Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures has been on Travel Channel for 15 seasons. I have seen every episode. This show used to be my favorite ghost hunting show, but I had nothing to compare it to. Now, there are so many entertaining paranormal shows and each one shows a different way of investigating. Ghost Adventures is more like an over dramatic, but entertaining history lesson, that ends with an investigation, but no solutions.

Don’t get me wrong, I watch Ghost Adventures, but their way of investigating is to aggressive for me. I do like that they find unusual and different locations to investigate, and you get a history lesson that is fascinating, but their attack mode investigating is not for me. You can’t poke a bear wanting a reaction, and then when you get one, you go running and screaming. I believe in a respectful approach. Investigate with the thought that you are trying to communicate with someone’s loved one. I realize that the Ghost Adventure crew does not always deal with good spirits, but why rile them up, then pack up all your gear and leave?? That leaves a location with more negative activity and leaves the client with a bigger problem. Also, all the negative caca they just riled up, will probably follow them home. (which leads to their other show called, Ghost Adventures, After Shocks)

The Ghost Adventure crew has a lot of high tech gear they use on their investigations. Some of the technology they use is amazing!! Other fancy gadgets they use are just annoying. Also, why (not just GAC) are investigations done in pure darkness?? I have only done one investigation in semi-darkness and I could of got the same results with the lights on. If a place is haunted…then its haunted. Ghosts don’t care what time of day it is.

The lead investigator, Zak Bagans, has his own museum in Las Vegas filled with items that have negativity attached to them, or that are historically tide to a horrible event or events. I have not been to this museum, but I would love to go. I would definitely have to protect myself before going in there, but I am fascinated and curious.

The Ghost Adventure Crew mean well. I know they go to these locations to try and help people.  I would just go about it differently. I will keep watching the GAC in action. Like I said they are entertaining, and every few episodes they get some really solid evidence that ghosts do exist.