Intelligent, Residual, and Mischievous Spirits

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all well and getting through this challenging time. I have to admit, I really miss communicating with spirits and the thrill of investigating. This post is about one of the last investigations I did before everything closed down. So, finally a recent one, not one I have had stored in my “ghost encounter files”.

For this investigation, my client, who happens to be a good friend of mine, asked for my help. Also, she asked that the location be kept confidential. So, I am going to respect her wishes, of course….I kind of like having her as my friend.

This investigation was life changing for me as a medium. I have been trying different meditations and techniques to fully open myself up to the spirit world before I investigate or read, and I have been working on how to close myself off completely to protect myself when I am done. It has been difficult for me in the past to get rid of lingering residue of certain spirits and how they died. Being empathic can be hard on me physically and sometimes it can affect my state of mind and health for days after.

With this investigation, I was seeing and feeling everything so clearly and when I was done, I had no residual affects. I did a form of Reiki and meditation before and after. It worked great for me. That’s what I meant by life changing. Now I can do readings and investigations closer together and not have to have a long recuperation time.

The Investigation:

We scheduled the investigation for a Friday in February 2020, at 9:00 am. The location opens around noon and it is a gathering place. Bar/Restaurant/Events, etc. The location itself opened in the early 1970’s and has never changed names or the function of the building. It has always been what it is.

Before I leave for the location, I do my meditation and Reiki to open myself up. On the way there I just focus on driving and have no music playing. When I get off the freeway, I am already picking up on a female spirit. I still have about 3 miles left to get there, and there is traffic on the street from an accident. This female spirit is already telling me things and making me feel like my throat is burning and my breathing is labored. I keep coughing and I am starting to get a little anxious because I am short of breath.

When I finally get to the location, I park my car and grab my note book and start writing everything I am seeing and feeling. I can see this woman clearly. She is about 5’7″ tall, very skinny, blonde brittle hair with black roots. I can’t tell her age because of how weathered her skin is. I can smell cigarettes and alcohol. Her energy feels worn down and sad. My throat and lungs feel like they are burning, so I ask her to please back off a little.

That’s when my friend Nancy, (not her real name) shows up. As I am getting out of the car I can feel a male spirit come up behind me. I instantly feel pain in my shoulder and then my chest starts to tighten up…this usually means the spirit died of a heart attack. Nancy is waiting for me at the base of the stairs that go up to the location. As I approach her I am writing down everything I am picking up from this male spirit. First thing I say to Nancy is that this location has a lot of spirits attached to it. I tell her what has been going on since I got off the freeway. We then decide to get started right away, but as I go to go up the stairs, I have to hold onto the railing. I feel drunk!! The energy coming out of that building was crazy. The residual energy of drunk people had accumulated over the years. This location is a place people come to drink, hang out, and party with friends.

When I finally felt “sober”, we went up the stairs and into the building. The first thing I feel and hear is all of the residual energy from years of parties and fun times. Then I can feel that there are many spirits at this location. They loved this place in life and they still love it in death. But, still I feel the energy of the female and male spirits from outside. Their energy is very present and intelligent. I tell my friend this, but I want to walk around and see everything before I go into details, because I am hoping they show me more or communicate more about themselves.

I then see a door at the end of a long hallway that opens to the back patio and I am being drawn to it. As soon as I get outside, I can see and hear residual energy again. I see people drinking and smoking. I hear talking and laughing. In my head it is loud, and as I am looking at these people, I can see they are all wearing clothing from the 1970’s. That is when a new spirit shows up. At first I can sense the spirit is a female, and I am having terrible lower back pain. I can feel she died from either kidney problems or female problems. Then I see her. She is walking around with a cigarette in one hand and a cocktail in the other. She has short brown hair and is dressed very sexy. Her mannerisms are exaggerated and flamboyant. She shows me a scene of her going from group to group, buzzing around the party and flirting with all of the men. Then she tells me this: My husband and I would come here when it first opened, then he died. I would come by myself after he passed away and all of the wives hated me because I would flirt with their husbands. She is bragging about her flirting.

I start to feel the back pain again, then she says she died in the 70’s not to long after her husband. I asked her why she still comes back to this location. She just laughed and said she still loves to flirt. Then she showed me how she pinches men’s butts or caresses their should when they are out on the back patio. So I asked Nancy if men ever say that they got their butt pinched or felt a caress when they were outside. Nancy said she hadn’t heard anything, but these are probably men who have been drinking, and the likelihood of them admitting that they think a ghost goosed them or touched them, is slim. I just told her to see if it comes up or maybe someone might mention it, but the lady on the patio is just out there having fun.

We then went back inside to the bar area. I see the blonde female spirit and the male spirit again. The female is behind the bar and she tells me she likes to keep busy so she doesn’t think about things. I then hear the letter L, I cant quite make it out. Lori or Lanny???? Then the male spirit interrupts. He shows me that in his life and now that he is dead, he always sits at the far end of the bar. He was a regular patron and still is. I start to feel the pain in my shoulder again and I can smell the alcohol on him. He says his name is J, Jim or James??? Again, I am hearing the sounds, but not a definite name. Then he shows me how he loves to make glasses fly off of the shelves to mess with the female bartenders.

At this time, Nancy and I are joined by a lady named Judy, who has worked there for years. I tell Judy what I have been picking up since I got there.

First, I ask Judy about the blonde lady with the L name. I tell her all of the information that I am picking up and I describe the blonde lady to her. Judy then says it sounds like Lorraine. She used to work there and help out where ever she was needed, but she loved to be behind the bar. I asked her why Lorraine’s energy seemed so sad and why she liked to keep busy to keep her mind off of things. Judy then told us that Lorraine’s daughter died of an illness and Lorraine had dropped everything to take care of her daughter while she was sick. Her daughters death really took a toll on her, so when she finally felt ok to move on, she spent a lot of time at this location.

I then asked how Lorraine died. I told Judy that I could feel that she smoked and drank a lot. The burning in my throat and chest was horrible. (I actually kept coughing and my voice was really hoarse. I was having a hard time talking. Nancy said my voice didn’t sound like mine) Judy said that Lorraine died of health issues due to her smoking and drinking, but she doesn’t know the exact diagnosis because Lorraine didn’t talk about it. I then told Judy and Nancy that Lorraine was just a spirit who was hanging around because she loved it there. She was harmless.

Now.. onto the male spirit with the J sounding name. I tell Judy what I am picking up from him. I tell her he was a regular there, but it was years ago. I showed her where he sits and that I feel that he died from a heart attack. Then I ask Judy if the female bartenders feel like they are being stared at and do they say that glasses just fly off of the shelves for no reason. Judy says yes to both questions. All of a sudden I can feel and smell the male presence right next to me. He whispers is my ear that his name is James, which gives me the static electricity chills all over my body, and I can also smell the alcohol on his breath. Then he disappears. Judy has no idea who this James is, but she is going to check it out.

I then tell Judy about the lady on the patio. She is just mischievous and loves to mess with the men that go out there. Hopefully one of the men she gooses or caresses will admit to it.

Judy then has a few questions for me. She wants to know if the spirit of a certain individual is there. Things have happened that many people think it the ghost of a woman that used to come there a lot. I told her I didn’t pick up on her, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t there. I just know that the three spirits I did see and feel, are very present. Then Judy wanted to know if there was anything evil there. She said that there have been instances or situations where things had gone way bad. I told her that I did not feel anything evil, but the whole building is swarming with energy. A lot of it is residual, and you have a lot of different people who come there and they have energy that is attached to them. It can create chaos in certain situations. Not all energies mesh well together, that’s why we are friends with certain people. Your energies work together. They connect.

This location is a place where many people consider it their home away from home. Their friends that they go there to hang out with, are like family. So, of course there are going to be spirits there. They go were they had fun times and great memories. They just want to hang out, maybe cause a little mischief and have a few cocktails. Oh……..and pinch some butts!

I want to thank Nancy for asking me to do this investigation. It was a great experience. Nancy has been so supportive of me being a medium. She has been a dear friend and it means the world to me. It is always a great feeling when someone dear to you wants to see you in action. Wants to be apart of you doing what you love. I hope she enjoyed this experience as much as I did. Now…..I cant wait to get back at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!