G.A.M. Part 4/The Truth

The truth will set you free. In my case, the truth will give me my gift back. After I lied to “J” about her father’s message, my gift went dormant. It was like punishment from the spirit world. At the time I didn’t relate it to that incident, but after going to see a spiritualist, we got down to why I was having total blockage. I needed help. It had been months with no communication with spirits. I was starting to get depressed.

The spiritualist told me I had unfinished business that I needed to take care of, and I needed to trust myself more when doing readings. I had to make things right with the spirit world by fixing the wrong I did. CRAP! And here I thought I was protecting my friend from the pain of finding out that her father disliked her husband.

Trusting myself was going to be easier than telling “J” that I wasn’t completely honest about her dad. I started meditating more, and I started taking more time for me in my quest to trust myself. To tell you the truth, I still was not ready to tell “J”. I had several hair appointments before I told her, but during those appointments, she started telling me about her marriage problems.

“J” eventually filed for divorce and several months later she met a great guy. That’s when G.A.M. came back to me. And boy, this time he wasn’t reserved about it. He gave me a sign or should I say, a rock to my head.

In all four corners of my home, I have raw citrine stones for protection. They are tucked into places where no one can see them. I have one of them on a high shelf in my walk in closet and it is tucked way back on the shelf. I was getting dressed to go to a hair appointment and the rock flew off the shelf and hit me in the head. What the??? I picked it up off the floor and there was G.A.M. I about fainted. I wanted to cry. I apologized to him about lying to “J”, before he could even say anything. He then said to me, “You will tell “J” the truth today!” “My daughter needs to hear the truth!”.

He came with me to the hair salon. I was so nervous. I truly care about “J” like a family member, and I am protective of her, because of her father. So right away, before I sat down, I told her I needed to tell her something. I first said I was sorry and I pray she won’t be mad at me….but I lied to her about her fathers message. And, the lie was eating me up inside.

I told “J” the truth about how her father really felt. He was not happy about her marriage, and he thought her husband was a horrible person. I also told her that her father was with me at that moment, and he wanted me to tell her that he likes her new boyfriend. He thinks he is a good man. (I said all this in one breath, really fast to make sure I got it all out) “J” just stared at me for a moment, then said, “I knew he would not have liked my X”. “If my father could see everything that was going on, then there is no way he approved of him”.

“J” was grateful that I did not tell her the truth at the time her father wanted me to. She also understood why I didn’t tell her. She was secretive about her marriage problems, and wasn’t ready to discuss them at that time. “J” was trying to figure out what she was going to do about her marriage, and a message like that from her father would have made things more complicated. “J” wanted the decision to be her own.

My gift came back after that. “J” has a wonderful man in her life. G.A.M. is at peace. And man, did I learn a lesson!!!! I don’t hold back now when I do a reading. I tell my clients that I am no nonsense when it comes to giving a message and I expect the same from my clients when I ask them questions. I can tell when someone is lying to me anyways, so just be honest. I am…..I promise.