Our Friend Joe: Part 2

A few months had gone by since Joe’s funeral. Everyone is different in how they grieve and how long they grieve. I wanted to give M a chance to get used to not being a care giver and to grieve the loss of her husband. I waited until my mom said she thought M would be ready to hear Joe’s message. So I set a lunch date with M and my mom.

I was nervous about how M was going to react, but excited that I could share with her my gift and the message Joe wanted her family to hear. I had not told M that I was a medium, but she did know that the paranormal world intrigued me.

We met at Cedar Creek Inn in San Juan Capistrano. M looked great and seemed happy. She missed Joe, but knows he is not suffering anymore. I waited until we were done eating and then I asked her if she believed in mediums. M’s reply was: “Who am I to say or judge what people can or cannot see or feel. I like the idea of being able to communicate with your loved ones that have passed.”

Thank goodness!!!! So I told her about Joe being at his own service and his messages for her and her family. She started to cry when I told her Joe’s message about her final decision. Then M said, “I wasn’t sure I made the right decision and it haunts me.” I asked her what that meant, because I did not know the details of his passing. M explained to me that Joe had become a vegetable. He couldn’t move or eat anymore, and his mind was going. He was on tons of medications, and he was being medically fed just to keep him alive. So with his doctor’s consent, she decided to slowly take him off all the medications. Joe died peacefully in his sleep.

M thanked me and told me that the message and my gift meant more to her than words could express. She felt at peace and could now fully move on. Also, she couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the family what Joe’s message was for them.

Every time I see M, she thanks me and says I changed her life. I tell her that I am the one that is grateful that Joe trusted me and that I could give the gift of closure to someone I admire. So, thank you Joe, for trusting me with your message and for trusting me with helping your family heal. And Joe, keep on running and jumping all over heaven.