The Fire Station

About six years ago, I was asked if I wanted to observe a female paranormal team do an investigation. They knew I was a sensitive and that I was curious about how a team goes about an investigation. They were asked to investigate a fire station in Los Angeles County, which was located next to an old cemetery. I absolutely wanted to go and observe these ladies in action.

A few days before the investigation, I went over to the woman’s home that was in charge of the group. She wanted to get me familiar with the equipment that they were going to use during the investigation and teach me how to use it. Also, she wanted to show me evidence of their past investigations. It was all very interesting and I appreciated her taking the time to show me what happens behind the scenes before they approach an investigation.

The day of the investigation, I was nervous. Plus, I was dealing with a spirit that had been really weighing on me. I was going on days with no sleep and was anxious. REMEMBER, this was six years ago and I was still learning how to set boundaries with spirits. I was hoping the investigation was going to be a fun distraction.

When we got to the fire station, the ladies started interviewing all of the firemen and their Fire Chief. Then they started setting up their equipment all over the station, which was small. The plan was to start with the areas with the least activity, then move their way to the more active areas, then end up in the old cemetery next door. That is where the firemen thought the activity was coming from.

The activity was mainly in the room that they all slept in. Right next to that room, on the other side of the wall, was the cemetery. They said that they heard a little girl either crying or laughing. They had felt their beds shake while trying to sleep. They heard knocking throughout the room. Also, they said that things would get moved. They would set something somewhere and when they came back, it would be moved. Also, they sometimes thought they saw something real quick in the mirror in the bathroom.

As I walked through the fire station, I felt nothing out of the ordinary, but also I was taking in every detail and every thing these ladies were doing. They asked the firemen to all stay in the sitting/kitchen area during their investigation. Only one fireman wanted to be apart of the investigation, so he and I observed the ladies doing their thing. He and I just stood out of the way and kept quiet. This was all kind of boring and long, until we got to the room that the firemen slept in.

The ladies then asked us to sit on the far side of the room so they could do their investigation. They were getting some good hits on their EMF detector, and after asking a lot of questions, they thought they were talking to a little girl. They proceeded to get down on their knees to be at the little girls level, so she wouldn’t feel frightened. That is when I got full body static electricity chills. They were so strong, it took my breath away. I could feel the most intense energy circling around me. Then, I could feel a male presence standing next to me. He seemed to be amused by what the ladies were doing, and he was giggling. I could see him perfectly. He was tall, he had light hair, and he looked like he was either late 30’s or early 40’s.

He then said to me, “Who do they think they are talking too?” I told him I had no idea, because I didn’t see a thing. Then we both laughed and that got the ladies attention … I forgot to use my inside voice and laughed out loud. They were not happy, so I explained to them that I was feeling a male spirit around me. They thought I was making it up, like I was crazy … as they were on their knees communicating with air. Then the male spirit said something to me … I hear, “Go outside and look.” So I tell the ladies that I need some fresh air and I excused myself from the investigation.

Once I was outside, I could still feel him with me, but he was frustrated. I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me, so I walked around outside and sat out there for awhile, until the ladies were done with their investigation. I went back in and helped them gather up all their equipment. The woman in charge was being so rude to me. As we were putting all the equipment in their bags and talking to the firemen, I could feel the male presence with me again, and this time he said, “Turn around and look inside.”

I froze, then I slowly turned around, and behind me on the wall (which I did not even notice before), was a glass case filled with pictures of fallen fire fighters. And right in the middle was the man I had been feeling and talking to. I blurted out loud, “Who is this?” Everyone went quiet. Then the Fire Chief said, “That is KH, he was my best friend, but he wasn’t ever assigned to this station. His death was all over the news, he died during one of the largest fires in LA. He got trapped with another fire fighter, between the fire truck and the fire. His death was tragic.” I then explained to him that his spirit was with me, and he wanted his friend to give his family a message. The message was that he was good and that he was sorry he didn’t get to say goodbye. He loves his family and he is always with them. I then noticed that all the firemen had tears in their eyes. I could feel their fear that what happened to KH could happen to them. And they were genuinely sad by the loss of one of their own, regardless if they knew him or not. They were one big family.

When I got home, I looked up the story of KH, and I cried. I felt like I knew him and I felt so horrible for his family. I hope they got the message from the Fire Chief, and got a little comfort from KH’s message for them.

I did not go on another investigation with the ladies. They spend every chance they can get doing investigations. Some have picked their search for ghosts over their families, and were still waiting to have that big paranormal moment happen for them. It really bothered them that I could go into an investigation and communicate without all the gadgets. The ugly monster called “jealousy” reared its head and I don’t play with mean girls!

Be kind, don’t judge, listen to one another, have patience, and just be nice … It’s good juju. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!