Empathic Medium

Being Empathic is one of the more interesting and challenging parts of my gift. By definition — An Empath absorbs people’s emotions. Empaths are highly attuned to other people’s moods, good and bad. They are also affected by other people’s energy and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. For me, all that also applies to spirit energy. When a spirit comes to me, I can feel their emotions, and in most cases, how they died. With many spirits, they want me to feel what they went through before their death, so I can understand how they have healed or don’t have the ailment anymore that took their life.

I have also experienced spirits that are stuck in their death state. They are frustrating to read because they go in and out of being ill and being healthy. For example, I did an investigation where the spirit I was reading died of dementia. He was stuck at the home I was investigating because it was where he had lived for years and had his best memories before getting dementia. He was very confused and he kept mumbling.  Then he would be absolutely clear and present, so I could communicate with him and figure out why he was there and what he needed. He also could tell me what I had already sensed … there was more going on in the home then I was being told. I always tell people as a joke, but for me it’s serious, “The walls of your home can talk.” The space you are in absorbs your energy and the energies that enter it. This is what I call residual energy.

As an Empathic Medium, I can pick-up on negativity or if someone died in a location. I knew the moment I moved into my home that someone had died in my cul-de-sac. I could sense his energy across the street, and I could see him walking back and forth out front of the neighbor’s house.

In most of the experiences that I will write about, being Empathic is a big part of how I read a spirit and how I can help their loved ones. Being Empathic can also affect my every day life. I pick up on living people’s feelings and ailments too. I can feel sick one moment, then overly happy the next … grumpy for no reason, or feel drained at the drop of a hat. If I see someone crying, then I cry. I can also sense when someone is a Sensitive.  But through meditation, exercise, and reading books, I center myself and focus so I am always ready for my next investigation or reading.