“I See Dead People”

How many times have you heard that famous movie line? Those four words are the easiest explanation for my gift. I thought I would make this post about exactly what I feel and see.

Every medium is different. We all get our information differently and see things differently. For me, I read a spirit with the right side of my body. What that means is when a spirit comes to me, I can feel a chill, not a cold chill, but a static electricity chill from the top of my skull, all the way down the right side of my body. It’s similar to someone standing right behind you, whispering in your right ear.

Sometimes they create so much energy that my teeth ache. That is when I get my quartz crystal and rub it between my fingers, or hold it in my hand. Before I had the crystal, I would scratch my arms and hands raw while communicating, not realizing what I was doing until I was done communicating. My crystal also helps me to focus and tune into what the spirit wants. The message is not always clear.

When I am doing a reading for a client, I really need them to help me clarify words and messages as I share with them what I am hearing. I usually have the Client take notes. Something might not make sense until later, or until another family member helps to figure out the message. I might hear, for example, “Look outside,” but as I am looking outside, the message becomes clearer and then I hear, “Look inside.” So, I go inside and the message is a picture or an object that the spirit is referring to. I am also kind of a detective trying to solve a message. I have had spirits that aren’t ready to fully communicate anything to me until they trust me. Those spirits usually will come to me in my dreams or when they feel like it’s safe. This doesn’t offend me, they don’t know me. If they need to check me out and see I am not a phony, and that I have their loved one’s best interest at heart,  then that’s their right. I make this clear to my clients before the reading even starts, and if I get such a message, I call them immediately.

What I see during a message is up to the spirit I am reading and how much energy they have. I almost always can tell you if they are male or female, young or old, and their height. Hair color is not always that easy because of the glow around them. I can usually see their facial features clearly, unless they don’t want me to. I recently did a reading where the spirit was a young man and I could see and hear him perfectly.  I could feel how excited he was to give his message. He told me when he died, how old he was, how he died, and his name. My client investigated all the information, and I was spot on. I am still working on that case, because it did not make sense at the time that his spirit was stuck where he was. Usually everything comes around and the mystery will be solved.  I will write about that entire investigation in another post.

I do want to make clear that every investigation and or reading is different. I really rely on the clients help and hope that a spirit can come through clearly. Some are more willing than others, but in the end, I am there to help them be heard. And hopefully answer the questions that my clients are seeking.