Papa Cowboy: Part 1

It bothers me that I can’t just contact a loved one that has passed away, any time I want. Maybe it’s in the medium handbook somewhere, or maybe it’s just me. I have had visitations from relatives when I have needed a little extra guidance or a warning, but they usually just say what they have to say and then disappear. I have also had a loved one show up and ask me to give someone they love a message. This story is about a loved one who showed up when I really needed the comfort and guidance.

When my ex-husband’s step-father died, he left a huge hole in the family. My ex and I had been divorced for awhile, but I would get to see his step-dad at all the boy’s sporting events. He was such a nice man, and so wonderful to my boys, and of course his two other grandchildren. When I think of him, I picture him up on one of his horses, cowboy hat on, wrangler jeans with his big cowboy belt buckle, and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Oh, and a pair of beautiful cowboy boots. That is why I am going to call him Papa Cowboy.

After he passed away, I used to hope he would come to me with a message for the family. His wife told me that for a while after he passed, she could feel him in the house. She would notice things were moved or his drawer in the kitchen that he kept his cigarettes in would be pulled open. Little signs here and there. Then as time went on, and she moved on, it stopped. Then finally, he came to visit me. He came when he knew I really needed it.

I was stressed! I hadn’t slept in days. My youngest son told me that he and a friend were renting Harley Davidson motorcycles for that coming Saturday. I went crazy town on him (Momma Bear status). I am not a fan of street bikes!!! Especially since I have talked to spirits that died from motorcycle accidents, and usually their deaths were not their fault.

I tried everything to change his mind. He was over 18 and determined to do this. It was a dream of his, so he says (as I am writing this, I am mad and rolling my eyes, and growling under my breath). UGH!!

Saturday came. My Momma Bear attitude was on full tilt. I made him crazy before he left (that’s my job). I followed him around giving him orders: Go slow! Stay away from cars! Be very alert! Watch your surroundings! … etc. … etc. Then he left. If I didn’t have to go to work that day and it wasn’t morning, I would of had a glass of wine. Or two!!

On my drive to work, I was so distracted. So stressed. So worried. Then I could smell cigarette smoke, or how someone smells after smoking a cigarette. It wasn’t coming from outside, it was in my car. Then I could feel the static electricity on my right side. It was Papa Cowboy. He was in my backseat. His energy was so calm and he had a little grin on his face. I could feel him put his hand on my shoulder, then he said, “You need to calm down, he will be fine, I promise.” Then he was gone.

I had to pull over. I was crying and yelling for him to come back. I had questions for him, but he did not come back. I knew right then that Papa Cowboy was my son’s guardian angel, which I am sure he is for all four of his grandkids. He knew I needed that message and I know he road on that motorcycle with my son all day.

My son came home in one piece and he had an amazing day. He was still on my poo poo list, but man, I was happy when he walked through that door. Thank you Papa Cowboy, for watching over my boy.



G.A.M. Part 4/The Truth

The truth will set you free. In my case, the truth will give me my gift back. After I lied to “J” about what her father’s message, my gift went dormant. It was like punishment from the spirit world. At the time I didn’t relate it to that incident, but after going to see a spiritualist, we got down to why I was having total blockage. I needed help. It had been months with no communication with spirits. I was starting to get depressed.

The spiritualist told me I had unfinished business that I needed to take care of, and I needed to trust myself more when doing readings. I had to make things right with the spirit world by fixing the wrong I did. CRAP! And here I thought I was protecting my friend from the pain of finding out that her father disliked her husband.

Trusting myself was going to be easier than telling “J” that I wasn’t completely honest about her dad. I started meditating more, and I started taking more time for me in my quest to trust myself. To tell you the truth, I still was not ready to tell “J”. I had several hair appointments before I told her, but during those appointments, she started telling me about her marriage problems.

“J” eventually filed for divorce and several months later she met a great guy. That’s when G.A.M. came back to me. And boy, this time he wasn’t reserved about it. He gave me a sign or should I say, a rock to my head.

In all four corners of my home, I have raw citrine stones for protection. They are tucked into places where no one can see them. I have one of them on a high shelf in my walk in closet and it is tucked way back on the shelf. I was getting dressed to go to a hair appointment and the rock flew off the shelf and hit me in the head. What the??? I picked it up off the floor and there was G.A.M. I about fainted. I wanted to cry. I apologized to him about lying to “J”, before he could even say anything. He then said to me, “You will tell “J” the truth today!” “My daughter needs to hear the truth!”.

He came with me to the hair salon. I was so nervous. I truly care about “J” like a family member, and I am protective of her, because of her father. So right away, before I sat down, I told her I needed to tell her something. I first said I was sorry and I pray she won’t be mad at me….but I lied to her about her fathers message. And, the lie was eating me up inside.

I told “J” the truth about how her father really felt. He was not happy about her marriage, and he thought her husband was a horrible person. I also told her that her father was with me at that moment, and he wanted me to tell her that he likes her new boyfriend. He thinks he is a good man. (I said all this in one breath, really fast to make sure I got it all out) “J” just stared at me for a moment, then said, “I knew he would not have liked my X”. “If my father could see everything that was going on, then there is no way he approved of him”.

“J” was grateful that I did not tell her the truth at the time her father wanted me to. She also understood why I didn’t tell her. She was secretive about her marriage problems, and wasn’t ready to discuss them at that time. “J” was trying to figure out what she was going to do about her marriage, and a message like that from her father would have made things more complicated. “J” wanted the decision to be her own.

My gift came back after that. “J” has a wonderful man in her life. G.A.M. is at peace. And man, did I learn a lesson!!!! I don’t hold back now when I do a reading. I tell my clients that I am no nonsense when it comes to giving a message and I expect the same from my clients when I ask them questions. I can tell when someone is lying to me anyways, so just be honest. I am…..I promise.



Paranormal Reality TV

October is almost here!!! My favorite month of the year. I thought I would do a fun post on how obsessed I am with Paranormal Reality TV. I have watched them all. I am also the biggest skeptic when it comes to what is or isn’t reality. During October, I am going to give reviews on all the paranormal shows I watch. Here are some of the shows I have watched in the past and some I still watch. Alot of my favorite shows are not on anymore, but my DVR is set in case they show old episodes. I love to watch certain episodes more than once or entire seasons more than once. How many of these shows have you watched?

  • Ghost Adventures
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Ghost Hunters International
  • Paranormal State
  • Psychic Kids
  • Dead Files
  • Haunted Collector
  • Ghost Lab
  • Paranormal Challenge
  • Ghost Mine
  • Paranormal Lockdown
  • Celebrity Ghost Stories
  • The Haunted
  • Deadly Possessions
  • The Haunting
  • Ghost Stalkers
  • Most Haunted
  • Most Terrifying Places In America
  • Paranormal Cops
  • Most Haunted
  • Haunted Encounters
  • Haunted Highways
  • Ghost Asylum
  • Haunted Towns
  • Destination Truth
  • Paranormal Witness
  • Fact or Faked Paranormal Files
  • Kindered Spirits
  • Ghosts Of Shepherdstown
  • Ghost Brothers

And of Course, my very favorites:

  1. Theresa Caputo/Long Island Medium
  2. Kim Russo/The Haunting of…
  3. Tyler Henry/Hollywood Medium

I wasn’t lying when I said obsessed.

G.A.M. Part 3

The moment G.A.M. finally revealed who he belonged to, was bitter sweet for me. A realization that he wasn’t mine, he belonged to someone I care about. I love being a Medium to help people find answers and to help spirits have a voice, but this time was different. G.A.M. was a part of my life for over a year and giving him up was like giving up a part of me that I had grown so familiar and accustomed to.

My hair appointment started like it usually did. “J” and I were catching up on what had been going on in our lives since the last time we saw each other. Then I feel a spirit. This spirit is just making themselves known, but not enough to get any information. I am just distracted at this point, but as my appointment progresses, the spirit’s energy gets more intense. I still cannot get a sense of who this spirit is, and I am becoming very anxious.

“J” then moves me to the sink to wash the color out of my hair. As she is washing my hair,  I sense and see G.A.M. standing next to her. I was confused at first. What is G.A.M. doing here? Then he says to me, “‘J’ is my daughter.” I about fainted! I couldn’t even wrap my head around what was happening. I was light headed and my stomach felt like I was on a roller coaster. Then I thought, “What is ‘J’ going to do?”

“J” took me back to her space and I looked her in the face and said, “I think your Dad is here with us.” I knew her dad had passed away when she was a young girl, but I did not know the details. The look on “J’s” face was pure shock. She just froze. G.A.M. on the other hand had plenty to say and wanted her to hear his message now. He kept hitting the inside of his left arm with his right hand while saying, “tattoo.” So I tell “J” this and she turns over her arm and lifts her sleeve to show me a tattoo she has on the inside of her left arm. It was a tattoo she had done in remembrance of her dad.

I then describe what he looks like and she says I am right. Then I asked her if her Dad always wore shorts, a button-up shirt, and flip flops. She starts to cry. Then I ask if he died of a heart attack, and she says, “Yes.” I told her that he has been with me for over a year, but wouldn’t tell me who he belonged to. He has become my guardian angel and I named him, “Guardian Angel Man.” I then wanted to know if she had a picture of him.

“J” did have a picture. I started to cry when I saw it. It was my G.A.M. She told me his name is “M” and I cried some more. Now he was bugging me to give her a message, and this is where things get tricky. It was about “J’s” husband. G.A.M. hated him and thought he was not good for his daughter. At that point, I had never heard “J” say anything bad about her husband. They had not been married very long. So, I ignored what G.A.M. wanted me to say and asked “J” if she had any questions for her Dad.

She first wanted to know if he was proud of her. Of course he was, he was just so sorry he wasn’t there in person for the events in her life. Then “J” wanted to know if he was at her wedding and what he thought of her husband. G.A.M. was at her wedding and said she looked beautiful … here is where I lied to her … I told her he said he really liked her husband and wants nothing but happiness for them both. “J” just kind of gave me a weird look, which will make sense later. All I could think was, lying is going to bite me in the butt, and will cause me alot of anguish until I tell her the truth.

I felt sick inside because I lied. G.A.M. was so disappointed in me. I just could not get involved in “J’s” marriage, especially when she has not said anything negative to me about her marriage. There is a fine line when it comes to a friend’s personal life and what they choose or don’t choose to tell you about. I wasn’t about to cross that line and maybe start problems in her marriage.

At this point, G.A.M. says he is staying with “J”. She is really going to need him. At that point, I did not know what he meant. I told “J” that her dad wanted to stay with her. I got in my car and cried. I cried for the loss of not having G.A.M. in my life anymore. I also cried because I let G.A.M. down.

There were a lot more details regarding information that I shared with “J” about her Dad. She shared with me exactly what happened the day he died. Somethings are meant to be private, so I am keeping those details out of this story. I will tell you that my next post will be the conclusion of this story. As I said before, this story took place over two years. There is a happy ending, and I will tell her the truth.

G.A.M Part 2

I look forward to going to the hair salon and getting my hair done. The hair salon is a place I can mentally checkout for a couple of hours and be pampered. I also love catching up with my hair girl, “J”. I have been going to her for 8 years. Love her! She knows I am a Medium, and loves to hear about my latest adventures.

Originally, the salon was in a different location when I started going there. Then a couple years ago, they moved and that’s when my hair appointments changed. The location they moved to has a different energy for me. It’s like they moved into a spiritual vortex or portal … the energy is intense. I have to try to prepare myself and put my block up before my appointments. But, the energy there is so strong, the spirits still get through.

It is really hard for me to sit in there for the amount of time it takes to do my hair. Being trapped in a chair while spirits are (I use this phrase), “Up in my stuff,” is miserable. No more enjoying my pampering. Sometimes, I can’t wait to get out of there. “J” feels horrible for me, but there is nothing she can do.

Here are a some stories of the most uncomfortable experiences I had while getting my hair done:

Story 1:  The owner’s grandparents. They were a funny couple, and so proud of their grandson. But, they were super chatty and argued with each other. I was trapped listening to them argue because grandpa didn’t like that grandma was talking to me. He kept yelling at her that we (grandma & I) are a couple of “loony birds.”  “Only people who don’t have their head on straight think they can communicate with the dead.” And grandma kept saying, “Oh shut up, I am trying to talk to this young lady.” This went on and on until my appointment was over.

Story 2:  A man came into the salon and sat in the chair next to me. He had a few spirits with him. It felt very crowded all of a sudden, and I was having a hard time breathing. One of the spirits made me feel like she died from something to do with her lungs. Thank god I was almost done with my appointment. I could not have sat there much longer. I was short of breath and claustrophobic from all the energy around that man.

Story 3:  The most recent encounter was with a male spirit that came in with a woman. I could feel him and sense him before I knew who he belonged to. The woman was not sitting near me, but the male spirit was walking around the salon. He was a tall, thick man with broad shoulders. I tried to ignore him, but they just know that I can see and sense them. I could see him look my way, then he was standing right behind me. I had to get my crystal out of my purse for this one. He was just so looming and large. I asked him to please let me be. Then the pain in my back started. He was fully “up in my stuff” now. Then a woman sits under the dryers behind me, and the spirit moves to stand behind her. I had to tell my hair girl what was going on. I had to get up and walk around, my whole body was starting to ache and I was getting back spasms. I had to have a serious talk with this man. Finally he backed off, but his energy was so intense that I was exhausted and could not wait to get out of the salon.

I know you are wondering what this has to do with G.A.M. I had to explain the energy and experiences at the salon, because that is where G.A.M. finally told me who he belonged to.

G.A.M. Part 1

Guardian Angel Man….G.A.M. This mystery angel was with me for a year before he finally  decided to tell me who he belonged to. But, it took two years for the complete story to come full circle. Those two years were a learning experience for me and eventually a meaningful experience for someone close to me.

Part 1:                                                                                                                                                This all started in a dream. In my dream, my husband and I were walking together in what looked to be a cute little town. As we were walking, I could feel someone watching me. I stopped and looked across the street and there was a man standing there staring and smiling at me. He was tall, thin build, with light brown hair. He was wearing a button up, short sleeve shirt, shorts, and flip flops. He had this look on his face like he knew me. He then starts walking across the street towards me. I start to panic. Then I looked to my left to grab my husband and I realize I am in my bed and he is sleeping next to me. I then turn my head to the right and the man is standing next to my bed and I can feel him grab my hand. I sit up and scream, “NO … YOU ARE NOT ALOUD TO TOUCH ME!” I could feel his energy fly backwards into the corner of my room, and then I heard, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Then he disappeared.

After that night, I could sense him around. At home or not, he was with me. Sometimes I would see him out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked, he was gone. He definitely did not feel threatening to me at all. I really wanted to find out what he wanted, but he would quietly watch me. I would talk out loud to him and get no response, so I figured he was one of my guardian angels. So I named him, Guardian Angel Man, G.A.M.

Months went by and I could still sense him with me, but still no communication. Until  one night. I was sleeping and G.A.M. was in my dream. In the dream, G.A.M. was walking me to school. He wasn’t saying a word, then he just stops and looks at me. All of a sudden my chest is in horrible pain. I am grabbing it and gasping for air. I wake up and the pain is still there. I grab my husband crying and yelling to call 911. I think I am having a heart attack. Then the pain stops. I look to the side of my bed and G.A.M. is standing there and he says, “I died of a heart attack.” Then he disappears. That’s when I really started yelling … “THANKS FOR SHARING BUDDY! YOU COULD OF JUST TOLD ME! ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME?” etc. etc. etc. (Bad language and name calling was involved.) I then look over at my poor husband, I can tell by his facial expression that he thinks I am losing my mind. All he says is, “I don’t want to know, good night, I am going back to sleep.”

I was so upset at G.A.M. All that time I tried communicating with him and he says nothing. Then when he does share, it’s painful. Now I knew he wasn’t my guardian angel and I really wanted to know who he belonged to. I was becoming more frustrated with him. I was going to get to the bottom of this mystery no matter how long it took.






“Hitchhiker” is a word I use to describe when I am channeling a spirit and another spirit jumps in. Or, in this incident I am going to write about, I had a spirit in my home that was letting other spirits in. The problem with this is that good souls don’t always hitchhike in.

About 3 years ago, my youngest son was dating a girl, we will call her “M”. M was going through a terrible time. Her father had just passed away and she was being kicked out of where she was living. She couldn’t live with her mother, because she was a drug addict. So M was basically homeless. I wanted to help this girl. I felt so bad for her, so against my better judgement, I said she could live with us until she found other arrangements.

My sons have never been shy about telling their girlfriends that I am a medium. M was so excited, because she said she was a sensitive. Also, she was hoping that I could communicate with her dad. All I can think is: Easy there chickie, you are lucky I am letting you stay here, let’s not push it! Well, she didn’t push it….her dad did.

Her dad first came to me in a dream. In the dream, he showed me that he was a laid back, nice guy. He wanted me to get to know him and he wanted permission to be near his daughter. Then he said something that took me off guard. He said, “Let M know that I died of natural causes, no one killed me.” I instantly woke up. What was that supposed to mean????

I didn’t say anything to M for a few days. And each night her dad was in my dreams. Then my son asked me to please cleanse the house, he thinks M’s dad is haunting them. He tells me that doors are opening and closing by themselves. Lights are going on and off by themselves in his room. And, he feels like someone is always watching him. I told him it was M’s dad and I needed to talk to her about everything that’s going on.

First thing I asked M was if she had a picture of her dad that I could look at. She did and it was the man in my dreams. Then I asked if her dad’s name was Mike? She started to cry and said yes. I then asked her if she thought her dad was murdered? She couldn’t believe it. M then tells me that she thinks her step-mother killed her father. I told her that her father says he was not killed, but died of natural causes. I then asked her if he used to have a drug problem, but then stopped using years ago. M says that is true. So I told her that because of the years of drinking and doing drugs, he is making me feel that his heart just stopped working.

I told M that I would let her father hang out at our home while she was there, but he had to stop scaring my son. This turned out to be a bad idea!!

For the next few weeks, I could feel a shift in the house. I could sense someone watching me and moving or slithering around the hallways. I would catch a dark shadow out of the corner of my eye or feel a cold spot while walking down the hall. This shadow was playing games with me. Until the house felt like it was coming unhinged.

My son and M went away for a weekend, so it was my husband, my oldest son, and I in the house. My oldest son was in his room upstairs. He came downstairs and said he kept hearing someone moving around in his brother’s room (their rooms were connected by a bathroom in the middle). He went in there several times to check what was making the noise and there was nothing. I went upstairs to check it out, and the room was heavy and it made me feel short of breath. Whatever was in there, did not want me in there.

Later that night, I was sleeping but woke up to my husband getting out of bed and walking across the room. I don’t know what made me look at his side of the bed, but I did and he was still laying there sleeping. I sat up and as I did, the house felt like it came alive. I could hear someone running back and forth in the hallway. All the doors were shaking and the bed was shaking. Now my husband was awake and up to check out what was going on. As my husband gets to the hallway, my son comes out of his room freaked out too. My son felt and heard the same things as we did. I could feel the energy in the house swirling. Then as quick as it started, it stopped. (The guys did check everything, inside and outside.)

When we got back into bed, my husband told me he has been having horrible nightmares about people being murdered and he dreamt about doing awful things. I had the worst uneasy feeling in my stomach and it took awhile for both of us to fall back asleep. And when I did finally fall asleep, M’s dad was in my dream again. This time he was apologizing because something followed him into my house. A bad spirit hitchhiked and got in. I told him he was going to have to leave and not come back. I can’t have bad spirits coming into my home, I have enough problems.

The next morning, I called a friend of mine and asked her if she would help me cleanse my home. I didn’t think I could do it alone, because I invited M’s father to stay originally. My friend came over that night. We cleansed the heck out of my house.

The house felt lighter. I felt lighter. The three of us slept peacefully. No noises, no footsteps in the hallway, and no doors shaking.

The next evening, my younger son and M came back from their trip. I heard them go upstairs. Then, after a little while, I heard loud voices and then the front door slam. I went out front to see what was going on, and M was out there pacing back and forth in the front courtyard. I asked her what was going on and she stopped pacing, got real close to me and says, “Why is my dad not allowed to come in the house? Why is he stuck out here?”

I couldn’t believe it. She did not know I cleansed. She was more sensitive than she let on originally. I then explained to her that her dad let in a hitchhiker. A bad one. It was bad enough that I let her father stay, but I did not need other spirits thinking I had a portal where they could come and go at their leisure. So they all had to go. If she didn’t like it, she could find somewhere else to live sooner than later.

My family comes first! The spirits were disrupting our household and making our home uncomfortable. I promised them that our home will always be protected and I will try to keep it a spirit free zone. I do try and cleanse monthly. Every once in awhile, the boys or my hubby will say they heard something or saw a shadow and give me grief that spirits followed me home. I say to them, “How do you know it’s me? … Any one of you could of brought home a hitchhiker.”








Room With a View

My husband and I love to go to San Francisco. We try and go every other year. Our favorite time to go is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday. The city is packed and we have a blast going to the tree lighting in Central Park, then to our favorite restaurant. We always stay at The Parc 55 Hotel. It is located in the heart of downtown. Also, my husband prefers we stay somewhere that is not haunted, because the spirits know I am there and they usually come find my room and pay us a visit in the middle of the night. My hubby prefers a ghost free vacation, and I respect that. But, the last time we were in San Francisco and we checked in at The Parc 55, I had a horrible experience. This story is not rated “G,” and it is disturbing. I am second guessing myself as I am writing this. Should I or should I not tell this story? But, as a Medium I cannot always have happy, pretty images come from spirits.

My husband and I get our room key and the girl at the desk says we are going to love our room. It’s a corner room with a beautiful 180 degree view. Large room with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Downtown. Yeah us!! We get in the elevator and up we go.  As we are going up, I started to feel really sick. I felt like I was going to throw up and my anxiety level was rising. I start shaking and sweating.

The doors open to the elevator at our floor and we step off. I am now feeling ill and filled with dread. I don’t want to go to our room, but I also feel like I am going to vomit, so hubby opens the door and I go stumbling across the room to the bathroom. It was not easy getting across the room because my equilibrium was so off balance, I had to hold onto the furniture. I feel like I have the worst flu I have ever had. My poor hubby does not know what to do. I have him help me get to the bed and that is when I saw the girl sitting over by the large windows.

She looked right at me. She had her knees up to her chest and her arms wrapped around her legs. She was rocking back and forth crying. She had bobbed black hair, dark makeup on that was smeared all over her face. She had a small short top on, mini skirt, and ripped fish net panty hose. Her high heels were on the ground next to her. She then says to me, “This was the beginning of my demise.” What she showed me next was horrific. (I am going to call her Kat so I don’t keep referring to her as “she”)

Kat then shows me that she is in the hotel bar and at this point I have already figured out that she is a prostitute. She is talking to two gentlemen in uniforms. They look like pilot uniforms to me. Next Kat shows me all three of them going upstairs and they are going into the room we are in. I can smell the alcohol on the men’s breath. These two men proceed to overpower her. Kat is making me feel how scared she is and full of fear and panic. They ruff her up and rape her for hours. That’s as graphic as I will go, it was horrible. When they are done with her, they throw money at her while she is curled in a ball crying on the bed, and then they leave.

Kat then says to me, “That event changed my life.” She couldn’t go to her pimp and complain, because it was all about the money to him. She couldn’t go to hotel security, because she was a prostitute. She cried all night staring out that window. She didn’t know how she was going to live with that horrible night playing over and over in her head. Her weak and desperate solution was to block it out of her mind with drugs.

The first thing Kat said to me was, “This was the beginning of my demise.” She told me she died from a drug overdose not too long after that incident. She crawled deeper and deeper into depression and drug use.

During this time I was communicating with Kat, my husband was on the phone getting us another room. I still felt horrible, but as we left the room and got on the elevator, I felt back to normal. I was ready to start our vacation and hit the city. I thought about Kat a lot during that trip and still do. I did have nightmares about what happened to her, and I woke up crying because of how scared and helpless she felt. Then I would be mad and frustrated because I couldn’t help her. I hope she had some closure by sharing her story with me. I would hate to have her living in torment in the afterlife too.

P.S. Every hotel has stories to tell … it doesn’t mean it’s haunted.






The Bridge

My husband and I are lucky to have many wonderful friends in our life. One of our dearest couple friends is D & B. They have always been so supportive of my gift and so open to hearing my experiences. Because of how open they are, it is easy for me to read them. It’s not like I try, but their loved ones are always around them. When we get together for dinner, D always brings up one of the most memorable readings I did for him, and how shocked he was to get a message from someone he looked up to when he was a child.

When we meet with D & B, we usually meet for drinks then go to dinner. This particular night, we went for Sushi. We love Niko Niko in Rancho Santa Margarita. We do the usual catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives. Then D says he has a question about a dream he had when he was a little boy, and it has always bothered him. I said tell me about the dream and I will try to help you figure it out.

When D was a little boy his neighbor died and D really looked up to this man. This man’s death really had an impact on D. Then he said he had a dream and his neighbor was standing with him on a bridge. As D is telling me this, I can feel the static chill on the right side of my body and then I see a man standing next to me. I ask D to stop talking for a second because I had a male spirit with me who was eager to give him a message. Then in a flash, this spirit showed me the dream. He put me on the bridge with him and D as a little boy.

I said to D, this is what he is showing me: I am on the bridge, you are a small blonde boy, the man is standing there next to you. He is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. What he is wearing is important because that is how you used to see him all the time. Working on his car in his garage, with dirty clothes, and messy dark hair. D then says, that is exactly how he saw him. Then the man says to me, “I came to him in his dream because I know my death was affecting him and he had a hard time at the wake seeing me in a suit and tie, and my hair combed nice.” And then he told me his name was James.

I tell D everything that the man is saying and he can’t believe it. D always wondered why James came to him, since James had a family of his own, and he was just the kid next door. Now he knows. James came to him to try and give D closure, which is hard to understand for a small child, but now he has his closure all of these years later.

This was an amazing experience for me. It was the first time I had been “transported” spiritually to a place and time, to help a spirit with his message. I am always learning and I am amazed at how strong my abilities are. It also gives me a sense of pride to help a dear friend.

The Boy

This investigation took place in Boulder, Colorado. I was asked to investigate a condo near the CU campus that five students were living in. The college kids that were living there were hearing noises and they felt like someone was always watching them. One of the young men living there was my friend’s son. He told me all about all the activity and they needed help figuring out what it was and how to get rid of it.

The condo was an upside-down unit. That means that you walk in on the main floor living area with bedrooms, then the downstairs had more bedrooms. I interviewed a couple of the roommates to see what they were experiencing and most of the activity seemed to be on the bottom floor. The one female roommate that was downstairs told me she was sensitive and she sensed that someone was watching her. She could hear and feel the spirit. So, I asked her to join me during my investigation, starting in her room.

Her room definitely felt different than the rest of the house. It was heavy and there was an uneasy feeling, like a swirling of energy. She wanted to use the EMF detector, so I asked questions out loud to see if we could get a response. Right away I was getting the static electricity feeling. I could feel the spirit standing in the corner. It was a young man. He was anxious and not sure if he wanted to talk to me. I told him he was safe, but that he was scaring people and we were there to help him. He apologized for scaring everyone, he just wanted them to know he was there.

He liked it there. He liked being around the female in the room we were in. I asked him how he died. He told me that he was a student at CU and he was killed while riding his bike. He lived close to their condo when he was alive and he came there hoping that the “sensitive girl” would let him hang out. He knew she could sense him and he just wanted to hang out with the college students. Then I asked if he needed me to help him cross over. This is when he got really anxious. He was moving all over the room. It became hard to breathe and I started to feel anxious, so I had to get out of there.

As I was walking out the door, I could feel the girl that was with me right behind me, so I turned around to make sure she was ok — this is probably the most frightening thing that has happened to me and I will NEVER forget it. When I turned around, it was the young man, as clear as day. He looked like a boy, so young. He had a black hooded sweat shirt on, the hood was on his head, his shaggy dark hair hung around his face. He had his hands in his pockets of his sweatshirt, jeans on, and black & white All-Star sneakers. I jumped back and my heart about exploded. He looked at me and gave me this cute little smirk then walked across the room through the wall. I looked at the girl and asked if she had seen him too. She did not see him, but she could feel his energy leave the room. I just wanted to cry. He looked like a boy, so young, it was just so sad that he was taken too soon in his life.

Afterwards, I had a meeting with the roommates and told them they had nothing to worry about, that the spirit was just a young man who loved being around them. If they were still scared, they could do a cleansing to send him away. They decided to cleanse the upstairs and the girl on the bottom floor was going to let him stay down there, now that she knew he wasn’t a bad spirit or going to hurt her.

This investigation really shook me. A young life taken too soon. Someone’s son. I also have two sons (now men) of my own, and when I did this investigation, they were around the same age as the young man. And after seeing his face up close, and how young he looked, I will always have a little ache in my heart for “The Boy”.