The Invisible Wave

I prefer to talk to a client on the phone instead of texting. I want to hear in their voice what they need. How real their experiences are to them. How they just want to know that they aren’t crazy or imagining things. I want them to hear from me that I take them seriously and I want to help and will do what it takes to help.

Sandy called me after getting my number from another client that I have helped. She asked me to come to her home and read her home and teach her the proper way to cleanse her home. Her concerns regarding her home were unique. She loves to entertain and she feels that some of her friends have become jealous and not true friends. She truly believes that these friends are leaving bad energy behind and so she cleanses with sage and palo santo all of the time. She also believes that a woman she used to be friends with has cursed her family. The family has had a lot of bad luck and she feels they are taken advantage of.

My instant reaction is….THEN DON’T HANG OUT WITH THOSE FRIENDS. But, I feel that there is way more going on here. I ask her what she thinks has changed in her life. Sandy then tells me that she owns a multi-million dollar company, which has grown over the past 5 years. This is where I have to separate the phycology part of this situation, from the physical part. What that means is, I am not a therapist. I am a medium that can read the physical environment and let you know if jealous, caddy people are the problem, or there is something paranormal going on. Sometimes a therapist, or a religious figure of some sort is needed, and I will give that suggestion.

After I talk to Sandy and we set a date, I start coming up with a game plan. I do research regarding my clients concerns. Like, what color candles to use, what stones to bring, and what cleansing technique would work best for her situation. Sometimes I have my clients say a phrase while lighting the candles, to solidify what energy they want to either go away or to protect them. Every situation is different. In this situation, I was going to have to go big. Sandy’s home is a 12,000 sq. ft., 3 story mansion. Part of the bottom floor is under ground, and the home is built into a hillside. It’s a newer home and the family that owned it before supposedly bought it but did not live there, then sold it to Sandy’s family, and they have lived there for 5 years.

The Investigation:

My appointment at Sandy’s home was at 10:00 am, so I started doing my reiki to open myself up at 9:30 am. Then head out. Her home is not far from mine, so I really wasn’t picking up anything on the way over. When I pulled up to her home, that changed. I felt the energy in the earth change, and the sight of Sandy’s beautiful home, made me feel pressure in my chest, and then my whole body felt heavy. I knew right away that the game plan that I had ready to go….wasn’t going to work. This home’s energy was not what I was expecting.

I knocked on the door and one of her live in ladies that help her, answered the door. The door opened to a beautiful grand foyer. It was bright and circular, with marble floors, and a winding stair case. Across the foyer was a wall of windows that looked out to a beautiful view. It was breath taking.

As I stepped inside, Sandy came to greet me. I liked her energy the moment I met her. It is always great to be able to connect to a client. It makes me a better medium. I am relaxed and very open. We go to the kitchen to put down my bag and get to know each other a little bit. As we are talking, my spirit guides are trying to pull my attention to the back yard. I do notice that that are tree trimmer guys in the back, so I decide to do a walk through of the inside, then go to the back yard.

Before Sandy and I start the walk through, I start to feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, then I feel a spirit with me, it is a male. Then my chest starts tightening up. I ask Sandy if she knows anyone who died of a heart attack. Its not registering with her. Then the male spirit tells me he is her grandfather, and I can see him now. Medium height, brown hair, and he has brown skin. I ask Sandy if she had a grandfather that died of a heart attack and I describe him. She has no idea, but she knows that both of her grandfathers have passed away. She said she would call her sister and ask.

I tell Sandy that her grandfather is always there trying to protect her. He then says to me, thank goodness you are here, I can’t protect them by myself. Then he points to the back yard, just like my spirit guides. That’s when I see what looks like a wave of invisible energy flowing over their back wall. I had never seen anything like it. I walked across the room to the window and just stood there in disbelief. My spirit guides and Sandy’s grandfather are yelling and pointing. They are yelling “Native Americans”. That’s when I get a horrible feeling in my gut, and I start seeing flashes of men with bow and arrows running through the trees behind the house.

Sandy asks if I am ok. I then told her I need to see the entire home. Every inch, top to bottom. I don’t want to freak her out until I see what is actually going on.

I then remember that Sandy says she cleanses her home with sage and Palo Santo all the time. So I ask her exactly what she does when she cleanses. She then went to a drawer and pulled out sage,an abalone, and burnt Palo Santo sticks. Then she explained how she uses it and she has sage and Palo Santo all over the house. Oh boy! Now I am going to have to explain to her that what she is doing is making everything worse in her home. But, that’s why I am there.

First I tell her that I know that there is Native American energy on her property, but I need to figure out how bad it is. Then I tell her that in the area she lives in, the Native American’s used the abalone as a food source, so using it to cleanse is disrespectful. Then I pick up the Palo Santo, and it is burnt at both ends. That is a huge no no!!! You can use a stick more than once, but always burn from the same end. I actually prefer that my clients only use a stick once and let it burn itself out, then get rid of it. I then told her I would take the abalone off her property when I leave and get rid of it.

So now for the tour. The floor that I entered on and the kitchen is on, would be considered the second floor. So we started there. The rooms that were on the front side of the house facing the street, were normal and calm. The rooms with windows or doors that faced towards the back, had a heavier energy. I was then being drawn towards the bottom floor. Sandy’s grandfather was still with me, which I like having the extra guidance, but I asked him to ease up on the chest pains he was giving me.

Sandy asked if I wanted to take the elevator down, but I would rather walk every inch, plus the elevator was the size of a coffin…no thanks. When I got to the bottom floor, the energy was getting intense. There was a large game room to my left, then beyond that, was a beautiful patio that you could access through several glass doors or if you were outside there were stairs that came from the yard above. Then to my right was a closet, hallway, another closet that held all of the security and smart home equipment, and then the movie theater room. As I stand there taking it all in, I see that invisible wave of energy again, flowing over the wall above the patio into the house. I do not like how it feels down there.

Take one room at a time…I go to the game room first. Even though the energy is flowing through the closed doors, the energy in that room does not feel as bad as when I was in the hallway. (Side Note: Sandy’s husband has an autographed basketball jersey of Kobe Bryant’s hanging in a glass box frame in his game room, and on that day was the day of Kobe’s memorial at Staples Center) I then head to the movie theater room.

As I pass the closet, I feel sick to my stomach, and Sandy’s grandfather is telling me to go in there. I keep walking. The movie theater room has some heavy energy in there, but nothing that couldn’t be cleansed out. I then go to the utilities closet. (Side note: in my pockets I have my quartz crystal, and my EMF detector. Also, around my neck I have my tourmaline stone.) So I pull out my EMF detector to see if the utilities closet is giving off any electromagnetic fields. I do this to rule out that there is a man made source causing the uneasy feeling downstairs. The closet and the equipment do not set off my EMF detector.

So now to the next closet, which is right next to the elevator. I can already feel the crappy energy coming from this closet. My spirit guides are warning me and Sandy’s grandfather is coaxing me in. I open the door and I feel sick. It is a walk in closet and at the end is a small door. In the closet is the box for the elevator. I put my EMF detector up to it and all the lights start flashing. I am very sensitive to electromagnetic fields, but I know that this is not what is making me sick. So I take a deep breath and go into the closet further to get to the little door. As I open the door, I smell death. I start gagging, but I have to look inside. The space is full of stuff, but under all that stuff and behind that stuff I see dirt. And the smell is terrible. Then I see quick pictures in my head of bones, human bones. Now things are making a lot more sense. I then shut the door and leave the closet. When I got out of the closet, I kept seeing flashes of images in my head. It was distracting, but I needed to see the rest of the rooms on this floor.

The next room was a huge room full of every piece of gym equipment known to man. Then we went into one of the garages. The energy was heavy, and I really did not need to walk in there. It was full of boxes and it probably could of fit 3 or 4 cars. Then we went to the other garage. It was huge. That one could probably fit 5 to 6 cars. I did go in there and had Sandy open the garage door so I could feel the energy out front of the garages. The garages were under ground so I needed to feel and see how the energy from outside was coming in. The drive way came from above out to the front, and the garages were in an L shape, so the back yard was blocked by the house rising three stories above. So, the energy was normal in the driveway.

Then we headed to the top floor. We took the stairs all the way up. Just like the main floor, the rooms facing the front of the house felt normal. But the bedrooms facing the back yard, which included the master bedroom, were heavy. The rooms facing the back each had doors that opened to balconies. I am not sure how anyone could sleep in these rooms. I went out on one of the balconies and I could see the invisible wave of energy coming up over all of the balconies. I sensed that the person who slept on the right side of the bed closest to the doors that go outside, was being really affected by the energy that was coming from outside. I then went into the master closet. I just felt like crying in there. I felt sad and alone. I tell this to Sandy. She is in shock. And tells me more about her and her husbands personal life and their ups and downs. Of course, those details are between my client and I, but I could sense what was going on. We needed to really cleanse that entire room. Like I always say: “The walls of your home absorb energy…good, bad, happy, and sad, so cleanse your sh**!”

Now it was time for me to face what was in the back yard. The tree guys left, and I told Sandy that I wanted to go by myself, and to please stay inside. Her grandfather was still with me and my guides were with me, so I was ready. I walked out of the back slider doors and headed to the farthest part of the yard to the right. I walked past the outdoor living area, and the dining area, until I was at the end of the pool, then I walked towards the short wall separating the yard from the slope below. I stayed focused and did look anywhere but where I was walking, then when I got to the furthest spot I stopped and took in the entire length of Sandy’s yard and the slope below. I had to root my feet into the ground so I wouldn’t fall over. The energy was so intense. The invisible wave was flowing faster. I could see and sense that the Native American spirits were not at peace and not happy. Images started flashing in my mind again, and they were not good. I then decided to walk the entire yard and take it all in. I turned around to look at where I just came from and the wave of energy had calmed. I felt like the spirits knew I was there to help. I was communicating that I was and my energy was telling them I was there in peace, but the spirits could also be messing with me and amp up everything the moment I leave.

I went back into the house and sat down with Sandy. I told her that I was sure that her home was built on Native American land. I know a lot of areas are Native American land, but this was different. They had homes here, and they buried their dead here. Her home was built into the earth where they lived and died. The energy coming up the slope, and into her home was severe. And the energy coming from the dirt in the closet down stairs was absolutely horrible. I could smell the death.

Not only did she have that bad energy from the Native Americans, she was right about some of her friends being jealous and taking advantage of her. I could feel the residue that these people had left behind. I also noticed that Sandy had a lot of large crystal and rock pieces for décor all over her home. Large Citrine pieces. Large Quartz pieces. Large Tourmaline pieces. Those crystals and rocks absorb energy, and if you do not cleanse them properly they just sit there full of junk. They need to be cleansed with Palo Santo at least once a month, based on how much Sandy entertains.

I told Sandy that I know what has to be done, but it isn’t going to be easy, and I will need her help. The house is huge, and it was going to take some time to cleanse the house and the back yard. I needed to go get pipe tobacco so I could use it as an offering to the Native Americans. I will spread it along the back wall as a peace offering. Then we will cleanse with sage and Palo Santo at the same time. We will thoroughly cleanse all of her crystal and rock formations, and I will bring a few raw citrine stones for the upstairs balconies. I will also cleanse the dirt room in the closet and leave some tobacco in there and a tourmaline stone to protect against negative energy.

I told Sandy I would come back the next morning. That way I could get what I needed and regroup. I was wiped out, the investigation kicked my ass. I was there for almost 3 hours. I also asked her to call a relative to check to see if she had a grandfather die of a heart attack, and what he looked like. I told her he is always with her.

Sandy was not happy that I wasn’t going to cleanse her house that day. She walked out with me, but she stood up by her large iron gate and I was down by my car. She begged me to come back later that day. I told her I really needed to get what was needed to cleanse her home and I needed to rest. (also, I needed to get my boots so I could climb through the planters and I could put the tobacco along the entire back wall) This wasn’t going to be a normal cleansing.

Sandy then says to me, “I will pay you anything to please come back later”. I was about to say no, I really can’t, then her grandfather interjected. I could sense him standing up by Sandy and then all of a sudden the large heavy iron gate made the loudest noise. Not like a gate slamming shut sound, but like someone picked up the gate and slammed it to the concrete. We both froze. So then of course….I asked what time was good for her later that day.

I did come back later that day. Sandy did have a grandfather that died of a heart attack and my description of him was spot on. We cleansed the heck out of that house. Every inch of it. I climbed and crawled along the entire back wall to leave our offering of tobacco, while Sandy cleansed near me with sage. We offered our sincerest apologies for what happened to their land and asked for peace.

My goal was to teach Sandy how to take care of her own home and to cleanse it properly. She still wants me to come back every 6 months. I have checked on her a few times, but I made it clear that if she needed anything I would come back before the 6 months.

The lesson I learned with this investigation is… can’t make a game plan before going to a location. There are always surprises. I love the thrill of solving a mystery, and coming up with a solution, then implementing that solution.