Weekend Getaway

A few years ago, some friends of ours rented a 6,000 square foot home next to The Grand Golf Club. Knowing how much my husband loves to golf, they asked us to join them and two other couples for a weekend of fun and golf. We absolutely accepted and really appreciated the invite. There was 12 of us total, 9 adults and 3 children. We all decided that we would cook dinner and hang out at the house for the two nights we would be there.

The house was gorgeous!! Everyone had rooms upstairs, but my husband and I had our own bedroom and bathroom downstairs. It was like being at a resort.

The guys golfed a lot so us ladies hung out at the restaurant at The Grand, or hung by the pool in the backyard of the house we were staying at. Of course, the subject of me being a medium came up. The two ladies that did not know about my gift, asked me tons of questions. They were fascinated and loved hearing about some of my experiences. One of the ladies was very open to it all. I could sense that she was a sensitive. She told me about some of her experiences, and I definitely knew she was sensitive.

The second night we were there, all of us ladies were in the kitchen making dinner, listening to music, and drinking wine. We were all laughing and having a great time. Then the static chills started on the right side of my body. They came on so strong and fast, that I had to walk out of the kitchen to get a grip. I could feel it was a female spirit. She made me feel giddy and excited. I went back to the kitchen and I could feel her energy swirling around me. It was really cold air, but it was swirling all over me. I walked up to my friend who is sensitive and I grabbed her arms. Her eyes went wide and she went to speak but couldn’t at first. Then she said, “Is there a spirit with you right now? I can feel the cold energy running from your body to mine.”

I told my friend that she was right, and then I started communicating with the spirit. This female spirit was beautiful. She instantly said to me, “I died an old, old lady, but I loved how I looked and felt at this age.” She looked around 60ish. Beautiful face, black hair pulled back in a low pony tail, and she was wearing a crisp white blouse tucked into a long black skirt. She was so classy and beautiful.

This female spirit then explained to me that the home we were in was her sons and she used to love to be there with her family. She had wonderful memories there and she loved cooking for the family in that beautiful kitchen. I asked her if she had a message for her loved ones, and she said, “No, nothing was left unsaid, I was just so happy to see all of you having so much fun. I love watching you cooking together in this kitchen.” Then I really had chills all over my body, I could feel her give me a huge hug and then her energy faded away.

What a beautiful experience!! Such a gracious gift from a beautiful spirit. I love that I got to share the experience with the other ladies, and they loved it. Also, the ladies witnessed how I reacted after I communicate with a spirit … It’s the best natural high in the world!!

Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #3

I have been needing a new cell phone and iPAD for awhile, and have been procrastinating making an appointment, because I had a really bad experience in the past and lost all my data. All my pictures and contacts … GONE. So, this time, I made sure that all my information was backed up in that cloudy thing (iCloud), before my appointment. My husband came with me for moral support, in case I had a mental melt down in public if everything got lost again. (If you’re thinking “dramatic,” what I say to that is, I hope you never lose your pictures … vacations, family, special moments. IT SUCKS!)

We had to wait for about 15 minutes for the first available salesperson, and my nerves were on edge. Our salesperson was a young man, he told me my options, then told me to go pick out the color phone I wanted. I was sitting, so I  got up to go look at the floor samples to pick out a color for my phone. On my way back to the table, I felt off. As I went to sit down, I had to grab hold of the table because it felt like I was falling forward and then everything around me felt like it was falling. I had to hold on tight so I wouldn’t fall over. I looked at my hubby, then the salesperson, and it took me a minute to get myself together. I told them that I felt like the whole room was tilting and I was falling. My husband understood what was happening to me, but this poor young man, he was just looking at me with huge eyes.

Then the hot neck and head started. I was sweating. I couldn’t concentrate on what the young man was saying to me and I was burning up. I could feel a male presence standing behind me. I had to excuse myself and take a walk outside. I needed to get rid of this spirit, and by the time I took a walk and went back in, the spirit backed off. He was still there, but he wasn’t right up on me. As we were finishing and everything was transferring, I had the worst chills. Not on the outside, it felt like my bones were chilled. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

We left the phone store and went out to dinner. I could still feel the male presence, and the bones chills would not stop. I could see that he died from a bad fall and he was disoriented when he died. I could not see where he was or what he fell off of. I kept seeing myself falling forward, and everything around me was moving. He made me feel that his death was a horrible accident, and he was young. Gone too soon. Finally, I think he realized I could just listen to his story, but I couldn’t help him. Slowly my chills went away and he left.

This incident really bothered me. It is still bothering me. Should I have stood up at the phone store and tried to figure out who the male presence belonged to? Am I that open all of a sudden, that I am going to have all these crazy experiences every where I go now? I have to tell you, it scared me and unnerved me that I had a hard time controlling it and that I am not going to be able to keep quiet. So, when I feel that a strong presence  wants to be heard, should I take my chances and tell a total stranger that their dead loved one is with me?

These experiences are becoming a turning point for me. My battle is with myself. Do I care if someone thinks I am crazy? Or do I care more that I may just give someone closure and comfort?

Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #2

For New Year’s Eve, we went out-of-town to my parent’s vacation home. My brother and sister-in-law also have a vacation home there too. I grew up going there and was excited to hang out with my family and catch up with friends that I have known for years.

My brother’s home is across the street from my parent’s home. We all hang out on their porches and friends come by to visit. It’s a time to relax, have a cocktail or a glass of wine, have appetizers, and catch-up with friends. Relaxed and not thinking of talking to spirits, usually means they will come.

I was sitting on my mom and dad’s porch enjoying my wine, when an old friend pulled up. Instantly, I get a weird, uncomfortable feeling, so I excused myself and went in the house. I waited until he went over to my brother’s house, after he has said “Hi” to my parents, before I went back outside.

I could sense that my old friend had at least 4 spirits around him. At first, I just sensed an older male, but right behind him was a female, then two other males behind her. I just kept hoping that he would stay over at my brothers. Then my brother said, “Let’s all go over and hang out at my parents.” So not only my brother, my sister-in-law, my old friend, and his girlfriend come over, but this other couple came too.

My old friend walks right up to me and says “Hi.” That is when I start getting the hot neck, and the hot head, which turned into sweating. The energy around him was so intense!! I hadn’t felt so much spirit energy like that around someone before. My friend went back to talking with the guys. I am sitting there burning up and then my lungs start to hurt. My mom could tell I am uncomfortable and that there was something wrong. I told her I was burning up and I could feel spirits. So then I look at my friend’s girlfriend and I blurt out, “I am a medium and XXXX has spirit energy around him.” Then I look around and everyone is looking at me. AWKWARD!!!! My brother says, “You sure know how to make a conversation uncomfortable.” (He said it kind of joking, but he was right.) My friend totally ignored me, but his girlfriend wanted to know more.

I tell her that I sense and older male, but he is not alone. As I am about to tell her about the female, she says that his cousin, who is a female, just committed suicide a few weeks before. Then next you know, my friend comes up to his girlfriend and says they are leaving. I apologized that I may have upset him, but of course he says I didn’t, and he would come by to visit later. They left. I felt horrible. My sister-in-law starts to tell me what happened with the cousin that committed suicide, but I told her not to tell me anything, just in case he did want to come back for a message later. I did ask how she died, because my lungs hurt and it was hard to breathe. She died of self-inflicted  asphyxiation.

I felt so bad the rest of the trip. I did see my friend one more time, but barely talked to him and I could feel he was avoiding me. His girlfriend barely said two words to me. It was awkward. I let my guard down. I felt relaxed around my family and friends, so I blurted before I thought it through. Another lesson learned!! As my hubby says, “Know your audience.”


Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #1

I know I have said this before, but I sense and feel spirits more often than not. Lately, I’ve been having trouble blocking them out when I am in public. Not that there is a resolution to them visiting me, but they are experiences that I find interesting. I really have been in three situations lately that just came on so quick that the energy about knocked me over. Also, the timing sucked. I am not sure if all of a sudden my “Spidey Senses: (that is what I call it when my senses are super in tune), are heightened or my energy that attracts spirits has increased. I do know that these three incidents were different for me. The usual static electricity feeling up and down the right side of my body came after my neck and head got so hot, I was sweating.

Situation #1:  Days before Christmas Eve, I kept having this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was off or something was going to happen. I am always stressed and over busy like everyone else during the holidays, but this was different. For Christmas Eve, we were going to my in-laws. My husband’s parents know that I am a medium and his mother believes in my gift, but I don’t think his father does. That is not unusual for me. My own father and brother have issues with it … that is one of the reasons why for the time being, my blog is anonymous.

Anyways, I do not bring it up in front of the rest of my husband’s family. I am not sure if they talk about it when I am not around, but I am not very close with some of them and trust is a huge thing with me. I have to feel comfortable and feel that someone really cares about me, because my gift means a lot to me. This has nothing to do with anyone being a skeptic, because I can sense a skeptic the moment they walk into a room. Plus, if you haven’t experienced what I have, why should you believe? “Seeing is believing.”

So, the day of Christmas Eve, all is good. I got stuff ready to go, got in the car, and then on our way to my in-laws, the hot neck, hot head and sweating started. I told my husband that someone was with me, and I did not want to walk into his parent’s home feeling like this. I then tell him to slow down because I need to get rid of this spirit. Then my husband says, “But, what if it is my relative?” I then could feel that it was his grandfather, which I didn’t tell him. There was no way I was going to walk in there and start giving a message. I know it sounds stupid to someone reading this, but the family dynamic in this situation is not comfortable for me. Comfort is huge when doing any reading. Also, the acceptance of the message. I don’t want to walk into a room and say, “Hey, your dead family member road over with me …” Then silence and awkwardness would envelope the room. (I would never say it exactly like that, but you get the picture.) I don’t want other people to be uncomfortable either.

So, before I went in, I promised my husband’s grandfather that he could come visit me again and I would give my father-in-law and mother-in-law the message. Preferably, when we were alone with them. He understood. We had a wonderful evening, and I know, that all their family members that have passed were there watching with love.

The Fire Station

About six years ago, I was asked if I wanted to observe a female paranormal team do an investigation. They knew I was a sensitive and that I was curious about how a team goes about an investigation. They were asked to investigate a fire station in Los Angeles County, which was located next to an old cemetery. I absolutely wanted to go and observe these ladies in action.

A few days before the investigation, I went over to the woman’s home that was in charge of the group. She wanted to get me familiar with the equipment that they were going to use during the investigation and teach me how to use it. Also, she wanted to show me evidence of their past investigations. It was all very interesting and I appreciated her taking the time to show me what happens behind the scenes before they approach an investigation.

The day of the investigation, I was nervous. Plus, I was dealing with a spirit that had been really weighing on me. I was going on days with no sleep and was anxious. REMEMBER, this was six years ago and I was still learning how to set boundaries with spirits. I was hoping the investigation was going to be a fun distraction.

When we got to the fire station, the ladies started interviewing all of the firemen and their Fire Chief. Then they started setting up their equipment all over the station, which was small. The plan was to start with the areas with the least activity, then move their way to the more active areas, then end up in the old cemetery next door. That is where the firemen thought the activity was coming from.

The activity was mainly in the room that they all slept in. Right next to that room, on the other side of the wall, was the cemetery. They said that they heard a little girl either crying or laughing. They had felt their beds shake while trying to sleep. They heard knocking throughout the room. Also, they said that things would get moved. They would set something somewhere and when they came back, it would be oved. Also, they sometimes thought they saw something real quick in the mirror in the bathroom.

As I walked through the fire station, I felt nothing out of the ordinary, but also I was taking in every detail and every thing these ladies were doing. They asked the firemen to all stay in the sitting/kitchen area during their investigation. Only one fireman wanted to be apart of the investigation, so he and I observed the ladies doing their thing. He and I just stood out of the way and kept quiet. This was all kind of boring and long, until we got to the room that the firemen slept in.

The ladies then asked us to sit on the far side of the room so they could do their investigation. They were getting some good hits on their EMF detector, and after asking a lot of questions, they thought they were talking to a little girl. They proceeded to get down on their knees to be at the little girls level, so she wouldn’t feel frightened. That is when I got full body static electricity chills. They were so strong, it took my breath away. I could feel the most intense energy circling around me. Then, I could feel a male presence standing next to me. He seemed to be amused by what the ladies were doing, and he was giggling. I could see him perfectly. He was tall, he had light hair, and he looked like he was either late 30’s or early 40’s.

He then said to me, “Who do they think they are talking too?” I told him I had no idea, because I didn’t see a thing. Then we both laughed and that got the ladies attention … I forgot to use my inside voice and laughed out loud. They were not happy, so I explained to them that I was feeling a male spirit around me. They thought I was making it up, like I was crazy … as they were on their knees communicating with air. Then the male spirit said something to me … I hear, “Go outside and look.” So I tell the ladies that I need some fresh air and I excused myself from the investigation.

Once I was outside, I could still feel him with me, but he was frustrated. I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me, so I walked around outside and sat out there for awhile, until the ladies were done with their investigation. I went back in and helped them gather up all their equipment. The woman in charge was being so rude to me. As we were putting all the equipment in their bags and talking to the firemen, I could feel the male presence with me again, and this time he said, “Turn around and look inside.”

I froze, then I slowly turned around, and behind me on the wall (which I did not even notice before), was a glass case filled with pictures of fallen fire fighters. And right in the middle was the man I had been feeling and talking to. I blurted out loud, “Who is this?” Everyone went quiet. Then the Fire Chief said, “That is KH, he was my best friend, but he wasn’t ever assigned to this station. His death was all over the news, he died during one of the largest fires in LA. He got trapped with another fire fighter, between the fire truck and the fire. His death was tragic.” I then explained to him that his spirit was with me, and he wanted his friend to give his family a message. The message was that he was good and that he was sorry he didn’t get to say goodbye. He loves his family and he is always with them. I then noticed that all the firemen had tears in their eyes. I could feel their fear that what happened to KH could happen to them. And they were genuinely sad by the loss of one of their own, regardless if they knew him or not. They were one big family.

When I got home, I looked up the story of KH, and I cried. I felt like I knew him and I felt so horrible for his family. I hope they got the message from the Fire Chief, and got a little comfort from KH’s message for them.

I did not go on another investigation with the ladies. They spend every chance they can get doing investigations. Some have picked their search for ghosts over their families, and were still waiting to have that big paranormal moment happen for them. It really bothered them that I could go into an investigation and communicate without all the gadgets. The ugly monster called “jealousy” reared its head and I don’t play with mean girls!

Be kind, don’t judge, listen to one another, have patience, and just be nice … It’s good juju. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!



Something New

I have interactions with spirits all the time. They are short and sweet, but not forgotten. That is why I am going to start writing about the little encounters that happen. Also, it gives me a fun break from writing the longer more detailed encounters that I experience. Every encounter I have with a spirit is meaningful to me, and I want to share more of what normal is to me. What I mean by that is that I see and feel spirits all the time. That is my normal. I do know how to protect myself and how to block things out, but its just a part of my everyday life. Also, every situation and encounter is different.

My safe place and my sanctuary is my home. I do not do readings at my home, and if I feel that a person has come into my home with any sort of negative juju, I cleanse. I tease that my home is always on “lock down” from spirits. Not that the spirits always listen, but I have the tools to protect myself and my family.

So, please enjoy the little but important stories of spirits just doing their thing and me loving the chance to share my experiences….Big or small.