Kim Russo

My FAVORITE  medium!!!!!! Kim Russo, also known as, “The Happy Medium.”  I am obsessed with her show called, “The Haunting of.” On her show, she helps celebrities that have had a paranormal encounter and are looking for answers about what it was and why it happened. This premise is based on another show called, “Celebrity Ghost Stories.” It is a program where celebrities tell about their paranormal experience.

Kim meets the celebrity at the place where their experience happened and figures out what really was happening. Kim also gives them messages from family members and friends or acquaintances that have passed away. Her senses and abilities are amazing. The obscure things she tells these celebrities about their loved ones, is absolutely amazing. The information she gets is so detailed and spot on, that the celebrity is always in shock. They always comment that there is no way she could know the things she knows unless it came from their deceased loved ones.

Kim is my favorite medium because of how she reads. We have a lot in common. She is to the point, no nonsense, and at the same time, respectful of who she is reading. I know she does more than the investigative readings, but that is what I prefer. I like to try and solve a mystery with spirits helping me. I get a rush off of going to a location and knowing nothing before I get there, then leaving with an answer for my clients.

I am not sure when Kim Russo will have some new episodes or do something different on TV, but look her up. Record her show. They are all reruns now, but worth it. I am bummed because I just found out she was in El Cajon, Ca this past weekend. DANG! My dream is to meet her and possibly learn from her. Until then, I will enjoy watching her on TV.

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures has been on Travel Channel for 15 seasons. I have seen every episode. This show used to be my favorite ghost hunting show, but I had nothing to compare it to. Now, there are so many entertaining paranormal shows and each one shows a different way of investigating. Ghost Adventures is more like an over dramatic, but entertaining history lesson, that ends with an investigation, but no solutions.

Don’t get me wrong, I watch Ghost Adventures, but their way of investigating is to aggressive for me. I do like that they find unusual and different locations to investigate, and you get a history lesson that is fascinating, but their attack mode investigating is not for me. You can’t poke a bear wanting a reaction, and then when you get one, you go running and screaming. I believe in a respectful approach. Investigate with the thought that you are trying to communicate with someone’s loved one. I realize that the Ghost Adventure crew does not always deal with good spirits, but why rile them up, then pack up all your gear and leave?? That leaves a location with more negative activity and leaves the client with a bigger problem. Also, all the negative caca they just riled up, will probably follow them home. (which leads to their other show called, Ghost Adventures, After Shocks)

The Ghost Adventure crew has a lot of high tech gear they use on their investigations. Some of the technology they use is amazing!! Other fancy gadgets they use are just annoying. Also, why (not just GAC) are investigations done in pure darkness?? I have only done one investigation in semi-darkness and I could of got the same results with the lights on. If a place is haunted…then its haunted. Ghosts don’t care what time of day it is.

The lead investigator, Zak Bagans, has his own museum in Las Vegas filled with items that have negativity attached to them, or that are historically tide to a horrible event or events. I have not been to this museum, but I would love to go. I would definitely have to protect myself before going in there, but I am fascinated and curious.

The Ghost Adventure Crew mean well. I know they go to these locations to try and help people.  I would just go about it differently. I will keep watching the GAC in action. Like I said they are entertaining, and every few episodes they get some really solid evidence that ghosts do exist.


Paranormal State: 2007-2011

Even though Paranormal State hasn’t run a new episode in six years, I still record them and enjoy watching them. The episodes are 30 minutes and I am always intrigued by what they find and how they help their clients. The PS team does a no nonsense, intense investigation and then come up with a solution.

Paranormal State’s founder and head investigator is Ryan Buell. His team of investigators are: Sergey Poberezhny, Katrina Wiedman, Eilfie Music, and Heather Taddy. The team will also invite well known psychics to join their investigations. Michelle Belanger who is a self-described psychic vampire and is an author, will join the investigation if they think something dark or ritualistic is going on. If there is something negative, she helps the clients with a solution.

One of my favorite mediums they have come to investigate is Lorraine Warren. She has been involved in some of the most famous paranormal investigations in the world: The Perron Family  (The Conjuring), The haunting at Amityville, The Enfield Poltergeist (The Conjuring 2), The Snedeker House (Haunting in Connecticut), The Haunted Doll, Annabelle, and many more. She is a cute and spunky lady, and I love when I get to watch her because she inspires me.

Another favorite medium of mine that sometimes would help the PS team is, Chip Coffey. My dream is to meet him someday and work with him. I was obsessed with his paranormal show he had called, Psychic Kids. I learned a lot from that program and I always wished he had a show call Psychic Adults.

Paranormal State is one of the few shows that the majority of the time they have a conclusion that is satisfying. Set your DVR, it’s worth it.

Reality TV Review

Kindred Spirits: Season 2, Episode 2: Aired; 9/22/2017

The investigators are Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. They are both from my favorite paranormal show, Ghost Hunters. Their show is about helping families figure out who is haunting their homes and what the spirits want. I personally like how they go about helping these families and how they go about doing the actual investigation. They are always respectful and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. They treat the family and the spirits with respect.

This episode was about a single man who was afraid of his own home. He hears noises in the basement, feels like he is being watched, and the worst activity he says is in his bedroom, so he sleeps downstairs. He also thinks its a demonic presence that is in his home.

Amy and Adam do a three night investigation using equipment and they also look into the history of the town and the house. They interview friends, family, and anyone that can maybe help with their investigation.

After they collect all their evidence and information, they go back to the home owner with what they have found. And in this situation, the activity in the home is not demonic, but something entirely different than he thought.

My reviews are my opinion on how different investigators go about finding an answer for their clients. I want you to watch this program and form your own opinion. I don’t want to ruin the mystery, you need to watch it and see who is really doing the haunting. Of course, I am always baffled why investigators just don’t have a medium come with them on every investigation.?.?


Paranormal Reality TV

October is almost here!!! My favorite month of the year. I thought I would do a fun post on how obsessed I am with Paranormal Reality TV. I have watched them all. I am also the biggest skeptic when it comes to what is or isn’t reality. During October, I am going to give reviews on all the paranormal shows I watch. Here are some of the shows I have watched in the past and some I still watch. Alot of my favorite shows are not on anymore, but my DVR is set in case they show old episodes. I love to watch certain episodes more than once or entire seasons more than once. How many of these shows have you watched?

  • Ghost Adventures
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Paranormal State
  • Psychic Kids
  • Dead Files
  • Haunted Collector
  • Ghost Lab
  • Paranormal Challenge
  • Ghost Mine
  • Paranormal Lockdown
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • The Haunted
  • Deadly Possessions
  • The Haunting
  • Ghost Stalkers
  • Most Haunted
  • Most Terrifying Places In America
  • Paranormal Cops
  • Most Haunted
  • Haunted Encounters
  • Haunted Highways
  • Ghost Asylum
  • Haunted Towns
  • Destination Truth
  • Paranormal Witness
  • Fact or Faked Paranormal Files
  • Kindered Spirits
  • Ghosts Of Shepherdstown
  • Ghost Brothers

And of Course, my very favorites:

  1. Theresa Caputo/Long Island Medium
  2. Kim Russo/The Haunting of…
  3. Tyler Henry/Hollywood Medium

I wasn’t lying when I said obsessed.