Something New

I have interactions with spirits all the time. They are short and sweet, but not forgotten. That is why I am going to start writing about the little encounters that happen. Also, it gives me a fun break from writing the longer more detailed encounters that I experience. Every encounter I have with a spirit is meaningful to me, and I want to share more of what normal is to me. What I mean by that is that I see and feel spirits all the time. That is my normal. I do know how to protect myself and how to block things out, but its just a part of my everyday life. Also, every situation and encounter is different.

My safe place and my sanctuary is my home. I do not do readings at my home, and if I feel that a person has come into my home with any sort of negative juju, I cleanse. I tease that my home is always on “lock down” from spirits. Not that the spirits always listen, but I have the tools to protect myself and my family.

So, please enjoy the little but important stories of spirits just doing their thing and me loving the chance to share my experiences….Big or small.