Definition: The Electromagnetic Theory of the Paranormal is that a ghost/spirit gives off an electromagnetic field which can be detected by an Electromagnetic Field Meter (EMF). Skeptics think that this theory is false. I can tell you from my personal experience that the theory is true. When I started doing investigations, the EMF detector was my number one device in communicating with ghosts/spirits. Then I started to realize that I could hear a spirits reaction to questions before the EMF detector registered a reaction. Depending on the situation, I will use my EMF detector to get an initial reading of an area before I do a reading. Sometimes there are high electro magnetic fields in an area and that can make people feel sick or uncomfortable, it can also make a person feel anxious or paranoid. I like to rule that out before I start, so I know that I am dealing with a spirit or spirits.

You can purchase your own EMF detector online for cheap. It’s a fun way to try out your investigative curiosity of the paranormal. And who knows, maybe you are more sensitive than you think.