Sorry It’s Been Awhile

When there is a lot going on in my life, my being a medium gets pushed aside for awhile. I am not going to bore you all with the details. I know everyone has drama and problems in their everyday life. But, for some reason, mine just kept piling up. One crappy thing after another. All my energies have been spent fixing or trying to fix problems. Some things just can’t be fixed, so you learn to deal, but other things are worth the fight to fix. I have been torn in different directions and pushed to my maximum stress level.

I truly believe that I am being tested. You are given how much you can take….and a lesson is hopefully learned. I have learned several and I am still learning. So during this discovery I realized I could not properly do an investigation or reading to help anyone, until I helped myself. I had no extra energy to give. Even posting my stories took to much energy for me at the time. I truly pore my heart into every story I write, because I want every detail to be correct and I want you to feel something during and after you read it.

So…. please bare with me. I am still working on getting myself back into an emotional state so I can be back at it. But, until then I am going to take baby steps. I will get a few investigative readings under my belt before I do any sit down readings. Also, I still have to write the story about how this blog came to be. I have been holding on to that story. It will be a year in August that this blog was created, but a year in July that I did the investigation that pushed me to do it. I say that with pure excitement and gratitude. It has been a healing and spiritually satisfying adventure to put it all into words.