The Ghost in the Hallway: Part 1

This investigation took me awhile to get over. From start to finish, it really took a toll on me physically and emotionally. I learned that being empathic is helpful, but not always good for my health. It started with a phone call from the client.

November 2016. A young woman named “A” called me for help. She and her fiancé were renting a house, and there were strange things going on in the home. Also, she told me that her fiancé’s son lived there on and off. “A” said it all started the year before, after an old woman showed up at the door and said she used to live there. “A” did not let the woman in, but talked to her in the front yard. The old woman said her name was “Ellie,” and she and her husband used to live there, but her husband had passed away a few years ago. Then “Ellie” pointed to the flower beds and said she used to plant beautiful flowers in that planter. The phone was ringing in the house, so “A” ran back in to get it, and when she returned, “Ellie” was gone. “A” looked up and down the street and the lady had just vanished.

Since “A’s” encounter with “Ellie”, strange things had been happening in the house. “A” and her fiancé, “J”, had been having weird dreams and high anxiety. “A” would wake up every day at 3:14 am, no matter where she was. They were having severe mood swings, and the energy in the house felt different. One afternoon “A” heard “J” screaming from the garage, and when she ran out there he was standing looking out of the garage pointing at his son who was walking up the driveway. She asked why he was screaming and “J” said he saw a man standing behind his son looking at him. So, “A” walked out front and looked around and saw nothing.

The activity got so intense for them that they would sleep at “A’s” parent’s house most of the time. They really needed my help. They needed to move back home and not be afraid. As “A” is telling me what is going on, my lower back is starting to ache. Not just ache, but uncomfortable cramping. Then my vision starts to blur, and I start to get a gnawing headache. “A” then gives me her address and we set a time for me to go to their home.

By the time we hang up the phone, I am so uncomfortable. My back and head are hurting so bad that I can’t focus and I really needed to get to work. Something about this case was off. So when I got to work, I did something I never do. I contacted a friend of mine that’s a realtor to get information on the property I was going to investigate. My clients were renting, so they knew nothing, and I needed to know what I was getting myself into. Ever since I talked to “A” on the phone, I did not feel right. Like I said, something was way off and I needed to know how I was going to approach this investigation.

After some research, I found information that would be very helpful with my investigation and for my clients. The home is located in Lake Forest, CA. The original owners bought the home brand new in 1984. They lived there for 21 years, and sold it in 2005. Then that owner sold it to the current owner in 2013, who was then renting it to my clients. The original owner’s names were, “Dickie and Ellie.”

So I looked up “Dickie & Ellie”. After they sold there home in Lake Forest, they moved to Ladera Ranch. They needed to downsize because in the late 1990’s, Dickie was diagnosed with dementia. He was then forced into retirement in 2003 due to how debilitating his illness had become. Ellie, his wife of 46 years, took care of him until his death on, December 25, 2011, in the early morning hours. (3:14 am???) Dickie & Ellie have a large family: 4 sons and 10 grandchildren.

Well, the dementia explains why my head was so muffled and I was having pain in back of my eyes. I really needed to get this investigation over with, I felt like crap (and still did not know why my lower back was in so much pain). So the day of the investigation, I had to really work to clear my head. I got up and walked a couple of miles, then came home and did some gardening, then I meditated.

On my way to my client’s home, I was already getting messages and emotions from Dickie. I already knew that it was his spirit in the home. His messages were muffled then he would be lucent. I was picking up on a lot before I even got there. And the cramping in my lower back was getting worse.

As I drove up to the house, Dickie was showing me a scene from years ago. His sons were young boys playing out front of the house and riding their bikes. Then I heard him say, “Family.” When I got out of the car and started walking up the driveway, Dickie showed me a scene from when the boys were older and they would come with their families to celebrate Christmas. I had to stop and focus so I could get inside and meet my clients.

When I entered the home, my senses were going haywire. I could sense Dickie’s energy change. I could sense that there was something not right with “A’s” fiancé “J”. I knew I was going to have to be tough for this investigation. There was too much chaotic energy swirling everywhere. I don’t know how anyone could function in that home.

Check back for Part 2 … The Investigation and Revelation …