A Human Story

This post is not about communicating with spirits. This post is about me. My decision to do this post is base on a couple of stories that I am going to post. I know by posting these stories, many people are going to figure out who I am. And at this point of my life, I am ok with that. I am hoping that I will not be judged or called names because of my gift. I hope people realize that I am helping people, and I would never push my ability on anyone that it made uncomfortable.

I have had different reactions when people I know find out I can communicate with spirits. Some ask a lot of questions and are intrigued, others just give me that look and I know not to mention anything in front of them. I also think my gift confuses people who are religious. I always explain to them that my gift has nothing to do with any religion. In fact I find all religions fascinating and I respect them all.

An example of what I deal with is this: We belong to a country club. We have a close  group of couples that we do dinners with and go out with. The women in the group know that I am a medium. At first they asked a lot of questions because they are intrigued. I like to make sure they know that I am not always sitting there reading them (even though there are a few that would love that). Now it doesn’t come up, unless one of the ladies asks if I had any interesting readings lately.

Some how a couple outside of our group found out that I am a medium, and the husband kept asking my friends if I was a witch. That pissed them off. Thank goodness my friends are awesome. They told this man that I am not a witch, and if he had any questions to just ask me himself. Also they explained to him, that I talk to spirits not do spells or conjure up spirits. Eventually I was at a function and this man and his wife were there. The wife actually struck up a conversation and asked me about my gift. We talked for awhile, and this couple eventually joined our group and any of their pre existing judgments of me were long gone. I am just a regular girl that happens to be able to communicate with spirits.

Now for family, I know my dad and my brother think I am crazy. I don’t care anymore. This gift is a part of me. I have always tried to be respectful around them because I know it makes them uncomfortable. You should be able to be yourself around family. No judging, just love. Easier said than done. I have come to the conclusion, due to my interactions with many friends, that no family is perfect. Always a work in progress.

I love my gift. Is it a lot at times? Yes it is, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I will have to come to the realization that if someone has a problem with my gift when they find out….it is their problem, not mine. I most definitely will have hurt feelings if I am judged entirely on that part of me. I am a lot of other things to the ones who are close to me. Mom, wife, friend, sister, aunt, and a strong woman with a soft heart.