Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 4

Lost Young Man: “J”

The best for last. Let’s go back to the investigation: I communicated with a young male who appeared to me during my walk through of the warehouse at Mrs. V’s office. He was in his twenties, he kept saying the number 8, and he told me his name was “J”, or Jay or Jason. He had sandy brown hair, he was wearing leather riding gear (motorcycle). He road a red street motorcycle and he died from a crash on that motorcycle. He roams around the entire area, but likes the girls in Mrs. V’s office. He only messes with the guy in the warehouse because he is the only guy. “J” kept saying to me something about my son. At the time I wasn’t sure if he had known one of my sons or not. Also, he showed me that he used to hang out with his friends at some kind of warehouse or mechanical shop. They would talk about motorcycles and cars. He kept saying, “Your son” to me.

I left the ladies at Mrs. V’s office with the information that I got from “J”, and they were going to do research on who he could possibly be.

That night I had a dream that I was standing out front of Mrs. V’s office building and “J” was there. He made me follow him to the office building to the right of Mrs. V’s office. When we got up to the building, which was all black windows, he told me to look inside. I put my hands up to the glass then my face up to my hands so I could look inside. I could not see a thing. When I looked back to tell “J” that I couldn’t see through the black window, he was gone. I instantly woke up.

I remembered what that building was because I felt like I had to drive around Mrs. V’s office building before I investigated it. The building next door was a gymnastics gym/school. For some reason “J” wanted me to know it was there, and check it out.

This is the part of every investigation that is always shocking to me. It’s when what I felt, heard, and saw is validated. Makes me cry every time. I am still in awe that I have this gift.

Mrs. V and the ladies in her office did all the research with what information I had given them. This is what they found:

A twenty four year old male named Jason (they got his last name, but I won’t print that), who lived in San Juan Capistrano, was killed on his red Honda motorcycle in September 2008. He was killed on his way to work in Santa Ana. He had a little girl that was almost 2 years old, and a fiancé. His mother and step-father live in San Clemente. He loved motorcycles, he was a welder, and he played guitar. He loved going to the desert and riding off road.

As Mrs. V is giving me all of this information and I am writing it down, I realize that I had a premonition about this exact moment. In my personal life at that moment, my husband and I were battling my son about getting a street motorcycle. My premonition was of me sitting exactly where I was sitting and writing and realizing that Jason was giving me a message. He was a lot like my son. They had the same interests. I then realized that Jason was trying to warn me about the street motorcycle. I also felt that he was at Mrs. V’s office for another reason, and I needed to figure out what it was.

I decided to read all the information that Mrs. V sent me regarding Jason’s life and death. Jason reminded me so much of my son, and there were a lot of personal details that helped me get to know Jason. Those details would help me when I went back to cleanse Mrs. V’s office.

I did mention the dream I had to Mrs. V of Jason leading me to the building next door. We both thought maybe his daughter who would now be 11, might have taken or takes gymnastics lessons there. We knew her name, but her mom may have changed her last name, so Mrs. V was going to look into it.

When I went to cleanse the office, I told Mrs. V that I was going to ask Jason to come home with me. I don’t usually do that, but I really felt he had unfinished business. I also felt like he was there to help me too. Sometimes it takes time to put the pieces together, but I really wanted to help him. Hopefully he would continue to show me signs and keep giving me pieces of the puzzle.

Jason was easy to cleanse, but I still had the gut feeling that the reason he would hang around Mrs. V’s office was because it was close to the gymnastics school. Mrs. V did go over to the gymnastics school and check to see if Jason’s daughter was a student there. The young man that worked there said they could not give her that information, so Mrs. V then explained the situation to him. She told him she knew it sounded crazy, but we were trying to solve a mystery. This got the young man intrigued. He then said that the name Mrs. V gave was not in the system, but the first name was. So possibly Jason’s fiancé changed the little girls last name. The young man could not give us the last name of the girl with the same first name. We expected that. Confidentiality.

After the cleansing, I felt Jason’s spirit come home with me. And I allowed him to come into my home. BUT… I forgot to tell my family that I brought him home. Both of my sons are sensitives, not as clear as me, but one of them could be better than me if he opened himself up to it. They don’t want anything to do with their gifts.

A couple of days after the cleansing, my younger son came into our kitchen and told me that I needed to cleanse the house again. So I asked him why? (I played dumb) I wanted to know what he heard and saw, and because he is sensitive and does not like to talk about it, its my way of proving to him that he has a gift. He then told me that he came down in the middle of the night for a glass of water and as he was filling his glass at the sink, he looked out the kitchen window and there was a young guy standing there. It scared the crap out of him. He then turned around to go back upstairs and he could feel someone following him up the stairs. My son then went into his room and closed his door. He said he could hear someone open and closing doors and walking around in the hallway. Then it just stopped.

I told my son that the young man he saw was Jason, and I brought him home with me after a cleansing. First my son asked if I had completely lost my mind, and then he said I should of warned him. He was right, but I never thought he would see Jason. I told my son all about Jason and that he died on a street motorcycle. I also told him that Jason had a lot in common with him, and being the momma bear that I am, I want to do what I can to help him. My son asked me to tell Jason to not scare the crap out of him again. I told him to tell Jason himself. He just rolled his eyes at me and shook his head. A mom can try.

Over a year has passed, and I don’t feel Jason around. I am hoping that someone recognizes the information in this story and either passes it on or knows something so I can have this story come full circle. My son still does not have a motorcycle, but it is still a sensitive subject. Now that he has moved out, it is his choice. The day he does get one, I can kiss sleep and my nerves good bye! I will be worried every time he gets on it.