A Human Story

This post is not about communicating with spirits. This post is about me. My decision to do this post is base on a couple of stories that I am going to post. I know by posting these stories, many people are going to figure out who I am. And at this point of my life, I am ok with that. I am hoping that I will not be judged or called names because of my gift. I hope people realize that I am helping people, and I would never push my ability on anyone that it made uncomfortable.

I have had different reactions when people I know find out I can communicate with spirits. Some ask a lot of questions and are intrigued, others just give me that look and I know not to mention anything in front of them. I also think my gift confuses people who are religious. I always explain to them that my gift has nothing to do with any religion. In fact I find all religions fascinating and I respect them all.

An example of what I deal with is this: We belong to a country club. We have a close  group of couples that we do dinners with and go out with. The women in the group know that I am a medium. At first they asked a lot of questions because they are intrigued. I like to make sure they know that I am not always sitting there reading them (even though there are a few that would love that). Now it doesn’t come up, unless one of the ladies asks if I had any interesting readings lately.

Some how a couple outside of our group found out that I am a medium, and the husband kept asking my friends if I was a witch. That pissed them off. Thank goodness my friends are awesome. They told this man that I am not a witch, and if he had any questions to just ask me himself. Also they explained to him, that I talk to spirits not do spells or conjure up spirits. Eventually I was at a function and this man and his wife were there. The wife actually struck up a conversation and asked me about my gift. We talked for awhile, and this couple eventually joined our group and any of their pre existing judgments of me were long gone. I am just a regular girl that happens to be able to communicate with spirits.

Now for family, I know my dad and my brother think I am crazy. I don’t care anymore. This gift is a part of me. I have always tried to be respectful around them because I know it makes them uncomfortable. You should be able to be yourself around family. No judging, just love. Easier said than done. I have come to the conclusion, due to my interactions with many friends, that no family is perfect. Always a work in progress.

I love my gift. Is it a lot at times? Yes it is, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I will have to come to the realization that if someone has a problem with my gift when they find out….it is their problem, not mine. I most definitely will have hurt feelings if I am judged entirely on that part of me. I am a lot of other things to the ones who are close to me. Mom, wife, friend, sister, aunt, and a strong woman with a soft heart.




Lost, Evil, & Grumpy: Part 4

Lost Young Man: “J”

The best for last. Let’s go back to the investigation: I communicated with a young male who appeared to me during my walk through of the warehouse at Mrs. V’s office. He was in his twenties, he kept saying the number 8, and he told me his name was “J”, or Jay or Jason. He had sandy brown hair, he was wearing leather riding gear (motorcycle). He road a red street motorcycle and he died from a crash on that motorcycle. He roams around the entire area, but likes the girls in Mrs. V’s office. He only messes with the guy in the warehouse because he is the only guy. “J” kept saying to me something about my son. At the time I wasn’t sure if he had known one of my sons or not. Also, he showed me that he used to hang out with his friends at some kind of warehouse or mechanical shop. They would talk about motorcycles and cars. He kept saying, “Your son” to me.

I left the ladies at Mrs. V’s office with the information that I got from “J”, and they were going to do research on who he could possibly be.

That night I had a dream that I was standing out front of Mrs. V’s office building and “J” was there. He made me follow him to the office building to the right of Mrs. V’s office. When we got up to the building, which was all black windows, he told me to look inside. I put my hands up to the glass then my face up to my hands so I could look inside. I could not see a thing. When I looked back to tell “J” that I couldn’t see through the black window, he was gone. I instantly woke up.

I remembered what that building was because I felt like I had to drive around Mrs. V’s office building before I investigated it. The building next door was a gymnastics gym/school. For some reason “J” wanted me to know it was there, and check it out.

This is the part of every investigation that is always shocking to me. It’s when what I felt, heard, and saw is validated. Makes me cry every time. I am still in awe that I have this gift.

Mrs. V and the ladies in her office did all the research with what information I had given them. This is what they found:

A twenty four year old male named Jason (they got his last name, but I won’t print that), who lived in San Juan Capistrano, was killed on his red Honda motorcycle in September 2008. He was killed on his way to work in Santa Ana. He had a little girl that was almost 2 years old, and a fiancé. His mother and step-father live in San Clemente. He loved motorcycles, he was a welder, and he played guitar. He loved going to the desert and riding off road.

As Mrs. V is giving me all of this information and I am writing it down, I realize that I had a premonition about this exact moment. In my personal life at that moment, my husband and I were battling my son about getting a street motorcycle. My premonition was of me sitting exactly where I was sitting and writing and realizing that Jason was giving me a message. He was a lot like my son. They had the same interests. I then realized that Jason was trying to warn me about the street motorcycle. I also felt that he was at Mrs. V’s office for another reason, and I needed to figure out what it was.

I decided to read all the information that Mrs. V sent me regarding Jason’s life and death. Jason reminded me so much of my son, and there were a lot of personal details that helped me get to know Jason. Those details would help me when I went back to cleanse Mrs. V’s office.

I did mention the dream I had to Mrs. V of Jason leading me to the building next door. We both thought maybe his daughter who would now be 11, might have taken or takes gymnastics lessons there. We knew her name, but her mom may have changed her last name, so Mrs. V was going to look into it.

When I went to cleanse the office, I told Mrs. V that I was going to ask Jason to come home with me. I don’t usually do that, but I really felt he had unfinished business. I also felt like he was there to help me too. Sometimes it takes time to put the pieces together, but I really wanted to help him. Hopefully he would continue to show me signs and keep giving me pieces of the puzzle.

Jason was easy to cleanse, but I still had the gut feeling that the reason he would hang around Mrs. V’s office was because it was close to the gymnastics school. Mrs. V did go over to the gymnastics school and check to see if Jason’s daughter was a student there. The young man that worked there said they could not give her that information, so Mrs. V then explained the situation to him. She told him she knew it sounded crazy, but we were trying to solve a mystery. This got the young man intrigued. He then said that the name Mrs. V gave was not in the system, but the first name was. So possibly Jason’s fiancé changed the little girls last name. The young man could not give us the last name of the girl with the same first name. We expected that. Confidentiality.

After the cleansing, I felt Jason’s spirit come home with me. And I allowed him to come into my home. BUT… I forgot to tell my family that I brought him home. Both of my sons are sensitives, not as clear as me, but one of them could be better than me if he opened himself up to it. They don’t want anything to do with their gifts.

A couple of days after the cleansing, my younger son came into our kitchen and told me that I needed to cleanse the house again. So I asked him why? (I played dumb) I wanted to know what he heard and saw, and because he is sensitive and does not like to talk about it, its my way of proving to him that he has a gift. He then told me that he came down in the middle of the night for a glass of water and as he was filling his glass at the sink, he looked out the kitchen window and there was a young guy standing there. It scared the crap out of him. He then turned around to go back upstairs and he could feel someone following him up the stairs. My son then went into his room and closed his door. He said he could hear someone open and closing doors and walking around in the hallway. Then it just stopped.

I told my son that the young man he saw was Jason, and I brought him home with me after a cleansing. First my son asked if I had completely lost my mind, and then he said I should of warned him. He was right, but I never thought he would see Jason. I told my son all about Jason and that he died on a street motorcycle. I also told him that Jason had a lot in common with him, and being the momma bear that I am, I want to do what I can to help him. My son asked me to tell Jason to not scare the crap out of him again. I told him to tell Jason himself. He just rolled his eyes at me and shook his head. A mom can try.

Over a year has passed, and I don’t feel Jason around. I am hoping that someone recognizes the information in this story and either passes it on or knows something so I can have this story come full circle. My son still does not have a motorcycle, but it is still a sensitive subject. Now that he has moved out, it is his choice. The day he does get one, I can kiss sleep and my nerves good bye! I will be worried every time he gets on it.


Lost, Evil, and Grumpy: Part 3

Dark Evil Man:

One of the reasons I have waited to write the follow up to this investigation, is that my client told me I forgot a few things that happened during the investigation. So that is why I got all her notes before I wrote this post. I wanted to add the few details that I forgot and she thought was important.

When I investigated originally, I left out that the dark evil man kept poking me in the head, and he kept making me feel like I was being stabbed in my side. His hatred for me being there was so strong that I knew then that cleansing him out was going to be a fight.

When I came back for the cleansing, I decided to take an aggressive approach to clearing out the dark evil man. I was there to boss him around and I didn’t care if he wanted to talk or not. He had to go! I started on the second floor where I felt him the first time. I told him he had to leave and that he wasn’t welcome there. I could feel him and sense that he was not happy I was back. He called me some choice words, but I kept at him and chased him down the hall to the stairway. He fought me and I just kept at it, making it clear over and over that he had to leave. Again he tried to hide from me by going through the wall to the deep walk in closet next door. So I had to go next store to cleanse him out of the closet. He went through the wall again into the hallway behind. So back to the hallway I went. He disappeared and I knew he was hiding.

I was then drawn to the double doors in the hallway that led to the offices. I could feel instantly that the dark evil man was attached to the person who sat at the desk right in front of the double doors. I cleansed that whole are thoroughly and I kept repeating myself that he wasn’t welcome there. Then the weirdest thing happened, I went back to the hallway to push the dark evil man out the door to the outside, and I looked towards the stairs real quick, and there was a large black cricket on the stairs. I asked Mrs. V if she had seen black crickets in her office before, and she said she had not.

I went back to cleansing the dark evil man out the door, then closed the door to the outside. I had pushed him out. I went back into the office and in the middle of the office was another large black cricket. I had never seen a black cricket before and it freaked Mrs. V and I out.

I told Mrs. V that it was going to be a struggle to keep the dark evil man out. I really had a feeling he was hiding and waiting to get back in. She would have to cleanse every few weeks. I also felt he was attached to the young female who sat in the desk near the double doors. (I really cleansed around her desk) It would be up to Mrs. V if she wanted to tell this young woman or just see how my cleansing worked first. I had a gut feeling that the dark evil man was going to give me trouble after this.

I cleansed myself after I left there, but I could still feel his presence lurking. I know he came to my work right after I did the cleansing, because I started to feel depressed and I had a heavy feeling around me. I just wanted to go home where he couldn’t get in my house and I could regroup.

The next day when I came to work I was shocked by what I saw. Still can’t believe it. I stood there in total disbelief and tried to figure out how it happened. I will try to describe what I saw the best I can.

On the wall behind my small desk, I had a large metal dear head with metal antlers. Under the head I had a shelf with bottles on it and a picture frame. But today when I got to work I found the metal dear head was off the wall and its antler was stabbed into the top of my computer. Nothing on the shelf was disturbed. There is no way that dear head could of fell off the wall without taking out everything on the shelf.  It looked like someone took the dear head off the wall and forcefully stabbed my computer with it. (NOTE: I own my own business and I am the only one with a key, and I had a huge metal bike lock on my door, which was intact when I got there)

I know you are probably thinking that this is too crazy to be true. So I had my hubby come to my work to look at it and have him try to come up with an explanation. He could not come up with how the head came off the wall and did not knock anything off of the shelf below it or how the antler was stabbed with such force. We did figure out that my computer was a goner. The dent on top of the computer was so bad that it shattered the screen inside. I took pictures of what happened, and maybe I will share them someday when I share who I am, but until then you just have to trust me. My hubby tells this story to people when the subject comes up about me being a medium or what it is like being married to a medium.

I knew the dark evil man did this. He made his point. So I texted Mrs. V to see how things were going there and to tell her what happened to me. She said a few things had happened that were unexplainable, so I told her to cleanse again. Then if that didn’t work, I would come back and bring a male sensitive who I knew that was tough and more intimidating than me. We would cleanse the dark evil man out hopefully for good.

Time went by and things seemed to calm down at Mrs. V’s office. Then one night I was watching a paranormal show called, “The Ghosts of Shepherdstown”. In this particular episode, the paranormal team with the help of a medium, and a priest, were going to cleanse an evil entity or demon from a Tea House, which was located inside of an old home. They were all standing around a circle that was drawn on the floor and they were holding hands. The priest was chanting and yelling for this entity to get out. Next thing that happened freaked me out, all of a sudden there were black crickets all over the room. BLACK CRICKETS!!!!!! Exactly what I saw while cleansing the dark evil man from Mrs. V’s office building.

The next day I texted Mrs. V. I did not want to freak her out, so I asked how things were going. She said things had been calm and the vibe changed in the office, especially since her employee that I thought the dark evil man was attached to, wasn’t working there anymore. So I decided to tell her what I had seen on that paranormal show. She couldn’t believe it. Definitely another lessen for me.

So dark evil man was gone. I talk to Mrs. V quite a bit. We have become close friends. After I write Part 4 about the lost young man, I will write about my most recent investigation at Mrs. V’s office building. It is an active location. I have my theory as to why her office building is so active, but I will reveal that in the post about my latest investigation.



Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #3

I have been needing a new cell phone and iPAD for awhile, and have been procrastinating making an appointment, because I had a really bad experience in the past and lost all my data. All my pictures and contacts … GONE. So, this time, I made sure that all my information was backed up in that cloudy thing (iCloud), before my appointment. My husband came with me for moral support, in case I had a mental melt down in public if everything got lost again. (If you’re thinking “dramatic,” what I say to that is, I hope you never lose your pictures … vacations, family, special moments. IT SUCKS!)

We had to wait for about 15 minutes for the first available salesperson, and my nerves were on edge. Our salesperson was a young man, he told me my options, then told me to go pick out the color phone I wanted. I was sitting, so I  got up to go look at the floor samples to pick out a color for my phone. On my way back to the table, I felt off. As I went to sit down, I had to grab hold of the table because it felt like I was falling forward and then everything around me felt like it was falling. I had to hold on tight so I wouldn’t fall over. I looked at my hubby, then the salesperson, and it took me a minute to get myself together. I told them that I felt like the whole room was tilting and I was falling. My husband understood what was happening to me, but this poor young man, he was just looking at me with huge eyes.

Then the hot neck and head started. I was sweating. I couldn’t concentrate on what the young man was saying to me and I was burning up. I could feel a male presence standing behind me. I had to excuse myself and take a walk outside. I needed to get rid of this spirit, and by the time I took a walk and went back in, the spirit backed off. He was still there, but he wasn’t right up on me. As we were finishing and everything was transferring, I had the worst chills. Not on the outside, it felt like my bones were chilled. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

We left the phone store and went out to dinner. I could still feel the male presence, and the bones chills would not stop. I could see that he died from a bad fall and he was disoriented when he died. I could not see where he was or what he fell off of. I kept seeing myself falling forward, and everything around me was moving. He made me feel that his death was a horrible accident, and he was young. Gone too soon. Finally, I think he realized I could just listen to his story, but I couldn’t help him. Slowly my chills went away and he left.

This incident really bothered me. It is still bothering me. Should I have stood up at the phone store and tried to figure out who the male presence belonged to? Am I that open all of a sudden, that I am going to have all these crazy experiences every where I go now? I have to tell you, it scared me and unnerved me that I had a hard time controlling it and that I am not going to be able to keep quiet. So, when I feel that a strong presence  wants to be heard, should I take my chances and tell a total stranger that their dead loved one is with me?

These experiences are becoming a turning point for me. My battle is with myself. Do I care if someone thinks I am crazy? Or do I care more that I may just give someone closure and comfort?

Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #2

For New Year’s Eve, we went out-of-town to my parent’s vacation home. My brother and sister-in-law also have a vacation home there too. I grew up going there and was excited to hang out with my family and catch up with friends that I have known for years.

My brother’s home is across the street from my parent’s home. We all hang out on their porches and friends come by to visit. It’s a time to relax, have a cocktail or a glass of wine, have appetizers, and catch-up with friends. Relaxed and not thinking of talking to spirits, usually means they will come.

I was sitting on my mom and dad’s porch enjoying my wine, when an old friend pulled up. Instantly, I get a weird, uncomfortable feeling, so I excused myself and went in the house. I waited until he went over to my brother’s house, after he has said “Hi” to my parents, before I went back outside.

I could sense that my old friend had at least 4 spirits around him. At first, I just sensed an older male, but right behind him was a female, then two other males behind her. I just kept hoping that he would stay over at my brothers. Then my brother said, “Let’s all go over and hang out at my parents.” So not only my brother, my sister-in-law, my old friend, and his girlfriend come over, but this other couple came too.

My old friend walks right up to me and says “Hi.” That is when I start getting the hot neck, and the hot head, which turned into sweating. The energy around him was so intense!! I hadn’t felt so much spirit energy like that around someone before. My friend went back to talking with the guys. I am sitting there burning up and then my lungs start to hurt. My mom could tell I am uncomfortable and that there was something wrong. I told her I was burning up and I could feel spirits. So then I look at my friend’s girlfriend and I blurt out, “I am a medium and XXXX has spirit energy around him.” Then I look around and everyone is looking at me. AWKWARD!!!! My brother says, “You sure know how to make a conversation uncomfortable.” (He said it kind of joking, but he was right.) My friend totally ignored me, but his girlfriend wanted to know more.

I tell her that I sense and older male, but he is not alone. As I am about to tell her about the female, she says that his cousin, who is a female, just committed suicide a few weeks before. Then next you know, my friend comes up to his girlfriend and says they are leaving. I apologized that I may have upset him, but of course he says I didn’t, and he would come by to visit later. They left. I felt horrible. My sister-in-law starts to tell me what happened with the cousin that committed suicide, but I told her not to tell me anything, just in case he did want to come back for a message later. I did ask how she died, because my lungs hurt and it was hard to breathe. She died of self-inflicted  asphyxiation.

I felt so bad the rest of the trip. I did see my friend one more time, but barely talked to him and I could feel he was avoiding me. His girlfriend barely said two words to me. It was awkward. I let my guard down. I felt relaxed around my family and friends, so I blurted before I thought it through. Another lesson learned!! As my hubby says, “Know your audience.”


Wrong Time, Wrong Place: Situation #1

I know I have said this before, but I sense and feel spirits more often than not. Lately, I’ve been having trouble blocking them out when I am in public. Not that there is a resolution to them visiting me, but they are experiences that I find interesting. I really have been in three situations lately that just came on so quick that the energy about knocked me over. Also, the timing sucked. I am not sure if all of a sudden my “Spidey Senses: (that is what I call it when my senses are super in tune), are heightened or my energy that attracts spirits has increased. I do know that these three incidents were different for me. The usual static electricity feeling up and down the right side of my body came after my neck and head got so hot, I was sweating.

Situation #1:  Days before Christmas Eve, I kept having this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was off or something was going to happen. I am always stressed and over busy like everyone else during the holidays, but this was different. For Christmas Eve, we were going to my in-laws. My husband’s parents know that I am a medium and his mother believes in my gift, but I don’t think his father does. That is not unusual for me. My own father and brother have issues with it … that is one of the reasons why for the time being, my blog is anonymous.

Anyways, I do not bring it up in front of the rest of my husband’s family. I am not sure if they talk about it when I am not around, but I am not very close with some of them and trust is a huge thing with me. I have to feel comfortable and feel that someone really cares about me, because my gift means a lot to me. This has nothing to do with anyone being a skeptic, because I can sense a skeptic the moment they walk into a room. Plus, if you haven’t experienced what I have, why should you believe? “Seeing is believing.”

So, the day of Christmas Eve, all is good. I got stuff ready to go, got in the car, and then on our way to my in-laws, the hot neck, hot head and sweating started. I told my husband that someone was with me, and I did not want to walk into his parent’s home feeling like this. I then tell him to slow down because I need to get rid of this spirit. Then my husband says, “But, what if it is my relative?” I then could feel that it was his grandfather, which I didn’t tell him. There was no way I was going to walk in there and start giving a message. I know it sounds stupid to someone reading this, but the family dynamic in this situation is not comfortable for me. Comfort is huge when doing any reading. Also, the acceptance of the message. I don’t want to walk into a room and say, “Hey, your dead family member road over with me …” Then silence and awkwardness would envelope the room. (I would never say it exactly like that, but you get the picture.) I don’t want other people to be uncomfortable either.

So, before I went in, I promised my husband’s grandfather that he could come visit me again and I would give my father-in-law and mother-in-law the message. Preferably, when we were alone with them. He understood. We had a wonderful evening, and I know, that all their family members that have passed were there watching with love.

The Girl

I should really have titled this story, “The First Spirit That Showed Me The Way.” This young spirit made it clear to me that I could hear her, see her, and feel her emotions. It wasn’t an easy lesson and it took time. Through her patience and persistence, I not only figured out that I could talk to spirits, but that I wasn’t losing my mind. I already knew I could sense spirits, but being able to fully communicate with them changed my life. She changed the way I felt about the spirit world and the unknown.

During or at the end of this story, some of you may have heard of the events that this post is about. I am not going to give dates, names, or exact references out of respect for the family and friends of my spirit girl. I will give her a made up name, because she does deserve more than being called, “The Girl.” I am going to call her Jess, in honor of a dear friend of mine that passed away tragically. So here it goes, this is a long and complex story that really got me started on my journey of helping people communicate with their loved ones and opening up my mind to listen to spirits that need a voice to communicate for them.

A girlfriend of mine texted me and asked if I could do a temp job answering phones for a large company in Foothill Ranch for a couple weeks. Since I worked out of my home at the time, and it was my slow time of year, I said yes. I had not done a temp job for her company before, so I figured if she was calling me, she was desperate, and it sounded fun. Something different. Meet new people. How hard could it be?

The office building was right off of the 241 Toll Road. I had driven past it hundreds of times. It was a beautiful office and everyone was very friendly. I had minimal duties, and mastered the phone system. Ok, I lied … the phone system sucked and no one ever took any of their calls. A large building full of people who, “Were not available,” or “In a Meeting.” Geez!! So, I just lied to everyone all day on the phones and got paid very well to do so. It was temporary … what did I care?

Since I had not worked an 8 hour day in a while, I would come home and pass out. All that lying to people was exhausting. Then the second week came, which was my last five days, and something changed. The energy in the main lobby where I was working felt heavier. I also kept feeling like I was being watched or like someone was standing behind me. I was definitely getting more uncomfortable and I couldn’t wait for the day to end. By the end of the week, I just wanted it to be over.

Pretty much after working that job, the energy in my master bedroom changed. I would wake up in the middle of the night and the energy in my bedroom felt chaotic. Like there were fast swirls of energy going back and forth in the room. Then it would stop. The next night, the energy almost sounded like it was whispering to me. I yelled for the energy to stop and it would. I would wake up frazzled and cranky. I would be in a fog all day. Very distracted and I could tell I was having crazy emotions that were not normal for me.

For me, I like to relieve stress or meditate by speed walking. I don’t listen to music, and I love to walk alone. Me and my thoughts. I had to push myself to get my walk in because of how tired and distracted I felt. For some reason that day, I decided to change my route. It was a longer route, and to an area I didn’t usually walk through. The change of route and the being tormented at night went on for weeks. Then finally, Jess showed herself to me.

I woke up in the middle of the night to cabinets slamming and banging on the walls. I could feel that chaotic energy swirling all over the room. This time it woke my husband up and the moment he sat up, it stopped. He got up and looked around and there was nothing there. I still was sitting up, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the far left corner of my room. I could see what looked like a young girl with brown hair and a cream colored dress on. My husband and I both laid back down to try and go back to sleep. My husband is that lucky person who when their head hits the pillow, they go right to sleep. Not me. I laid there still going over in my mind what I thought I saw, then I felt someone standing next to the bed and I could hear what sounded like breathing. I opened my eyes and there was the young girl from the corner, standing over me. I screamed so loud and jumped on top of my husband, still screaming. I just kept pointing and screaming, but she was gone. My poor hubby, I scared the crap out of him, and he thought I had completely lost my mind.

After several nights of this, I went and talked to someone that was referred to me by a friend, that could possibly give me some advice on how to deal with this spirit. This woman’s first suggestion was to cleanse the house. I was uncomfortable with that because I really felt like this young girl really needed my help. Then she suggested to just talk to the spirit. So that is what I did.

That night, I locked myself in my bedroom, turned off all the lights, sat on the ground, closed my eyes, and spoke to her. I sat there patiently and waited. I could feel the electric chill go up the right side of my body, then I could see her, she was whispering something. I kept telling her that I couldn’t understand her, and she became more and more frantic. Her energy started swirling and I could feel she was becoming more and more agitated. I could feel her frantic energy and she was making me nauseous. I had to yell at her to stop. I told her since I couldn’t understand what she was saying, she had to find other ways to show me.

That is when she would appear more often and I could feel her with me all the time. When she would come to me at night, she would be standing at the foot of my bed, pointing towards the left side of the room. That is where the front of my house was. She would give me other signs, but they did not make sense to me until I found out who she was.

I hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in months at this point. The Girl, Jess, was taking a toll on me. I felt run down and distracted all the time. At this point, I had had enough. I had not learned how to be in control, and her feelings were taking over mine. Almost like I was being possessed. So, I called a friend of mine to come and help me cleanse the house. I couldn’t live like this anymore and it was taking a toll on my marriage.

I sat my sons down and told them that I was going to have the house cleansed. What they both said to me shocked the heck out of me. I will never forget this moment and how I felt. My younger son says, “You need to do something, there is a creepy girl that floats over your side of the bed, and she looks like the girl from the movie, The Ring.” Then my other son says, “I’ve seen her too and she is always sitting on the bench at the end of your bed with all her dark hair down in front of her face, and she is rocking back and forth.” Then he adds, “And my brother is right, she looks like that creepy chick from the movie, The Ring,”

I can’t even believe what they are saying to me!!!!! First, I am shocked at how she shows herself to them, because when I see her she is beautiful, and her hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Second, I am not going crazy and I have validation that there is a young girl in my room.  Also, it made me question if I was doing the right thing by cleansing her out. Now I really wanted answers.

The next day (the day before I am going to have the house cleansed), I was home alone, hosing down the backyard and I heard what sounded like a horrible car crash. I lived near a busy street and near the 241 Toll Road, so it wasn’t unusual to hear accidents. But, I realized after 10 minutes or so, that I did not hear any sirens. So, I put down the hose and went out front. Then I walked down the street toward the busy street, and still I hear nothing. So, I thought that I had imagined the crash and headed back home. As I got to my driveway, I felt the static chill all over my body and I froze. I couldn’t move. Then I heard a girl’s voice as plain as day … “I died in a car crash.” Jess was standing there, pointing towards the toll road. I about passed out right there. My body unfroze and I went and sat on the porch. What came to mind right away was all the nights I would see her standing at the end of my bed pointing to the left … she was pointing at the toll road.

I then went inside, got on my computer, and looked up “young girl killed in car crash on 241 toll road.” What came up next was like a punch in the gut. There was her face, alive and beautiful. The car crash was horrific, and I realized which accident it was. It was all over the news when it happened. Not only was the crash the most horrifying scene, it was handled very poorly, and there was a lot of legal action after. I personally refused to look at the terrible pictures that were circulating all over the internet at that time. But, now I could feel Jess standing over me and I could hear her yelling at me to look at the images. I cried and begged her no, but she kept saying, “I need you to see!”

What I saw next made me scream and cry like I had never done before. I was crying so loud and hard, that I was choking. This poor girl, and her poor family!!! I just could not even imagine the pain. Jess then said to me, “I need you to tell my dad something.” I told her that I would try, but I needed to do more research.

I was still crying when my boys and my husband came home. I told them what happened and what has been happening. My older son tells me that his girlfriend used to live next door to the family when Jess was killed. So I asked him to call her and ask her if she could come over to talk to me.

My son’s girlfriend, I will call her Ally, came over and I told her the whole story. And here is where all the signs Jess had been showing me became clear. Ally said she used to live next door to Jess and their fathers are really good friends. I asked her where she used to live and she told me. I couldn’t believe it….. When Jess first started to come to me, is when I changed my walking route, and by changing my route I would walk past Jesses’s (I looked up how to write Jess in plural form and that’s what the internet says) home every time I walked. Then I wanted to know exactly where on the toll road the accident happened. Ally told me where, and I figured out that when I worked that temp job, I could see where Jess died from the windows of the building. My belief is, and this is after doing research, that when someone dies tragically, some are stuck in their death state, and looking for help. I think she sensed that I had the ability to help her.

Ally then told me the events that led to Jesses’s death. (I am not going to give those details, that is her families private business) I also learned that Jess had a drug problem, and had tried to stop doing drugs several times. That explained the agitation and fogginess that her energy was transferring to me. I then asked Ally if Jesses’s father would talk to me. I explained that Jess can not rest until her father gets this message. Ally said she would talk to her dad and let me know.

I was feeling good!! I was feeling back to normal….if I have a normal?? I could sense that Jesses’s energy was calm too. I was so close to helping her and that meant the world to me. Then Ally called…. Her dad said he did not think Jesses’s father or family was ready to hear what I had to say. I was so sad for Jess. So I asked Ally to give her father the message and when he thinks his friend is ready, tell him, and he can always contact me.

The Message: I am so sorry Daddy. I know all you were trying to do was help and I was to stubborn to listen. I was not in control of my drug problem and I wouldn’t admit it. I am sorry I stormed out of the house and took your car, and I am sorry that the pictures of how I died will be in your mind forever. I take full responsibility for my actions. There is nothing you could have done differently to save me, and I hope you can forgive me. I love you Daddy.

Ally said she would pass it on. I felt horrible that I couldn’t give Jess complete closure, but she understood. I have not seen her since and I have not heard from the family.

Jess was my teacher. Jess was my kick in the butt to stop ignoring that I have a gift. Jess was my strength when it came to helping other spirits. I became stronger and learned how to separate a spirits feelings from my own. I will always be grateful and I will never forget, The Girl.



Room With a View

My husband and I love to go to San Francisco. We try and go every other year. Our favorite time to go is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday. The city is packed and we have a blast going to the tree lighting in Central Park, then to our favorite restaurant. We always stay at The Parc 55 Hotel. It is located in the heart of downtown. Also, my husband prefers we stay somewhere that is not haunted, because the spirits know I am there and they usually come find my room and pay us a visit in the middle of the night. My hubby prefers a ghost free vacation, and I respect that. But, the last time we were in San Francisco and we checked in at The Parc 55, I had a horrible experience. This story is not rated “G,” and it is disturbing. I am second guessing myself as I am writing this. Should I or should I not tell this story? But, as a Medium I cannot always have happy, pretty images come from spirits.

My husband and I get our room key and the girl at the desk says we are going to love our room. It’s a corner room with a beautiful 180 degree view. Large room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Downtown. Yeah us!! We get in the elevator and up we go.  As we are going up, I started to feel really sick. I felt like I was going to throw up and my anxiety level was rising. I start shaking and sweating.

The doors open to the elevator at our floor and we step off. I am now feeling ill and filled with dread. I don’t want to go to our room, but I also feel like I am going to vomit, so hubby opens the door and I go stumbling across the room to the bathroom. It was not easy getting across the room because my equilibrium was so off balance, I had to hold onto the furniture. I feel like I have the worst flu I have ever had. My poor hubby does not know what to do. I have him help me get to the bed and that is when I saw the girl sitting over by the large windows.

She looked right at me. She had her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. She was rocking back and forth crying. She had bobbed black hair, dark makeup on that was smeared all over her face. She had a small short top on, mini skirt, and ripped fish net panty hose. Her high heels were on the ground next to her. She then says to me, “This was the beginning of my demise.” What she showed me next was horrific. (I am going to call her Kat so I don’t keep referring to her as “she”)

Kat then shows me that she is in the hotel bar and at this point I have already figured out that she is a prostitute. She is talking to two gentlemen in uniforms. They look like pilot uniforms to me. Next Kat shows me all three of them going upstairs and they are going into the room we are in. I can smell the alcohol on the men’s breath. These two men proceed to overpower her. Kat is making me feel how scared she is and full of fear and panic. They ruff her up and rape her for hours. That’s as graphic as I will go, it was horrible. When they are done with her, they throw money at her while she is curled in a ball crying on the bed, and then they leave.

Kat then says to me, “That event changed my life.” She couldn’t go to her pimp and complain, because it was all about the money to him. She couldn’t go to hotel security, because she was a prostitute. She cried all night staring out that window. She didn’t know how she was going to live with that horrible night playing over and over in her head. Her weak and desperate solution was to block it out of her mind with drugs.

The first thing Kat said to me was, “This was the beginning of my demise.” She told me she died from a drug overdose not too long after that incident. She crawled deeper and deeper into depression and drug use.

During this time I was communicating with Kat, my husband was on the phone getting us another room. I still felt horrible, but as we left the room and got on the elevator, I felt back to normal. I was ready to start our vacation and hit the city. I thought about Kat a lot during that trip and still do. I did have nightmares about what happened to her, and I woke up crying because of how scared and helpless she felt. Then I would be mad and frustrated because I couldn’t help her. I hope she had some closure by sharing her story with me. I would hate to have her living in torment in the afterlife too.

P.S. Every hotel has stories to tell … it doesn’t mean it’s haunted.






The Bridge

My husband and I are lucky to have many wonderful friends in our life. One of our dearest couple friends is D & B. They have always been so supportive of my gift and so open to hearing my experiences. Because of how open they are, it is easy for me to read them. It’s not like I try, but their loved ones are always around them. When we get together for dinner, D always brings up one of the most memorable readings I did for him, and how shocked he was to get a message from someone he looked up to when he was a child.

When we meet with D & B, we usually meet for drinks then go to dinner. This particular night, we went for Sushi. We love Niko Niko in Rancho Santa Margarita. We do the usual catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives. Then D says he has a question about a dream he had when he was a little boy, and it has always bothered him. I said tell me about the dream and I will try to help you figure it out.

When D was a little boy his neighbor died and D really looked up to this man. This man’s death really had an impact on D. Then he said he had a dream and his neighbor was standing with him on a bridge. As D is telling me this, I can feel the static chill on the right side of my body and then I see a man standing next to me. I ask D to stop talking for a second because I had a male spirit with me who was eager to give him a message. Then in a flash, this spirit showed me the dream. He put me on the bridge with him and D as a little boy.

I said to D, this is what he is showing me: I am on the bridge, you are a small blonde boy, the man is standing there next to you. He is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. What he is wearing is important because that is how you used to see him all the time. Working on his car in his garage, with dirty clothes, and messy dark hair. D then says, that is exactly how he saw him. Then the man says to me, “I came to him in his dream because I know my death was affecting him and he had a hard time at the wake seeing me in a suit and tie, and my hair combed nice.” And then he told me his name was James.

I tell D everything that the man is saying and he can’t believe it. D always wondered why James came to him, since James had a family of his own, and he was just the kid next door. Now he knows. James came to him to try and give D closure, which is hard to understand for a small child, but now he has his closure all of these years later.

This was an amazing experience for me. It was the first time I had been “transported” spiritually to a place and time, to help a spirit with his message. I am always learning and I am amazed at how strong my abilities are. It also gives me a sense of pride to help a dear friend.


I feel very blessed to have this gift!!! But, I am not ready to walk up to strangers and tell them that their loved one who has passed away has a message for them. This always baffles my close friends and family. I am definitely not shy, but there is a line I am not ready to cross. I can usually block myself from energies in a crowded space, but there are some spirits that are strong enough to get through. Also, because of my energy and the white light around me, the spirit coming through feeds off my energy and can move things or break things around me.  I thought this was normal until I talked with other sensitives and they very rarely have had spirits manipulate objects while they are channeling.  This story is about one of those spirits that got enough energy to move an object and scare everyone who witnessed it.

My dear friend K and I decided we were going to have a ladies day. Shopping and lunch in Aliso Viejo, Ca. So we went to TJ Maxx and More and shopped for a few hours. Hungry and thirsty, we decided to go to Opah’s for some food and wine. We sat at the bar and because it was a Monday, the bar was empty. We ordered a couple of appetizers and our glasses of white wine. At that time, a younger man came in and sat to K’s right and he knew the bartender so they were catching up. Then another gentleman came in and sat to my left, but at the curve of the bar. Us ladies were talking and laughing, enjoying our food and each others company. Then I got that electricity static feeling up my right side. I could feel a man standing behind me, then I could smell cigarette smoke. I instantly knew a spirit was on me. My friend could see the look on my face change. I grabbed my purse to look for my quartz crystal stone (always have it with me, helps center me so I can hear a spirit better), and I kept asking her if she smelled cigarettes … she did not. Then I was having trouble breathing. This spirit was a smoker. I could now see him. He was an old man and he tells me he died of emphysema, and he has a message for his grandson who is sitting to my friend’s right. I told him I would not do that, and he was pissed. So he proceeds to drop a wine glass from the rack above the bar, onto my plate. Now I had everyone looking at me. The poor bartender cannot figure out how it fell, because it was pushed far back in the rack. They are scrambling to clean up the mess and analyzing how this could of happened. So I brushed it off and sad it was probably a wet glass and it slipped. Then the guy from my left says (let me first say that he looked terrified), he watched the glass slide off the rack slowly then crash down. He was beside himself and he kept saying, “It moved by itself.” At this point, I had to excuse myself and get rid of this spirit, he was being bossy and mischievous, plus I was having a really hard time breathing. I took him to the bathroom and had a long talk with him and he finally left. I did tell him that I would go back out there and strike up a conversation with his grandson. So I did just that, I found out a lot about this young man and he seemed to be successful and happy. He was the Manager for the brewery in the same center and had just gone through a renovation on the place. After K and I were done, we walked over to see the new improvements and wished him the best of luck.

That story really stands out to me when it comes to memorable spirit moments. It was a learning experience for me. And unfortunately, a few innocent people are probably still questioning what they saw. I do want to make something very clear, OPAH’S IS NOT HAUNTED … I am.