The Ring

Have you ever picked up an object and instantly your body got the chills from head to toe? Or, felt electric static go though your hand? Could you feel the energy coming from the object? I can. And I learned that I could do this when I went to an acquaintance who is a wiccan for advice. I wanted help in centering myself and making my mind clearer. She suggested holding a stone or wearing one around my neck. I kind of laughed at her. Rocks were going to help me? … Right! For the heck of it, I took her advice and started holding the stones she suggested. Held the first one … nothing. The second one … the same. Then I picked up this clear flat quartz crystal and it happened … I felt its energy. I felt its power. I became anxious at first, but then calm and clear. What a revelation!!! This stone is now my seeing eye, my clarity, my focus, and my “super” hearing. It is also my protection. If I feel like I am going into an uncomfortable situation, my crystal is either in my hand or pocket.

If I could get all that from a stone, could I read other objects? Pick up their energy, or their story? This story is about doing just that. A small ring that told me a story about many generations of strong women.

There are people that you cross paths with that make a lasting impression. That you have a unique bond with. When I was married to my ex-husband, we lived in a cute little cul-de-sac in south Orange County. That is where I met D. We have always had a special bond. Then life happens. You move, get divorced, kids grow up … Then recently, we reconnected. She knew I was a sensitive, but I finally shared with her that I am a medium. A couple months ago, she came to me and asked me for a favor, and I said of course anything she needed. She then took a ring off her finger and put it in my hand.

I hope I do justice to this part of the story. It is one of the most amazing readings I have done to date. When I closed my fingers over that ring, I could see women all around me and I could feel pure love and strength. It became crowded and overwhelming and a little panic swept in so I had to ask them to back off. Then one woman came through and told them all to get back, she would do the talking. She had two other women with her. At first, they were showing me what looked like a long blue line with two female figures at the far end of the blue line. Then the first woman who had come to me clearly said she was D’s grandmother. The other two women were D’s great grandmother and her great grandmother’s sister, who had never met D. All three ladies were so happy and giddy that they were getting a chance to communicate with D. They all looked alike too. I described them to D and she said I was spot on from pictures she had seen. They kept showing me D’s great grandmother dancing around and jumping up and down. And they kept saying, “Look what she can do now!” D then explained to me that her great grandmother was paralyzed when she died. They wanted me to tell D and have D tell her mother that she was doing great and had full mobility.

These women were very strong personalities and very protective of D. They wanted me to tell her that they are always with her. A lot of female power around her. I asked D why they kept showing me blue then two female figures. I told her it was some kind of symbol. D said that her grandmother lived in the United States, but her great grandmother and her great grandmother’s sister lived in England. (Made sense now, the blue line was a symbol for the ocean between the US and England) D never met them, and the ring originally came from there. Then after going over the whole reading with D, we figured out why there were so many women around me when I first held the ring. Her grandmother had 9 sisters. That’s a lot of generations of female energy in one little ring. What a great family gift and great female power to pass on to her daughter.

I love that I could give my dear friend such a wonderful message from generations of women in her family. Last time I saw D, she thanked me again and again and expressed how much it meant to her to hear from her relatives. That is why I am trying to embrace and share my gift more. It gives me such peace and love to help people get a message from their loved ones. And D … you deserve all the peace, love, and happiness in the world. Thanks for trusting me!