going in the home again. But, as soon as she said that, she decided she wanted me to walk with her through the home. So that’s what we did. I could tell she was not comfortable. The memories of what happened to her in the home were to much. I think she finally came to terms that she was moving out of there for sure. The great location and the beautiful view were not worth the hell she had been through. I know Adam was over it. He stated that he has had nothing but bad luck since they have lived in that home. Jane wanted to stay in the area, but Adam wanted a fresh start some where far from there.

It took me a long time to write this story for many reasons. For one, I had to come to terms with, as a medium, there is only so much I can do. I am a fixer and a doer by nature, but not everything can be fixed and I can’t do anything about it. Not all investigations or readings are going to have a happy ending. Also, I might not be able to give my clients the closure they need. All I can do is provide the guidance and the tools to help them.

Another reason I waited, was Jane and Adam. I wanted to do their story justice in respect to them. There is some back story to this reason, but I will keep that between us. There are things that my clients tell me about themselves I believe should stay private. Also, I really wasn’t 100% sure the short haired lady was gone.

The day I posted Part One, Adam called me. I was so worried that I may have upset them by what I wrote. I did get permission to tell their story, but you never know how someone is going to react once they read about themselves and what they went through. The reason Adam called was to tell me that they were still having problems and bad luck. But, they did notice it only was bad when they would come back to Orange County. Adam said he could go on and on about the odd and weird things that have happened to them.

I feel so bad for them. I told Adam to take Jane to see a different priest or pastor and get properly blessed. You don’t have to tell them why, just that she needs a good blessing. It probably wouldn’t hurt if Adam got blessed too.

I will continue to keep in contact with them. I am always here if they need me. They are in my heart and mind always.