G.A.M Part 2

I look forward to going to the hair salon and getting my hair done. The hair salon is a place I can mentally checkout for a couple of hours and be pampered. I also love catching up with my hair girl, “J”. I have been going to her for 8 years. Love her! She knows I am a Medium, and loves to hear about my latest adventures.

Originally, the salon was in a different location when I started going there. Then a couple years ago, they moved and that’s when my hair appointments changed. The location they moved to has a different energy for me. It’s like they moved into a spiritual vortex or portal … the energy is intense. I have to try to prepare myself and put my block up before my appointments. But, the energy there is so strong, the spirits still get through.

It is really hard for me to sit in there for the amount of time it takes to do my hair. Being trapped in a chair while spirits are (I use this phrase), “Up in my stuff,” is miserable. No more enjoying my pampering. Sometimes, I can’t wait to get out of there. “J” feels horrible for me, but there is nothing she can do.

Here are a some stories of the most uncomfortable experiences I had while getting my hair done:

Story 1:  The owner’s grandparents. They were a funny couple, and so proud of their grandson. But, they were super chatty and argued with each other. I was trapped listening to them argue because grandpa didn’t like that grandma was talking to me. He kept yelling at her that we (grandma & I) are a couple of “loony birds.”  “Only people who don’t have their head on straight think they can communicate with the dead.” And grandma kept saying, “Oh shut up, I am trying to talk to this young lady.” This went on and on until my appointment was over.

Story 2:  A man came into the salon and sat in the chair next to me. He had a few spirits with him. It felt very crowded all of a sudden, and I was having a hard time breathing. One of the spirits made me feel like she died from something to do with her lungs. Thank god I was almost done with my appointment. I could not have sat there much longer. I was short of breath and claustrophobic from all the energy around that man.

Story 3:  The most recent encounter was with a male spirit that came in with a woman. I could feel him and sense him before I knew who he belonged to. The woman was not sitting near me, but the male spirit was walking around the salon. He was a tall, thick man with broad shoulders. I tried to ignore him, but they just know that I can see and sense them. I could see him look my way, then he was standing right behind me. I had to get my crystal out of my purse for this one. He was just so looming and large. I asked him to please let me be. Then the pain in my back started. He was fully “up in my stuff” now. Then a woman sits under the dryers behind me, and the spirit moves to stand behind her. I had to tell my hair girl what was going on. I had to get up and walk around, my whole body was starting to ache and I was getting back spasms. I had to have a serious talk with this man. Finally he backed off, but his energy was so intense that I was exhausted and could not wait to get out of the salon.

I know you are wondering what this has to do with G.A.M. I had to explain the energy and experiences at the salon, because that is where G.A.M. finally told me who he belonged to.