Kim Russo

My FAVORITE  medium!!!!!! Kim Russo, also known as, “The Happy Medium.”  I am obsessed with her show called, “The Haunting of.” On her show, she helps celebrities that have had a paranormal encounter and are looking for answers about what it was and why it happened. This premise is based on another show called, “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” It is a program where celebrities tell about their paranormal experience.

Kim meets the celebrity at the place where their experience happened and figures out what really was happening. Kim also gives them messages from family members and friends or acquaintances that have passed away. Her senses and abilities are amazing. The obscure things she tells these celebrities about their loved ones, is absolutely amazing. The information she gets is so detailed and spot on, that the celebrity is always in shock. They always comment that there is no way she could know the things she knows unless it came from their deceased loved ones.

Kim is my favorite medium because of how she reads. We have a lot in common. She is to the point, no nonsense, and at the same time, respectful of who she is reading. I know she does more than the investigative readings, but that is what I prefer. I like to try and solve a mystery with spirits helping me. I get a rush off of going to a location and knowing nothing before I get there, then leaving with an answer for my clients.

I am not sure when Kim Russo will have some new episodes or do something different on TV, but look her up. Record her show. They are all reruns now, but worth it. I am bummed because I just found out she was in El Cajon, Ca this past weekend. DANG! My dream is to meet her and possibly learn from her. Until then, I will enjoy watching her on TV.