Papa Cowboy: Part 2

I had to learn how to make rules for visiting spirits. I control what happens in my home. There has to be a protective barrier around my home, so that spirits don’t disrupt my household. This is something I have learned to do over time. There are times, that spirits get in, so I just have to re-cleanse and re-purify my home. I make clear to the spirit world that NO spirits are allowed to come to me at night and scare me awake. It would scare anyone to wake up and have a dark figure standing over you. It has happened and it’s not a great experience. I do not mind if they come to me in a dream. When that happens, I wake up and remember the dream and every detail. That is how Papa Cowboy came to me the second time.

I was dreaming that I was at a party. The house was small and I did not recognize anyone. There was a long hallway at this house and at the end of the hallway, a man was standing there staring at me. I couldn’t see his face, but I could see him motioning for me to come closer. I then noticed that all the other people had disappeared. As I walked down the hallway, I could see it was Papa Cowboy.

Papa Cowboy was standing there smiling at me. I could feel how peaceful and calm he was. Then as I got closer, he nodded his head and winked, then turned toward his right. I started to run to him, because he was walking away and I wanted to talk to him. When I got to the doorway, I saw that he was walking toward a brightly lit doorway. Just before he gets to the doorway, he turns around and says, “I am always here.” Then he disappears through the bright doorway.

I woke up instantly. I knew it wasn’t just a dream. I could still feel the energy around me. I instantly knew why Papa Cowboy came to me. I was going to meet his wife later that day. I had not seen her in awhile and she had purchased something from my company, so we were going to meet so I could give her what she had purchased. Even though my ex-mother-in-law was happy and had remarried, I knew that giving her a message from Papa Cowboy was going to be emotional.

We met at Sundried Tomato in San Juan Capistrano. My ex-mother-in-law, (x-mil), brought my niece J with her. I was happy to see her and to get caught up on what they both had been up to. I waited until the three of us had our first cocktail before I told my x-mil that I had a message from Papa Cowboy. She instantly had tears in her eyes. I told her that he came to me in a dream early that morning. I told her the details of the dream and that I knew the message was for her.

She was happy to hear that he is always around. I told her that I think it was his way of letting the family know that he is always watching and he is happy. I also told her that I truly believe that he is a guardian angel for the four grandchildren. I know he was with my boys when they have had a few situations where they are lucky they weren’t seriously hurt or worse.

Since I had the dream of Papa Cowboy, I have let him know that he can come and visit my boys anytime he wants. I know that he will protect my boys and our home. There is a room in our home that has some items that belonged to Papa Cowboy, and sometimes I can feel him in that room. I can really feel his energy when one of the boys is going through a tough time. I know he is there to guide them and give them a little extra love and comfort. I remind them of that all the time.