Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 2

Hello again. I know its taken me awhile to write Part 2, but I hope it is worth the wait for you.

This time I requested all the information about this investigation from my clients. This was a complex investigation and still is. I usually write my blogs based on my notes, but this time I got the notes that were taken by the client during the investigation and after, and during the cleansing and after. Also, I did another investigation at this location last night. It’s a busy building. That is when I decided to break this post into pieces. First piece is the Grumpy guy in the wine storage facility.

I picked the easiest spirit first. When I went back to cleanse the building, the Grumpy old man was easy to get rid of. He was bored there anyways. We did not find out or try to figure out who he was. He was the least of our worries. The other two spirits where going to be a challenge.

What I mean by a challenge is, in regards to the lost young man, I really needed more answers from him and what he wanted from me. He came to me in a dream after I left there and I had to look for answers to what he was trying to show me.

Then the challenge with the dark evil man is that he wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of and I needed to try and push more for answers from him. I knew he was attached to someone at this building, but who and why.??? Also, telling someone that there is a dark evil presence attached to them, is not on my list of favorite things. Then telling my client that their employee has bad juju around her. Not the finer parts of being able to see and talk to dead people…….but the good out weighs the bad.

As soon as I post this, I am starting Part 3, so no long wait this time.