The Boy

This investigation took place in Boulder, Colorado. I was asked to investigate a condo near the CU campus that five students were living in. The college kids that were living there were hearing noises and they felt like someone was always watching them. One of the young men living there was my friend’s son. He told me all about all the activity and they needed help figuring out what it was and how to get rid of it.

The condo was an upside-down unit. That means that you walk in on the main floor living area with bedrooms, then the downstairs had more bedrooms. I interviewed a couple of the roommates to see what they were experiencing and most of the activity seemed to be on the bottom floor. The one female roommate that was downstairs told me she was sensitive and she sensed that someone was watching her. She could hear and feel the spirit. So, I asked her to join me during my investigation, starting in her room.

Her room definitely felt different than the rest of the house. It was heavy and there was an uneasy feeling, like a swirling of energy. She wanted to use the EMF detector, so I asked questions out loud to see if we could get a response. Right away I was getting the static electricity feeling. I could feel the spirit standing in the corner. It was a young man. He was anxious and not sure if he wanted to talk to me. I told him he was safe, but that he was scaring people and we were there to help him. He apologized for scaring everyone, he just wanted them to know he was there.

He liked it there. He liked being around the female in the room we were in. I asked him how he died. He told me that he was a student at CU and he was killed while riding his bike. He lived close to their condo when he was alive and he came there hoping that the “sensitive girl” would let him hang out. He knew she could sense him and he just wanted to hang out with the college students. Then I asked if he needed me to help him cross over. This is when he got really anxious. He was moving all over the room. It became hard to breathe and I started to feel anxious, so I had to get out of there.

As I was walking out the door, I could feel the girl that was with me right behind me, so I turned around to make sure she was ok — this is probably the most frightening thing that has happened to me and I will NEVER forget it. When I turned around, it was the young man, as clear as day. He looked like a boy, so young. He had a black hooded sweat shirt on, the hood was on his head, his shaggy dark hair hung around his face. He had his hands in his pockets of his sweatshirt, jeans on, and black & white All-Star sneakers. I jumped back and my heart about exploded. He looked at me and gave me this cute little smirk then walked across the room through the wall. I looked at the girl and asked if she had seen him too. She did not see him, but she could feel his energy leave the room. I just wanted to cry. He looked like a boy, so young, it was just so sad that he was taken too soon in his life.

Afterwards, I had a meeting with the roommates and told them they had nothing to worry about, that the spirit was just a young man who loved being around them. If they were still scared, they could do a cleansing to send him away. They decided to cleanse the upstairs and the girl on the bottom floor was going to let him stay down there, now that she knew he wasn’t a bad spirit or going to hurt her.

This investigation really shook me. A young life taken too soon. Someone’s son. I also have two sons (now men) of my own, and when I did this investigation, they were around the same age as the young man. And after seeing his face up close, and how young he looked, I will always have a little ache in my heart for “The Boy”.