Not Ready to Cross that Line


I feel very blessed to have this gift!!! But, I am not ready to walk up to strangers and tell them that their loved one who has passed away has a message for them. This always baffles my close friends and family. I am definitely not shy, but there is a line I am not ready to cross. I can usually block myself from energies in a crowded space, but there are some spirits that are strong enough to get through. Also, because of my energy and the white light around me, the spirit coming through feeds off my energy and can move things or break things around me.  I thought this was normal until I talked with other sensitives and they very rarely have had spirits manipulate objects while they are channeling.  This story is about one of those spirits that got enough energy to move an object and scare everyone who witnessed it.

My dear friend K and I decided we were going to have a ladies day. Shopping and lunch in Aliso Viejo, Ca. So we went to TJ Maxx and More and shopped for a few hours. Hungry and thirsty, we decided to go to Opah’s for some food and wine. We sat at the bar and because it was a Monday, the bar was empty. We ordered a couple of appetizers and our glasses of white wine. At that time, a younger man came in and sat to K’s left and he knew the bartender so they were catching up. Then another gentleman came in and sat to my right, but at the curve of the bar. Us ladies were talking and laughing, enjoying our food and each others company. Then I got that electricity static feeling up my right side. I could feel a man standing behind me, then I could smell cigarette smoke. I instantly knew a spirit was on me. My friend could see the look on my face change. I grabbed my purse to look for my quartz crystal stone (always have it with me, helps center me so I can hear a spirit better), and I kept asking her if she smelled cigarettes … she did not. Then I was having trouble breathing. This spirit was a smoker. I could now see him. He was an old man and he tells me he died of emphysema, and he has a message for his grandson who is sitting to my friend’s left. I told him I would not do that, and he was pissed. So he proceeds to drop a wine glass from the rack above the bar, onto my plate. Now I had everyone looking at me. The poor bartender cannot figure out how it fell, because it was pushed far back in the rack. They are scrambling to clean up the mess and analyzing how this could of happened. So I brushed it off and sad it was probably a wet glass and it slipped. Then the guy from my right says (let me first say that he looked terrified), he watched the glass slide off the rack slowly then crash down. He was beside himself and he kept saying, “It moved by itself.” At this point, I had to excuse myself and get rid of this spirit, he was being bossy and mischievous, plus I was having a really hard time breathing. I took him to the bathroom and had a long talk with him and he finally left. I did tell him that I would go back out there and strike up a conversation with his grandson. So I did just that, I found out a lot about this young man and he seemed to be successful and happy. He was the manager for the brewery in the same center and had just gone through a renovation on the place. After K and I were done, we walked over to see the new improvements and wished him the best of luck.

That story really stands out to me when it comes to memorable spirit moments. It was a learning experience for me. And unfortunately, a few innocent people are probably still questioning what they saw. I do want to make something very clear, OPAH’S IS NOT HAUNTED … I am.