Reality TV Review

Kindred Spirits: Season 2, Episode 2: Aired; 9/22/2017

The investigators are Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. They are both from my favorite paranormal show, Ghost Hunters. Their show is about helping families figure out who is haunting their homes and what the spirits want. I personally like how they go about helping these families and how they go about doing the actual investigation. They are always respectful and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They treat the family and the spirits with respect.

This episode was about a single man who was afraid of his own home. He hears noises in the basement, feels like he is being watched, and the worst activity he says is in his bedroom, so he sleeps downstairs. He also thinks its a demonic presence that is in his home.

Amy and Adam do a three night investigation using equipment and they also look into the history of the town and the house. They interview friends, family, and anyone that can maybe help with their investigation.

After they collect all their evidence and information, they go back to the home owner with what they have found. And in this situation, the activity in the home is not demonic, but something entirely different than he thought.

My reviews are my opinion on how different investigators go about finding an answer for their clients. I want you to watch this program and form your own opinion. I don’t want to ruin the mystery, you need to watch it and see who is really doing the haunting. Of course, I am always baffled why investigators just don’t have a medium come with them on every investigation.?.?