Lady on the Dock

When you have been trapped at home because of COVID restrictions and your brother and sister-in-law call and ask you if you would like to get away to their cabin in the mountains……YOU SAY YES PLEASE!!

Lake Arrowhead is only an hour and a half from our OC beaches, but when you are there you feel like you have left California. The beautiful pine trees and gorgeous sparkling lake reminds me of my trips to Boulder and Estes Park, Colorado. I am a tree girl!! I love to be in lush green places. It makes me feel relaxed, happy, and at peace. It’s a bonus if there is water. Deserts are depressing to me. Rocks, dirt, and cactus just zap the energy right out of me. But, that’s just me.

When we get there, we decide to hike to the village for lunch. Another favorite thing I love to do…hike. The trail runs along the edge of the lake. The homes along the way are beautiful and the docks are full with boats and people enjoying outdoor activities. The lake is busy and it is gorgeous out.

I am in my happy place hiking and enjoying the scenery, then I feel the static electricity up and down the right side of my body. I instantly sense a spirit, then I can see her. She is standing on a dock, but close to the trail, and I am about to pass her. I slow down and can see her perfectly. She is in a white night gown, she has shoulder length brown hair, she is dripping wet, and looks so gray. She looks right at me and lifts her right arm and points to the lake and says, “I drowned.”

I don’t want to make a scene because there are people around, so I keep walking. I break eye contact and pass her. But, I couldn’t help myself and I had to turn around to see if she was still there. She scared the crap out of me, she had moved to the other side of the dock closer to me and now she had her left arm raised and was pointing at the lake.

I did not want to tell anyone so I turned back around and kept walking. Which ended up being a big mistake. I could feel her following me. She stayed with me while we had lunch in Lake Arrowhead Village, but eventually she stopped following me. I decided that I would deal with her on our way back, and if she was still there, I would tell my husband, brother, and sister-in-law what was going on.

On our way back, I walked a little ahead of everyone when we were getting closer to the dock that I saw the lady on. As I approached, I saw her. This time she wasn’t pointing, she was standing there staring at me. Then she showed me how she died…. It was a beautiful night and the moon was almost full. She was standing up the hill on the road between two large homes. Then she slowly walked down the dirt hill to the dock, then she walked down the dock and at the end of the dock she jumped into the water. After she shows me this, she says in my ear, “I did not want to live anymore.” Then she disappeared.

She did not give me a chance to ask her anything. What do I do with this information? So I decided not to say anything. I come across spirits all the time. Just because each encounter means something to me, doesn’t mean the people in my life want to hear every detail about every encounter. It can be a lot for family and friends to process, because they don’t see or feel what I do. (Don’t get me wrong, there are people in my life who do want to hear every detail about every encounter)

That evening I was thinking about the lady on the dock, and I came to the conclusion that she just wanted to show me that she was there and how she died. So maybe next time I walk past that dock I will check to see if her energy is still there and if she has more to say.

Well, I was wrong. the lady on the dock was not done with me yet.

We all went to bed late that night. Had a great evening sitting on the balcony drinking wine, telling stories, and laughing. We had planned on leaving the next day after lunch, but those plans would change.

The heater was on in the cabin, but I felt chilled to the bone. I could not get warm. I could not get to sleep. I felt restless and then I felt like we were not alone in our room. I could feel an energy, but I couldn’t pick up who or even what it was. Then the knocking started. So I got up to check if it was windy out, and it wasn’t. Then there as more knocking, so I woke my husband and asked if he could hear it. He could, so he got up and couldn’t figure out what it was either. Of course he went right back to sleep. Then I could feel a presence moving around the room and I was still chilled to the bone. Then more knocking but it was moving around to different walls in the room. That’s when I started to feel really sick. Like food poisoning sick. I had to run to the bathroom. I was so ill. I finally came back to bed and still, the knocking and now banging continued.

As I am laying there trying to sleep, I realize that I am going to have to tell my brother that his new cabin is haunted. He is not going to be happy!!! But, also deep deep in my gut, I kept thinking that it was the lady on the dock.

The next morning I felt like I got beat up!!! My brother and sis-in-law asked how we slept. I told them that either their cabin is haunted or I was being haunted all night. I then had to tell them about the lady on the dock and I think she followed me, but I am not sure. Then my husband says, “So I wasn’t dreaming? Last night I heard a woman whispering in my ear and when I sat up to see what you wanted, you were in the bathroom.” Then he also told them that he heard the knocking on the walls.

Like I said before…. we were supposed to go home that afternoon, but now that I told my brother that I wasn’t sure if his cabin was haunted, he said I had to stay and figure it out, and if it was, please fix it. This was not a big decision for us. We were having a great time and it was so beautiful there. It was great to get away. Plus, I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

That evening, I went up to the room we were using and I sat on the floor and opened myself up to try and make contact with the lady. I wanted to let her know that I heard her and how sorry I was that she felt so lost, that she took her own life. I also told her that I was here for her if and when she wanted to tell me her entire story. Then I made it clear that she was not to stay at my brothers cabin.

That night we slept in peace. No knocking, banging, movement, chills, or whispering. I have been back since and still no spirit energy in their cabin.

I truly believe the lady on the dock just wanted to tell her story. I don’t know why she tormented us that evening, but there is a lot I don’t understand about the spirit world. Like I say almost every post…I am always learning something new.