It is rare when you come across a truly special human being. Because I only do readings or investigations through word-of-mouth, I don’t know the person directly that I am about to help. That’s how I met EV. (I will use initials, never names in my posts.) Also, I will write about the details of that investigation in a future post, it was definitely a great experience. After doing my investigation and talking to EV, days after she asked me if I ever thought about blogging about my experiences. ?? She thought that my stories were fascinating and that other people would find them fascinating or relatable too. I had instant anxiety thinking about putting myself out there. That is why we decided that I should do a blog anonymously, or as I say, take baby steps. This whole idea and the design of this page was her idea. I can never thank her enough!!! Gratitude and appreciation are just two words that still don’t express how much I am thankful. As EV interviewed me, I got to know her more, that is why I said in my first sentence, “a truly special human being”. She really listened to me and is so excited about this new adventure for me, that I am so excited and inspired to get the stories flowing. So EV, here I go, this first post was for you. Now, it’s on to “ghosty” stuff.


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