Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 3

Dark Evil Man:

One of the reasons I have waited to write the follow up to this investigation, is that my client told me I forgot a few things that happened during the investigation. So that is why I got all her notes before I wrote this post. I wanted to add the few details that I forgot and she thought was important.

When I investigated originally, I left out that the dark evil man kept poking me in the head, and he kept making me feel like I was being stabbed in my side. His hatred for me being there was so strong that I knew then that cleansing him out was going to be a fight.

When I came back for the cleansing, I decided to take an aggressive approach to clearing out the dark evil man. I was there to boss him around and I didn’t care if he wanted to talk or not. He had to go! I started on the second floor where I felt him the first time. I told him he had to leave and that he wasn’t welcome there. I could feel him and sense that he was not happy I was back. He called me some choice words, but I kept at him and chased him down the hall to the stairway. He fought me and I just kept at it, making it clear over and over that he had to leave. Again he tried to hide from me by going through the wall to the deep walk in closet next door. So I had to go next store to cleanse him out of the closet. He went through the wall again into the hallway behind. So back to the hallway I went. He disappeared and I knew he was hiding.

I was then drawn to the double doors in the hallway that led to the offices. I could feel instantly that the dark evil man was attached to the person who sat at the desk right in front of the double doors. I cleansed that whole are thoroughly and I kept repeating myself that he wasn’t welcome there. Then the weirdest thing happened, I went back to the hallway to push the dark evil man out the door to the outside, and I looked towards the stairs real quick, and there was a large black cricket on the stairs. I asked Mrs. V if she had seen black crickets in her office before, and she said she had not.

I went back to cleansing the dark evil man out the door, then closed the door to the outside. I had pushed him out. I went back into the office and in the middle of the office was another large black cricket. I had never seen a black cricket before and it freaked Mrs. V and I out.

I told Mrs. V that it was going to be a struggle to keep the dark evil man out. I really had a feeling he was hiding and waiting to get back in. She would have to cleanse every few weeks. I also felt he was attached to the young female who sat in the desk near the double doors. (I really cleansed around her desk) It would be up to Mrs. V if she wanted to tell this young woman or just see how my cleansing worked first. I had a gut feeling that the dark evil man was going to give me trouble after this.

I cleansed myself after I left there, but I could still feel his presence lurking. I know he came to my work right after I did the cleansing, because I started to feel depressed and I had a heavy feeling around me. I just wanted to go home where he couldn’t get in my house and I could regroup.

The next day when I came to work I was shocked by what I saw. Still can’t believe it. I stood there in total disbelief and tried to figure out how it happened. I will try to describe what I saw the best I can.

On the wall behind my small desk, I had a large metal dear head with metal antlers. Under the head I had a shelf with bottles on it and a picture frame. But today when I got to work I found the metal dear head was off the wall and its antler was stabbed into the top of my computer. Nothing on the shelf was disturbed. There is no way that dear head could of fell off the wall without taking out everything on the shelf.  It looked like someone took the dear head off the wall and forcefully stabbed my computer with it. (NOTE: I own my own business and I am the only one with a key, and I had a huge metal bike lock on my door, which was intact when I got there)

I know you are probably thinking that this is too crazy to be true. So I had my hubby come to my work to look at it and have him try to come up with an explanation. He could not come up with how the head came off the wall and did not knock anything off of the shelf below it or how the antler was stabbed with such force. We did figure out that my computer was a goner. The dent on top of the computer was so bad that it shattered the screen inside. I took pictures of what happened, and maybe I will share them someday when I share who I am, but until then you just have to trust me. My hubby tells this story to people when the subject comes up about me being a medium or what it is like being married to a medium.

I knew the dark evil man did this. He made his point. So I texted Mrs. V to see how things were going there and to tell her what happened to me. She said a few things had happened that were unexplainable, so I told her to cleanse again. Then if that didn’t work, I would come back and bring a male sensitive who I knew that was tough and more intimidating than me. We would cleanse the dark evil man out hopefully for good.

Time went by and things seemed to calm down at Mrs. V’s office. Then one night I was watching a paranormal show called, “The Ghosts of Shepherdstown”. In this particular episode, the paranormal team with the help of a medium, and a priest, were going to cleanse an evil entity or demon from a Tea House, which was located inside of an old home. They were all standing around a circle that was drawn on the floor and they were holding hands. The priest was chanting and yelling for this entity to get out. Next thing that happened freaked me out, all of a sudden there were black crickets all over the room. BLACK CRICKETS!!!!!! Exactly what I saw while cleansing the dark evil man from Mrs. V’s office building.

The next day I texted Mrs. V. I did not want to freak her out, so I asked how things were going. She said things had been calm and the vibe changed in the office, especially since her employee that I thought the dark evil man was attached to, wasn’t working there anymore. So I decided to tell her what I had seen on that paranormal show. She couldn’t believe it. Definitely another lessen for me.

So dark evil man was gone. I talk to Mrs. V quite a bit. We have become close friends. After I write Part 4 about the lost young man, I will write about my most recent investigation at Mrs. V’s office building. It is an active location. I have my theory as to why her office building is so active, but I will reveal that in the post about my latest investigation.